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  • Aputure Amaran rental. Aputure, a recognized brand in the field of film and television lighting, is dedicated to providing high quality solutions for professionals in the audiovisual industry. With a focus on innovation and excellence, Aputure offers a diverse range of products to meet various needs.
  • From powerful LED lighting to creative fixtures, the Aputure Amaran product line covers a wide variety of applications. These versatile lighting fixtures offer color control, intensity and are used by professionals and amateurs around the world to enhance their capture capabilities and create captivating content.
  • Discover the wide range of solutions you will find in the Aputure Amaran product line at Camaleón Rental, and see how we are ready to collaborate with you and take your audiovisual projects to the next level.

The best Aputure Amaran

  • The best Aputure Amaran. The Aputure Amaran series of LED panel and spotlight fixtures presents itself as an innovative solution for film and AV professionals. From highly versatile LED spotlights and panels to creative fixtures, this line offers diverse options for shaping light and creating visually captivating environments.
  • With accurate color rendering and the ability to adjust light intensity, Aputure Amaran products are chosen by experts and amateurs alike around the world to elevate their ability to capture and share visually stunning content.
  • The Aputure Amaran series is packed with innovative features for light management and protection, providing a level of control and safety that meets the needs of professionals and AV recording enthusiasts.
  • These Aputure Amaran LED panels offer a variety of advanced features to optimize lighting. With several models available, each panel in the Amaran series is designed to offer exceptional performance and versatility in cinematic lighting. From the Amaran F21C with its RGBWW lighting capability to the Amaran F22X with its wide color temperature range, each panel offers specific options for various production needs.
  • Not only do they stand out for their power and versatility, but also for their high color fidelity. With a CRI greater than 95 and a TLCI greater than 97, these panels ensure accurate color reproduction, essential for exceptional visual results in your recordings.
  • Durability and practicality are also outstanding features of the Amaran series. Their lightweight, rugged construction makes them suitable for a variety of situations, whether indoors or outdoors. In addition, their flexible and portable design makes them ideal for mobile cinema and on-location situations.
  • Aputure Amaran LED spotlights and panels offer intuitive control, with options to adjust intensity, color and apply custom lighting effects. Whether you're shooting in a studio or on location, the Amaran series gives you powerful tools to take your AV projects to the next level.
  • In addition, wireless control technology, such as the Sidus Link app, provides an extra level of convenience and flexibility in operation. The Aputure Amaran series is designed to offer high-performance solutions that meet the needs of AV professionals. Discover the options available at Camaleon Rental and take your lighting projects to a new standard of excellence.

Aputure Amaran 150C rental

  • Aputure Amaran 150C rental. The Aputure Amaran 150C is an innovative RGBWW color-controlled Bowens-mount LED spotlight that offers a powerful point light source, ideal for independent filmmakers and creators. With a power consumption of 180W, this fixture provides an optical and soft 150W of full color light. It offers a color temperature range of 2500K to 7500K, with high color quality, a CRI and TLCI of 95+, SSI of 71 and SSI of 83, making it perfect for lighting people accurately.
  • The Aputure Amaran 150C is compatible with a variety of Bowens mount fixtures, including optics such as Fresnel 2X and the Amaran Spotlight SE, allowing for greater versatility in color mixing and higher light gain. It is also portable and rugged, weighing only 2.66 kg with a metal Bowens mount that can support heavier accessories.
  • The integrated control interface makes it easy to fine-tune the CCT and HSI, and can be controlled via the Sidus Link app, allowing you to change lighting effects, adjust the HSI or CCT, and control multiple Amaran 150C spotlights. In addition, it is compatible with Gold or V-Mount batteries and is supplied with an eco-friendly carrying case.

Aputure Amaran 300C rental

  • Aputure Amaran 300C rental. The Aputure Amaran 300C is a powerful 300W LED spotlight with Bowens mount. It offers a full color point source with a color temperature range of 2500K to 7500K and high color quality with a CRI and TLCI of 95+. Its outstanding feature is total color control by combining RGBWW, Bowens mounting versatility and high quality light output.
  • This spotlight is rugged and portable, compatible with a variety of Aputure accessories, such as the 2x Fresnel modifier and Amaran Spotlight SE projection lens. It can be controlled via the Sidus Link app, providing greater flexibility and creativity. Comes in an environmentally friendly carrying case. The kit includes the Amaran 300C spotlight, protective case, Bowens Hyper Reflector stand, AC power supply, AC power cord and carrying case.

Aputure Amaran F21X rental

  • Aputure Amaran F21X rental. The Aputure Amaran F21X is a flexible 2x1, slim, bi-color LED panel designed to provide high quality illumination and color fidelity. It is a versatile and adaptable choice for professionals working in a variety of situations, especially on the move and in tight spaces, and is ideal for close-up lighting.
  • This LED panel consumes 120W and has a color temperature range of 2500K to 7500K. It offers up to 100W of power, providing soft, natural light over a generous surface area. Its compact design includes a folding X-frame, allowing it to be transformed into a rigid panel and can be attached to tripods or light stands.
  • The Amaran F21X is controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth with the SidusLink app, or via DMX and ballast. In addition, it includes soft light control and diffused light control options. This LED panel is versatile and adapts to a variety of lighting needs.

Aputure Amaran F22X rental

  • Aputure Amaran F22X rental. The Aputure Amaran F22X is a flexible and lightweight fabric LED panel with a size of 2x2. This two-color panel provides excellent lighting quality and color fidelity, making it ideal for filmmakers who need a versatile and adaptable lighting solution in a variety of situations. It excels on the move and in tight spaces, making it perfect for close-up lighting.
  • With a power consumption of 240W and a color temperature range of 2500K to 7500K, the Amaran F22X is powerful and versatile. It offers up to 200W of power and over 6960 lux at a distance of one meter. It can dim from 0 to 100% and select the frequency to eliminate flicker. In addition, it features 9 different lighting effects.
  • The design of the F22X includes a folding X-shaped frame that can be attached to a tripod or light stand. The ballast is compatible with V-Mount or Gold-Mount batteries and AC power supplies. It can be controlled via Bluetooth through the SidusLink app, DMX or directly from the ballast.

Aputure Amaran F21C rental

  • Aputure Amaran F21C rental. The Aputure Amaran F21C is a very slim, flexible 2x1 fabric LED panel with RGBWW (RGB + Warm White + Pure White) capability. The F21C folds up easily offering a generous surface area for soft light and at the same time the intensity needed to stand out in the scene.
  • With a power consumption of 120W and an adjustable color temperature range from 2500K to 7500K, this panel allows complete control over the lighting. Thanks to its RGBWW chipset, color temperature, hue, 46 customizable colors, gel presets and 15 different lighting effects can be adjusted.
  • The F21C features a compact design and folds easily, making it suitable for a variety of situations, including travel and tight spaces. It can be mounted on a light stand using a suitable adapter. It offers both V-Mount or Gold-Mount battery and AC power options.
  • Control of the F21C is versatile and can be done via Bluetooth using the Sidus Link app, DMX or directly from the panel.

Aputure Amaran F22C rental

  • Aputure Amaran F21C rental. The Aputure Amaran F22C LED panel is a versatile light source designed for film and television professionals. Its 2x2 square design allows for a large area of soft light while maintaining the necessary power. What stands out is its ability to produce a wide variety of colors and color temperatures thanks to its RGBWW chipset. This allows for unlimited creativity.
  • The panel is compact and easily mounts in different configurations thanks to its foldable X-shaped frame and its ability to connect to standard light stands. It comes with a light box and diffusers for soft and controlled lighting.
  • It can be powered by V-Mount or Gold-Mount batteries of different voltages, making it suitable for various situations. Control is flexible and can be done via the Sidus Link app, DMX or directly from the ballast.

What Aputure Amaran rent for a professional recording

  • Which Aputure Amaran to rent for a professional recording. The choice of which Aputure Amaran to rent will depend on your specific needs in a professional recording. Here are some recommendations based on different scenarios:
  • For location recording and traveling: If you need a flexible, portable LED panel for outdoor recording or situations where you must travel frequently, I would recommend the Aputure Amaran F21X or the Aputure Amaran F22X. Both are versatile, offer high lighting power and are easy to carry due to their foldable design.
  • For close-up and portrait lighting: If you focus on close-ups and portraits in your professional shooting, the Aputure Amaran F21C or the Aputure Amaran F22C are excellent choices. These models offer the ability to adjust color temperature and add creative lighting effects, which is essential for portrait lighting.
  • For scenes with creative color requirements: If you want to add a touch of color to your recording, I would recommend the Aputure Amaran F21C or the Aputure Amaran F22C, as they offer RGBWW (red, green, blue, warm white, cool white) lighting capability and numerous color adjustment options.
  • For studio lighting and fixed setups: If your recordings are primarily done in a studio or fixed setups, you can opt for any of the models, depending on your needs for power and lighting control.
  • Be sure to review the specifications of each model and consider factors such as power, flexibility, color control and included accessories to make the right choice. Also, verify that the model you choose is available for rental in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions about Aputure Amaran rental

What is the best Aputure Amaran to shoot a video?

  • What is the best Aputure Amaran for shooting video? Choosing the best Aputure Amaran to shoot a video depends on your specific needs and the type of production you are doing. Here are some recommendations for different situations:
  • For versatile recording and on the go: If you need a flexible and portable LED panel for a wide range of recording situations, the Aputure Amaran F21X is an excellent choice. Its 2'x1' size and RGBWW capability allow for limitless creativity, and its compact design makes it suitable for travel or confined space situations.
  • For high quality lighting and color rendering: If accurate color rendering is critical to your production, consider the Aputure Amaran F22C. It offers a wide variety of colors and color temperatures thanks to its RGBWW chipset and is ideal for filmmakers looking for versatile, high-quality lighting.
  • For spot focus and lighting effects: If you want to stand out in the scene and create specific lighting effects, the Aputure Amaran 150C and 300C are powerful options. They offer full color control and are ideal for productions that require precise and powerful lighting.
  • For versatile applications and easy mounting: Both the F21C and F22X are ideal if you are looking for flexibility in setup. They are lightweight and can be easily mounted in different configurations, making them suitable for a variety of situations and recording styles.
  • For space-constrained productions: If you're working in tight spaces or need soft, powerful close-up lighting, the Aputure Amaran F21C is an excellent choice. Its slim design and color temperature versatility make it suitable for a variety of situations.
  • Ultimately, the "best" Aputure Amaran will depend on your specific needs and lighting preferences. Be sure to consider factors such as color rendering quality, versatility, portability and power when choosing the right model for your video recording project.

Does the Aputure Amaran include accessories?

  • Does the Aputure Amaran come with accessories? Aputure Amaran generally come with some basic accessories, but specific details may vary by model. Here is an overview of the types of accessories that are often included with Aputure Amaran panels:
  • LED panels: all Aputure Amaran models include the flexible LED panel itself. This is essential for lighting.
  • Light box or diffuser: Many Aputure Amaran models come with a light box or diffuser that can be used to soften the light and reduce harsh shadows. This is especially useful for soft lighting in portraits or close-ups.
  • Light control grid: Some models include a light control grid that attaches to the softbox or LED panel. It helps direct the light and prevents it from scattering into unwanted areas.
  • Adapters and brackets: Aputure Amaran kits often include adapters for mounting the panel on tripods or lighting stands. These adapters allow for easy setup in a variety of locations.
  • Batteries and chargers (depending on model): Some models come with batteries and chargers. This provides mobility and allows the use of Aputure Amaran panels in locations without access to electrical power.
  • Remote control or control apps: Several models are compatible with mobile apps or Bluetooth remote control that allow you to adjust settings and light intensity wirelessly.
  • Please note that the included accessories may vary depending on the specific package or model you purchase. It is important to check the specifications of each kit or model for the exact accessories included. If you need additional accessories, it is important to check with Camaleon Rental to find out what accessories are included in the rental package and if it is possible to add additional accessories according to your needs.

What are the rental prices of Aputure Amaran?

  • What are the Aputure Amaran rental prices? Renting the versatile Aputure Amaran LED spotlights and panels presents a variety of cost-effective alternatives designed to meet the demands of diverse audiovisual projects. Like the choice of professional video cameras, Aputure Amaran panels provide exceptional and controllable lighting. In terms of price comparison, we discovered a variety of rental rates suitable for every production.
  • Aputure Amaran LED lighting fixture rental costs can fluctuate depending on the duration and specifics of the project. For daily rentals, options can be found from €20 per day for basic models, with the possibility of reaching up to €800 per month for advanced configurations. Prices can also vary depending on the choice of accessories and modifiers, such as softboxes, mount adapters and batteries.
  • If you are considering a weekly rental period, Aputure Amaran prices range from €60 to €320 depending on the features and accessories selected. It is important to remember that, similar to camera rental rates, weekly prices are generally calculated to cover around 3 to 4 rental days per week.
  • For larger projects that require a monthly rental, Aputure Amaran LED panel prices range from 200 to 800 euros per month. These monthly rates are generally based on a rental period equivalent to 10 days. In rental situations exceeding one month, additional adjustments may apply.
  • When considering rental prices for Aputure Amaran LED spotlights and LED panels, it is essential to evaluate factors such as fixture type, accessories and length of lease. This will allow you to determine the total cost and select the configuration that best suits your production needs. Whether for short projects or larger productions, Aputure Amaran LED lighting fixtures provide a wide range of rental options, ensuring cinema-quality lighting for any type of project.