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Film Production Company

Production company Spain. Camaleon Cinema Services provide full production services for feature films, documentary features, commercial films, TV, Photo and by any type of media production. With facilities in Madrid, Lisbon, Barcelona, Bilbao, Malaga, Seville and Navarra, we provide full services all over the Spanish national territory, Balearic Island and Portugal. Camaleon also have good rental & services partners in the Canary Islands, Almeria, Valencia, Bilbao, Barcelona and Morocco who collaborate with us on regular basis. They & us will provide inmediately solutions and amenities along your shooting. Our location managers and local producers on different cities all over Spain, Portugal and Morocco, will give you advise on issues such as shooting permits, tax incentives, hiring and accomodation for crew. We can also provide PAs and runners with yearly experience.

CAMALEON CINEMA SERVICES service all over Spain, Portugal and Morocco: Madrid | Lisbon | Barcelona | Sevilla | Malaga | Bilbao | San Sebastian - Donosti | Navarra | Pamplona | Balearic Islands | Mallorca | Ibiza | Menorca | Formentera | Algarve | Faro | Algarve | Oporto | Almeria | Cadiz | Valencia | Canary Islands | Las Palmas de Gran Canaria | Lanzarote | Santa Cruz de Tenerife | Tanger | Fez | Rabat | Casablanca | Marrakech | Agadir


Production Services Company

Our location managers and local producers on different cities all over Spain, Portugal and Morocco, will give you advise on issues such as shooting permits, tax incentives, hiring and accomodation for the crew. We can also provide Pas and runners with yearly experience.

Camaleón Cinema is a production company dedicated to production and filming services for Cinematographic projects, television, documentary, advertising and musical projects. More than 100 filming per year in Spain, Portugal and Morocco with integral production and filming management.

Our production company located in Spain, Portugal and Morocco has its own infrastructure with administrative, labor, accounting, legal and production departments and a technical department of camera, lighting, editing and grip. This allows us minimum times and efficiency in the work we do. A mechanical trial that our production company continuously implements throughout the geography of Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Camaleon Cinema Production company choose ​​its project in different scenarios of our extensive production map in Spain, Portugal and Morocco with the knowledge of the different costs to shoot in the thousands of locations that are distributed throughout Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Malaga, Casablanca, Almeria, Bilbao , Galicia, Canary Islands and Balearic Islands.

Comprehensive services from audiovisual advice, subsidies, tax deductions, location, production, filming services, rental of camera, lighting and Grip equipment with transportation, post production, management of artistic and technical personnel or filming logistics among others. We have offices with storage of materials and sets for advertising or television in Madrid, Seville and Lisbon. We offer support throughout Spain, Portugal and Morocco with quick reaction times.


Production Services all over Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

We work the entire process from preproduction to post production. We have production directors with more than 30 years of experience in feature films, advertising and television. Also, Local production teams in different parts of Spain will advise you on permits, tax rebates, insurance, contracting, travel management, accommodation and transportation. We have quick reaction times and lists of artistic and technical professionals at national level that allow us to ensure the service while maintaining the quality and professionalism in the productions that we carry out with no matter of the place. We organize a shoot anywhere and very fast. Our boxes of locations know every corner of the geography of Morocco, Portugal or Spain to ensure a solution that adapts to the needs of the project and logistics of its shooting. In addition to our personnel infrastructure, we are also a rental house and we have all the camera, lighting, grip, post production equipment and all the necessary transport to reach the mountain, the beach or an island.


Production Company based in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Our production team covers the entire national territory. We carry out locations, travel management, accommodation, filming permits, Selection of technical and artistic personnel, casting and technical and logistic means. We offer services to advertising agencies, brands and production companies worldwide. Our multilingual team will help you find solutions to fit your budget. With our solid Production team, we offer creative solutions for any type of project.


Production company in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Spain and Portugal now offer a tax credit for Spanish and Portuguese and foreign projects that are carried out totally or partially in Portugal or morocco. Not including commercial productions. This incentive is only aimed at Cinematographic, television, animation or video game productions. With a minimum production cost of one million euros in Spain, you are required to benefit from the 15% tax credit. However you are able to increase up to 35% of tax credit on production expenses incurred in the northern region of Navarra and the Canary Islands. Reimbursements for these deductions are made to the Spanish production services company that works locally with the foreign production company.

The return of the government can be expected 18 - 24 months after the production envelope and the successful presentation of an audit. These are the fundamental parameters. Precise details are best explored on a case-by-case basis, so do not hesitate to contact us with the details of your project. Our goal is to maximize the savings available for foreign production in Spain and Portugal.

Equipment Rental

Camera - Lighting - Grip inhouse

Our Strength? We have the equipments inhouse! Digital Cinema Cameras, from high-end brands such as Arri, Red, Phantom Flex, Sony, Blackmagic Design, Canon and Panasonic. Cine lenses such as Cooke, Arri, Zeiss, Angenieux, Fujinon, Leica, Canon, Kowa, Hawk, Ultrascope, Canon and UniQOptics. Top notch accessories from Arri, O’Connor, Teradek Bolt, Paralinx, Magliner, Chrosziel. Lighting equipment for both cine and tv productions such as Arri HMI, Arri fresnel, Kinoflo, K5600, Dedolight, Lumiere, Lee & Rosco. Check out our lastest new LED lighting solutions. Grip equipment: Scorpio technocrane 23''& 30''+7, Super Technocrane 50, Panther dollies and J.L. Fisher, Ronford Baker Sliders. Full services including transportation and crew. Shooting vehicles such as Generator trucks, load trucks and vans with lift trailer.



Crew & Pro Technicians

English Speaking - Bilingual staff

Highly experienced technicians in features, commercials and TV productions. Directors of Photography, Camera Operators, Assistant cameraman / focus puller, steadicam operators, 2nd camera assistants, DITs, gaffers, key grip, technocrane operators among others. Full services for specialized shootings such as high speed with Phantom Flex cameras, technocranes, underwater and aerial cinematography. You can rely on Camaleon Cine Crew for your productions, no matter how big might it be !


Shooting Vehicles

We arrive away; all over Europe and Morocco


TV, Photo, Film & Video Studios

Madrid - Malaga - Seville - Lisbon


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