Audio Visual Hire & Media Production Services in Spain, Portugal

Audio Visual Equipment Rental Service

Having the right equipment for your project is the key to quality audio-visual production, and with Camaleon Rental you will achieve it, thanks to our wide range of audio-visual equipment rental. You will have the latest technologies in the sector, which will allow you to capture images with the highest quality, as well as precise and clear sounds. Additionally, we also offer the most innovative grip or lighting equipment.

In the same way, we offer audiovisual production services, with which we can help you create totally professional content for advertising videos, movies, documentaries, television programs, reality shows or multi-camera productions for large events.

Our latest-generation AV equipment catalogue

At Camaleon Rental we put at your disposal the latest recording equipment for movies, television, and broadcast. Among our extensive equipment catalogue, we offer everything from film camera rental or video camera, such as lenses or optics, camera stabilizers to film and TV lighting equipment, grip equipment and film or TV studios. And much more! You can browse our website to discover our catalogue of available AV equipment.

The range of movie cameras for rent has increased in recent years due to multiple factors, such as the appearance of new brands in the movie camera market, the new full frame sensors or the non-stop launch of new models of Red or Arri cameras, which offer the cameraman endless new possibilities. These cameras have technical characteristics that would be unthinkable years ago. Therefore, it should be noted that, among our extensive catalogue of AV equipment rental, we work with the rental of movie cameras with S35 and Full Frame sensors of the main brands in the sector: Arri, Sony, Red, Phantom, Panasonic, Canon or Blackmagic. These are the best recording equipments, which among many other options, offer:

  • All kinds of resolutions, from recording in HD, 2K, 4K, 6K, 8K and up to 12K resolution.
  • Different sizes of 2/3” sensors, S16, S35 and Full Frame.
  • Latitudes and dynamic ranges up to 17 steps.
  • Auto Focus Assistant.
  • Recording equipment with double camera sensitivity.
  • Recording with high-speed cameras from 180 fps to 2800 fps.
  • Series of cameras for live broadcasts, with video cameras for premium productions or for television.
  • Recording equipment for commercial video or film shooting.

In addition, we can also offer a variety of camera peripheral accessories that will make easier your work on set such as:

  • Filming and directing monitors, camera monitors for film, television, video, and broadcast
  • Recorders, wireless video links, 4×4, 4×5.65 and 6×6 filter holders and filters, manual and wireless follow focus, camera tripods and fluid heads, camera batteries, camera stabilizers and much more.

 Our lighting department offers the best range of lighting for film, advertising, television and big events. From the powerful lights of the Arri M Series line with lighting sources of up to 18kw of power, to the lightest LED spotlights on the market that can be powered by batteries and offer performance unthinkable with LED technology a few years ago. Furthermore, brands such as Kino Flo, Litepanels, Aputure, Dedolight, Aladdin or Arri are available in our warehouses. Among many other characteristics, LED lighting sources allow:

  • High Speed lighting modes for high speed recording with HMI Ballasts up to 1000hz or ArriSkypanel LED lighting.
  • Power supply with Batteries for LED lighting.
  • Lighting effects with Kino Flo, Arri, or Aputure LED sources.
  • Lighting control with 0-100% dimmer.
  • LED panels with more than 100 internal gels.
  • Using Chimeras and Softbox.


Also, we have a multitude of peripheral lighting accessories that will facilitate your work on set, such as:

  • Stabilized current generators, all kinds of tripods and lighting accessories, vehicles or transport carts
  • Canopies, frames, fabrics, electrical distribution, lighting filters and much more

At Camaleon Rental, we look for offering you a complete solution for all your production needs.


Additional Audio Visual Services 

If you are interested in audio-visual equipment rental, at Camaleon Rental we take care of all stages of audio-visual productions in order to carry out your project successfully.


Firstly, we like to highlight that we have a crew with more than 20 years of professional experience in the audio-visual sector. We have additional services such as production crew, film and TV crew, camera services, broadcast services, and so on. We are fully involved and industry educated. Furthermore, we have worked on the most demanding projects for film, television, advertising commercials, etc., which has allowed us to know the audiovisual market perfectly. Our extensive knowledge of the market and the control of a vertical audiovisual business has made us the undisputed leaders in recording and production services for international production companies that shoot their projects in Spain.


Regarding our services, as we have mentioned before, we are capable of carrying out all the stages of the project, from the approach of the idea, its developments, to post-production along with editing. Technical support is so significant! We take care of all the stages to make easier your work and minimize production times, which we know how important they are for a right execution of the project.


In addition, at Camaleon Rental we have digital cinema courses and academic training so that you can learn to use film and video cameras, get to know the equipment and its different configurations in depth. In this way, you will be able to integrate even more with our crew and manage to combine ideas and processes for the correct development of all tasks.


And equally, it is worth mentioning that we have the latest-generation equipment, in order to assure you the highest quality in both image and sound.



Why choose us as your audio-visual equipment rental provider 

When it comes to renting audio-visual material, our more than 20 years in the audio-visual industry guarantee us to be chosen to carry out your project. We have extensive experience and professionalism. In addition to the realization of many productions under his shoulder and thousands of customers satisfied with our equipment and services2 offered. We have extensive experience and professionalism. In addition, we have the realization of many productions under our shoulder and thousands of satisfied clients with our equipment and services offered.

As well, our wide variety of equipment allows us to offer a personalized quote for each of our clients. This is thanks to the fact that we are at the forefront of the sector, and we have the latest generation cameras, high-definition equipment, lenses with the best precision, lighting, and so on. All of this is in order to guarantee the highest quality in your audio-visual productions. Likewise, we carry out periodic inspections and regular maintenance service on our equipment so that the quality of the recording is not affected by possible deterioration or technical failures. You will not have to worry about it during filming. We anticipate it.

Finally, and better for your peace of mind, we must underline that our services are completely personalized and adjusted to the needs of each client. Personalization is one of our premises. In addition, we adjust to the budgets of each client in order to offer suitable services according to needs.

If you have more questions about why choose us as audio-visual equipment rental provider, feel free to contact us. Our crew of experts will be able to give you technical advice on our audio-visual equipment, additional services, or any related issue. We would be glad to listen to you and be able to help you to carry out your audio-visual project with the greatest possible success and be the solution for your productions.



Where do we offer our AV Services

At Camaleon Rental, we offer our audio-visual hire services in a wide variety of locations both nationally and internationally. Our crew of professionals moves throughout the Spanish territory. Although our main offices are located in Seville and Madrid, we have several offices with the best camera equipment, lighting, and grip material for rent in the cities of Málaga, Mallorca, and Lisbon.

We offer AV equipment rental, lighting, and grip services throughout Spain, Portugal, and Morocco when we provide technical crew. Moreover, we collaborate with partners in the Canary and Balearic Islands, Navarra, San Sebastián, Almería, Valencia, Barcelona, Mallorca, Ibiza, Casablanca, and Marrakech.

In the rest of Spain and Portugal we offer complete services with TV, movies and broadcast equipment. Check our supplies and see how easy it is to shoot with Camaleon Rental. Likewise, we have available professional experts services and rental of complete camera equipment throughout the entire geography of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

In summary, if you are looking to hire audio visual equipment in Madrid or Seville, on our website you will find all the necessary information for it. However, if you have any specific need that we have not mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will help you find the ideal solution. If you are interested in audio visual equipment hire service in Madrid, you may also be interested in other locations:



Frequently Asked Questions about AV Hire

What types of equipment do I need for an audio visual production?

If you want your audio-visual production to be carried out successfully, you will need a professional technical crew and audiovisual camera, lighting, and grip materials that adapt to your project. Both logistical level and the technical needs of it. Although the choice will depend on the type of project and your needs, you cannot miss a high-quality professional film or video camera and professional lighting to capture a professional audio-visual project.

Professional recording equipment includes lenses or optics with different fixed focal lengths or variable focal lengths, also called zoom lenses. Among other accessories, professional recording equipment is made up of manual or wireless focus controls, ultrasonic measuring distance, monitors report for the camera, direction, or customer. Additionally, there are other accessories such as wireless video transmitters, filter holders and camera filters, camera mounts (tripods, camera dolly, camera stabilizers, wireless V transmitter, Steadicam, travelling or sliders, DIT workstations, portable power supply with V batteries or floor batteries). And on our website we have camera packages, which contain both the main camera and the necessary accessories.

In the same way, you will have to take care of the lighting on the set, because suitable lighting is always necessary so that each shot is as real and clear as possible. For this, at Camaleon Rental we have different film and TV lighting equipment. And, of course, you will have to have sound equipment so that the audio is perfect. We have got the best AV rental services. 

At Camaleon Rental, we help you find the audiovisual material and services necessary for your project to be carried out with the best precision.

What brands of AV equipment do you offer?

At Camaleon Rental we work with the most renowned audio-visual brands in the industry. In our catalogue you will find audio-visual equipment from the brands Arri, Red, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Phantom Flex, Blackmagic and GoPro.

Among which we highlight, the rental of high-speed cameras, Phantom Flex. We offer a wide catalogue of slow motion recording equipment for rent. Camera rental of the Phantom Flex lines and Phantom Veo cameras. Both camera series offer 2k and 4k resolutions with the ability to shoot at up to 2800 FPS.

The new line of Phantom Veo cameras is more affordable for medium advertising budgets. Its rental cost is usually 30% cheaper than the Phantom Flex line of cameras.

Check our sales for shooting with Phantom cameras. Phantom camera recording equipment is used in advertising recordings, especially in filming with product in Madrid, Lisbon, Málaga, and Seville.

What are the rental prices?

The cost of renting audiovisual equipment can change according to the needs of your project. Therefore, it is always important to be advised by experts in the industry. At Camaleon Rental, we are professionals with more than 20 years of experience. We are ready to answer any of your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us!