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It supports 4K resolution on Super 35mm sized sensors. The Angenieux 16-40mm Optimo Style Zoom Lens with PL Mount is patterned after the Angenieux Optimo DP series of zoom lenses and features a 2.5x zoom range. The lens features internal focus design for a constant length as focus is changed and exhibits no signs of breathing during focus pulls. The Angenieux Optimo Style 16-40mm T2.8 lens is a high quality cine zoom lens for full-frame cameras, with a focal range of 16-40mm and a maximum aperture of T2.8. The lens offers excellent image quality, with a large dynamic range.

  • Mount: PL
  • Aperture: T2.8
  • Front diameter: 114mm
  • Focal range: 16-40mm
  • Focus ring rotation: 320º
  • Image coverage: S35, up to 4K
  • Weight: 1.92Kg
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Angenieux Optime Style 16-40mm T2.8 is very similar to the classic Angenieux Optimo 15-40mm. It is intended to produce cinematic-looking content. Versatile, light and compact zoom.

It is composed of a zoom lens with motorization system option. It has a range of 2.5x. Thanks to its internal focus there is no breathing. Its maximum aperture of T2.8 is respected throughout the entire route, with a focus ring rotation of 320º, with twenty precise focus marks in feet (ft) or meters (m).

It has PL mount and possibility to exchange it easily. The 16-40mm Angenieux Optimo Style T2.8 zoom has been manufactured with a total coverage of Super 35 and APS-C, capable of achieving a resolution of 4K.

This zoom achieve faithful color reproduction and excellent image quality at large apertures of the diaphragm, like all its Angenieux Optimo Style brothers .

It is compatible with the ASU (Angenieux Servo Unit). It is also compatible with the Optimo 1.4x and 2x extenders. With the 1.4x extender, we extend the focal length from 16-40mm to 22-56mm, losing only 1.2 diaphragm points. In contrast, with the 2x we reach a length of 32-80mm, and the maximum aperture is T5.6.

Angenieux Optimo Style is fully adapted to extreme situations with the temperature compensation system from -20º C to + 45º C.

It is ideal for stabilizers due to its adaptability and lightness .

ANGENIEUX 16-40mm Technical specs : 

  • Mount: PL
  • Aperture: T2.8
  • Focal Range: 16 - 40mm
  • Angular vision: 69º to 16mm | 31.2º to 40mm
  • Minimum focusing distance: 0.6m
  • Focus ring rotation: 320º
  • Image coverage: S35 (31.4mm diagonal)
  • Length: 186mm
  • Weight: 1.92 kg
  • Front Diameter: 114mm

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