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RED´s  Scarlet Mysterium X Super 35mm sensor which has 14 megapixels allows you to shoot with 13,5 stos (more than 18 stops in HDRx). This camera record internal RAW (R3D).

  • Sensor: S35mm MYSTERIUM-X
  • Resolution: 4k, (5k a 12fps)
  • Hi speed: Up to 60fps / 2k
  • Sensibility: 800 ISO
  • Weight: 2,3 Kg

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In addition to its resolution up to 4k, you can also shoot both 1920x1080 and 2k, reaching 60 fps in HD. Its reduced weight makes it an ideal choice for Steadicam and Movi15 or aerial shootings.

Camera Pack Included

  • Red TouchScreen 5.0″. Alquiler Red Scarlet X | Cámaras de cine digital | Camaleón Rental
  • DSMC Módules
  • Tactical Cage
  • Side Handle.
  • Tactical Cage
  • Batteryplate Pro X
  • Wooden Camera BP 15mm
  • BP to 19mm rods
  • Rods15/19mm
  • Slidding plate
  • 2 Batteries Red Volt + Charger Voyager
  • 4 Batteries Red Brick + Charger Red
  • 2 Cards SSD 128Gb
  • 1 Card 64gb.
  • Reader RedMag + Accs

Available Accessories

  • Viewfinder Bomb EVF Alquiler accesorios red scarlet x | Cámaras de cine Camaleon rental
  • Slider ronford Baker 
  • Fluid head Oconnor
  • Monitor Onboard Tvlogic 5.6
  • Follow focus Oconnor Cff1
  • Director Monitor Tvlogic 17''
  • Matte box Tangerine Misfit
  • Shoulderpad Tilta
  • Wireles Video Teradek Bolt
  • Recorders Pix & Odyssey
  • Travelling Panther
  • Slider Ronford Baker



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  • Zeiss Super Speed T1.3.
  • Zooms Angenieux Optimo Style.
  • Zooms Fujinon Cine Cabrio
  • Zooms Cooke Varotal
  • Cooke S2 / S3
  • Canon CN-E T1.3
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  • Canon Serie L.

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