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  • Aputure light modifiers rental. Aputure distinguishes itself as a leading company in the film and TV lighting industry, being a reference in the creation of lighting solutions of the highest quality. Its extensive product portfolio ranges from high-precision LED lighting systems to a diverse range of creative tools, satisfying a wide variety of needs. These solutions enable not only the creation of immersive lighting atmospheres, but also the meticulous control of colors and light intensities in diverse environments and under varying atmospheric conditions. Professionals and enthusiasts around the world rely on Aputure products to hone their skills in generating and sharing captivating content.
  • Explore the wide diversity of options available within the Aputure catalog and discover how Camaleón Rental can become your ideal rental partner, taking your audiovisual projects to the next level. This includes the opportunity to rent lighting equipment for film and television sets and studios, giving you access to top-quality tools for your productions.

The best Aputure modifier

  • The best Aputure modifier. The Aputure series of modifiers is presented as an innovative solution for cinematography and audiovisual production professionals. These modifiers offer a wide range of options to perfect the quality of light on set and meet the most rigorous production demands.
  • These modifiers excel not only in light quality, but also in versatility, allowing for a wide range of lighting effects on set. Aputure modifiers are designed to provide high-performance solutions that meet the needs of professionals in the audiovisual industry, ensuring constant and reliable lighting on set. Discover the options available at Camaleón Rental and take your lighting projects to a new standard of excellence.

Aputure F10 fresnel rental

Aputure F10 fresnel rental. The Aputure Fresnel F10 is a revolutionary 10-inch Bowens-mount Fresnel that intensifies point source LED output, delivering light quality comparable to a 5K tungsten lamp. When combined with Aputure's LS 600X Pro, it outperforms Studio 2K tungsten lights and even approaches higher power HMIs. Its dual-optics design maximizes light output, and its ergonomic focus facilitates precision in variable beam angle. Despite its size, it maintains a compact, heat-resistant construction, and comes with a durable carrying bag for convenience on set.

Aputure Light Dome II Rental

Aputure Light Dome II rental. The Aputure Light Dome II is a softbox designed for the LS 120 and 300 lights, but its compatibility makes it perfect for any Bowens-mount fixture. This softbox provides even and soft light, ideal for portraits and professional productions. It includes a honeycomb grid and two diffusers (1.5 and 2.5 brightness steps). Its ultra-smooth diffuser fabric creates a uniform wrap-around light. Its quick assembly allows for easy setup, and it is compatible with gels. The round shape of the softbox produces circular catchlights. It also includes a studio-quality grid and is compatible with a variety of Bowens fixtures and mount systems. Ideal for improving light quality in photography and cinematography.

Aputure Lantern Rental

Aputure Lantern rental. The Aputure Lantern is a spherical light modifier designed for Aputure LEDs, characterized by its speed and ease of use. Opening in seconds, it provides a soft, even light with a wide 270° beam angle that illuminates the entire room. It is notable for its light control, with a four-section adjustable skirt that allows precise control of light direction, and its quick-release design makes it easy to set up and take down in seconds, making it ideal for filmmakers on the move. It is compatible with Bowens mounts, making it a versatile solution for shaping soft light in still and video productions.

Aputure Light Dome 150 Rental

  • Aputure Light Dome 150 rental. The Aputure Light Dome 150 is a 150 cm wide circular light modifier with Bowens mount, designed to transform point light sources into a soft, uniform light source ideal for illuminating large spaces. This modifier includes two diffusion options (1.5 and 2.5 Stop), allowing the density and quality of soft light to be adjusted as needed.
  • Quick setup is one of the strengths of the Light Dome 150, thanks to its quick-mount design. It also includes a 45° fabric light control grid to direct light more precisely and minimize excess light spill. Its 32-sided design creates perfectly circular reflections, adding a professional touch to images.

Aputure Fresnel F14 rental

Aputure Fresnel F14 rental. The Aputure Fresnel F14 is a modifier with a large 350 mm diameter lens and an adjustable beam angle range from 18º to 45º. It is designed for use with Aputure's high-performance bulbs, significantly improving light quality and intensity. It offers smooth, remote control, both via DMX and through the Sidus Link app. This fixture includes visors, yoke and safety chain, and comes in a carrying case. It is an essential tool for film and studio productions that require professional and versatile lighting.

Aputure Spotlight Max Rental

Aputure Spotlight Max Rental. The Aputure Spotlight Max is a high-performance projection lens designed to create targeted lighting for film and studio productions. It fits Bowens mount LED spotlights, including older and newer Aputure models such as Electro Storm CS15, Electro Storm XT26, 600D Pro and LS 1200D Pro. It offers interchangeable 19°, 36° and 50° lenses to suit different lighting needs. Its precision optical design allows for uniform, focused illumination with up to 60% brightness increase. The Spotlight Max includes visors, a rotating gobo holder and offers precise and versatile light control in film and television environments. It is an ideal tool for custom lighting effects and greater versatility in audiovisual production.

Which Aputure modifiers to rent for a professional recording

  • Which Aputure modifiers to rent for a professional shoot. Aputure light modifiers stand out as cutting-edge solutions in the film and AV industry. These versatile fixtures offer a range of exceptional options for tailoring and sculpting the quality and direction of light on set, which becomes an essential element for achieving professional results in any audiovisual production.
  • In a modern, dynamic world where lighting plays a critical role in creating captivating atmospheres and stunning visual effects, Aputure light modifiers represent an ideal choice for cinematographers and photographers. They offer a wide variety of creative solutions ranging from light softening to precise on-set focusing and projection.
  • When it comes to choosing which Aputure modifiers rental for professional recording, the decision will depend on the specific needs of your project. These elements fit a variety of situations, from portrait and interview shoots to large-scale film productions. You should consider factors such as desired softness of light, direction of light beams, shape and light intensity.
  • Aputure light modifiers include a wide range of options, such as softboxes, softboxes, softboxes, projection lenses and light windows, allowing you to customize the light quality according to your requirements.
  • Aputure light modifiers ensure uniformity of light, reducing unwanted shadows and providing the versatility to adjust light to your specific needs. These accessories are essential for shaping and refining lighting, resulting in exceptional visual quality in your productions.
  • Exploring the options available at Camaleón Rental will allow you to find the right Aputure light modifiers for your project. Our wide range of high quality products includes softboxes, circular and rectangular windows, projection lenses and other essential accessories to ensure a high level of lighting in your production.

Frequently Asked Questions about Aputure Modifier Rental

What is the best Aputure modifier for your production?

  • Which Aputure Delta Pro modifier is best for your production. Choosing the right Aputure modifier for your video production will depend on a number of key factors, such as the type of project, lighting conditions and, of course, the budget available. At Camaleon Rental, we offer a wide range of Aputure modifier models, each with unique features and exceptional capabilities. Here are a few light modifiers that could be ideal for elevating the quality of your video:
  • Aputure Light Dome II: This is a spherical soft light modifier with a 16-sided design that provides even, soft lighting throughout the set. Its quick-mount design allows you to set it up in a matter of seconds, making it an efficient choice for a wide variety of projects.
  • Aputure Fresnel F14: If you are looking for a tool to precisely focus and direct light, the Aputure Fresnel F14 is an excellent choice. Its large 350 mm diameter lens and a motorized adjustable beam angle range of 18°-45° allows you to control the direction and intensity of the light exceptionally well.
  • Aputure Spotlight Max: For unique and creative projection effects on your videos, the Aputure Spotlight Max is the perfect modifier. This spotlight allows you to work with a variety of interchangeable lenses and shutters to achieve customized and precise lighting effects.
  • Choosing the best Aputure modifier will depend on your specific needs, such as the quality and direction of light you're looking for, the versatility you need, and the shooting conditions. Carefully evaluate your project requirements and select the modifier that best suits your lighting objectives. With the wide range of options available at Camaleon Rental, you will find the perfect tool to elevate the quality of your video productions.

What are the rental prices for Aputure modifiers?

  • Aputure modifier rental prices vary according to the duration and specifications of the rental. For daily rentals, prices start at 15 euros per day and can reach up to 800 euros per month for advanced configurations. Prices are for modifiers only without light fixtures.
  • For weekly rentals, prices range from 45 to 320 euros, depending on the modifier chosen. For monthly rentals, costs vary between 150 and 800 euros, calculated based on a period equivalent to 10 days. Longer projects may have additional price adjustments.
  • Aputure modifier rental prices are flexible and depend on the duration and characteristics, adapting to the needs of each production.