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Aputure 300x rental. The Aputure 300x light source is capable of using optical modifiers with lenses that further enhance its CCT flexibility, being able to generate over 56,000 lux at 1 metre with the Fresnel 2X accessory. It is the first bi-colour light compatible with Bowens Mount. The Aputure 300x features the same 360 degree adjustable locking yoke as the Aputure 300d II and the same quiet all-in-one control box and power supply design.

  • Weight: 7.315kg
  • Power consumption: 350w
  • Colour temperature: 2700º K - 6500º K
  • Ballast: flicker free 1000hz
  • Lens diameter: 250 mm
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Aputure 300X Bi hire. The Aputure 300x light source is highly flexible and compatible with optical modifiers, allowing it to achieve over 56,000 lux at 1 metre with the 2X Fresnel. It is the first bi-colour light with Bowens Mount, and features a 360-degree adjustable design and a silent all-in-one control box and power supply design. With a weight of 7.315kg, power consumption of 350W and an adjustable colour temperature from 2700K to 6500K, it is a versatile choice in lighting.



Rent Aputure 300x Bi Color

Rent Aputure 300x Bi Color. The Aputure Light Storm 300x LED Spotlight is one of Aputure's newest LED lighting sources and the first dual color Bowens mount kit compatible with a selection of illumination modifiers. Combining the latest optical color mixing technology with Aputure's dual color LED chipset, the LS 300x LED spotlight utilizes a 2X Fresnel and projector mount for unprecedented versatility in a single component. Adjust the white light output of the CCT fixture between 2700K and 6500K in a matter of seconds by turning the dial or pressing it. And using the same lamp head and control box design as the 300d II, this fixture is designed to meet any shooting challenge. The aputure 300x is a benchmark in film and tv lighting.

Aputure 300x CCT Control

Aputure 300x CCT Control. Aputure 300x now incorporates a new CCT control wheel with an integrated preset button that allows users to adjust CCT in +/- 50K increments, or toggle between 5 common CCT presets (2700K, 3200K, 4300K, 5500K, 6500K).

The Aputure 300X's fast and precise CCT control function is one of its most outstanding features. This CCT control wheel offers users an efficient and precise way to adjust the color temperature of the light emitted by the LED spotlight. Here are a few reasons why this feature is so important:

Lighting versatility: The ability to adjust color temperature (CCT) is essential in the production of visual content. It allows users to adapt lighting to match existing lighting conditions or to create specific effects. For example, you can change the color temperature to simulate daylight (5500K) or warm evening light (2700K) with just a few turns of the control wheel.

Accuracy: Control in +/- 50K increments allows for very precise adjustments. This is especially important for achieving the desired look in portrait lighting, product videos or any other project where color temperature accuracy is essential.

CCT Presets: The built-in CCT preset function further simplifies the adjustment process. Users can easily select one of the five most common color temperature settings (2700K, 3200K, 4300K, 5500K, 6500K) at the touch of a button. This saves time on fast and changing setups on set.

Consistency: Precise color temperature control is essential to maintain lighting consistency throughout a production. With the Aputure 300X, you can be sure that your lighting will remain constant, which is crucial to avoid color problems in post production.

Aputure 300x Luminance

Aputure 300x Luminance. The Aputure 300x features two output modes: maximum output mode and constant output. In constant output mode, the luminance level remains uniform while only the CCT output changes. The maximum output mode will always maximize the output for the chosen CCT and dimming level, the highest output range is 4000K to 5500K.

The dual output modes of the Aputure 300x are an exceptional feature that further extends its versatility and usefulness in the world of photographic and video production lighting. These modes, maximum output mode and constant output mode, give users precise control over light intensity and color temperature, which is critical for adapting to various lighting situations.

Constant Output Mode: In this mode, the Aputure 300x maintains a constant luminance level while allowing you to adjust the color temperature (CCT). This is especially useful when you need to maintain a constant light intensity, but want to change the appearance of the illumination, such as when shooting an indoor scene and want to simulate a natural light change from day to night. By setting the CCT in this mode, you can achieve subtle, realistic lighting effects without altering the light intensity.

Maximum Output Mode: In contrast, Maximum Output Mode is designed to provide the maximum possible light output for the selected color temperature and dimming level. This is essential in situations where a maximum amount of light is needed, such as in studio or low light outdoor settings. The ability to maximize output in the 4000K to 5500K range is especially valuable as it covers a wide range of color temperatures widely used in media production.

Aputure 300x power supply

Aputure 300x power supply. The Aputure 30x offers exceptional creative power solutions for photographers and filmmakers by providing flexibility in terms of power and mobility. An important feature that stands out in this context is its battery-powered capability, allowing lighting to be taken to remote locations or where a reliable power source is not available.

Single battery operation: Like the Aputure 300d II, the Aputure 300x can also operate on a single battery, up to half its maximum output. Two batteries are required for maximum power.

Maximum power with two batteries. For those who require maximum lighting power, the Aputure 300X supports the use of two batteries. This ensures full and constant light output, even in the most demanding lighting conditions.

The Aputure 300x features battery consumption indicators to give users a better understanding and control of battery life. Also, for optimal use of the Aputure 300x with batteries, batteries that can withstand a continuous discharge of 15 Ah are recommended to properly power the light.

Aputure 300x handling methods

Aputure 300x Operating Methods. The Aputure 300x offers exceptional versatility in terms of control, making it an essential tool for photographers and cinematographers seeking precise and convenient control of their lighting. This flexibility of control is critical in adapting to a variety of production situations and ensuring that lighting is consistent with the user's creative vision. Some of the available control methods are highlighted here:

Control Wheels: The Aputure 300x features intuitive control wheels that allow users to easily adjust the color temperature (CCT) and dimming level of the light. These wheels provide precise, tactile control directly on the device.

2.4G RF Remote Control: The Aputure 2.4G RF (radio frequency) remote control is a convenient way to control the Aputure 300x remotely. This is especially useful in situations where the camera operator or director needs to make lighting adjustments without interrupting the scene.

DMX512: DMX512 compatibility is a professional feature that allows users to control lighting through multiple channels. This is essential in studio setups or larger productions where detailed and precise control of multiple lights is required.

Sidus Link Bluetooth Mesh App: The Aputure 300x can be operated from a mobile device, either smartphone or tablet. This offers convenient control and the ability to make fine adjustments to the lighting without the need to physically touch the LED spotlight. In addition, the app allows multiple Sidus Link lights to be controlled at the same time.

Aputure 300x Effects

Aputure 300x Effect. The Aputure 300x LED Spotlight has 9 built-in lighting effects. The Aputure 300x LED Spotlight's built-in lighting effects are a highly creative and practical feature that significantly expands the lighting possibilities for photographers and filmmakers. These pre-programmed effects allow you to create lighting moods and situations in a simple and efficient way, saving time and resources in production. Here is a more detailed description of these effects:

  • Paparazzi: This effect simulates the constant flashing of camera flashes, which is ideal for recreating the atmosphere of a red carpet or a photo shoot in a fashion studio.
  • Fireworks: The fireworks effect generates a series of flashes and sparks of light that mimic the pyrotechnic spectacle of a fireworks show.
  • Lightning: This effect recreates the appearance of bright, flashing lightning, perfect for adding drama and realism to storm scenes.
  • Faulty Bulb: Simulates the intermittent flickering of a faulty bulb, which can be used to create a vintage or mysterious atmosphere.
  • TV: The TV effect emulates the flickering light of a lit TV screen and can be used to give the impression that someone is watching TV in a scene.
  • Pulse: This effect generates a pulsating light effect and is ideal for situations where dynamic, constantly changing lighting is desired.
  • Strobe: The strobe light effect generates intense, repetitive flashes of light, which can add excitement and energy to dance or party scenes.
  • Explosion: This effect simulates an explosion of bright light and is suitable for situations where dramatic and theatrical lighting is required.
  • Fire: The fire effect creates a warm and cozy ambiance, mimicking the soft light of a campfire or flame, ideal for intimate or romantic scenes.

The ability to adjust the color temperature of these effects allows for greater customization and control over the lighting, ensuring that they blend seamlessly into the overall look of the scene. These built-in effects make the Aputure 300X a creative and versatile tool that can be used to achieve a wide variety of lighting effects without the need for additional equipment or complex setups.

Aputure 300x Bowens Mount

Aputure 300x Bowens Mount. The Bowens-S mount on the Aputure 300X is a key feature that distinguishes it as a versatile and highly compatible LED fixture. This mount has been adopted by numerous lighting manufacturers due to its modular design and its ability to accommodate a wide range of light modifiers.

Light Modifier Compatibility: The Bowens-S mount is extremely popular in the lighting industry, which means that there are a wide variety of light modifiers available on the market that are compatible with this mount. These include softboxes, beauty dishes, snoots, reflectors, and other accessories that can be quickly and securely mounted on the Aputure 300X.

Transition between soft and hard light: The versatility of the Bowens-S mount allows users to easily switch between soft and hard light modifiers. For example, you can mount a softbox for soft, diffused light for portraits, and then switch to a reflector for more intense, focused light in a video production. This saves time and effort in setting up and taking down different equipment.

Aputure 300x SIDUS Ecosystem

Aputure 300x Sidus Ecosystem. The Aputure 300X is a valuable addition to the Sidus Link™ ecosystem, allowing it to integrate and communicate efficiently with other compatible lights and lighting devices. Here are the highlights of how the Aputure 300X benefits from this ecosystem:

Bluetooth mesh network: The Sidus Link™ ecosystem uses a Bluetooth mesh network to connect and coordinate multiple lights and lighting devices. This mesh network enables efficient communication between the lights and the control application, even when the lights are not directly within range of the control device. This is especially useful in situations where the lights are distributed over a wide area or where there are obstacles between the lights and the control device.

App control: App-based control is a prominent feature of the Sidus Link™ ecosystem. Users can download the Sidus Link™ app on their mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, and use it to conveniently and accurately control the Aputure 300x's lighting settings. This provides remote control and real-time viewing of light settings, which is especially useful in situations where the LED spotlight is out of physical reach or in a hard-to-reach location.

Multiple light control: One of the key advantages of the Sidus Link™ ecosystem is the ability to control up to 100 lights from a single application. This is essential in larger lighting setups, such as photo studios or film productions, where precise coordination of multiple light sources is required to achieve the desired look.

Long Range: The Sidus Link™ system allows a range of up to 400 meters between the control device and the lights, providing great flexibility and mobility on set. This is especially useful in outdoor situations or in locations where the distance between the camera operator and lights can be significant.

What does Aputure 300x Pro rental include?

  • Aputure LS 600x Pro Bi-Color LED Monolight (V-Mount)
  • Control Box
  • Hyper Reflector
  • V-Mount Dual Battery Plate
  • Weatherproof head cable
  • Neutrik AC cable
  • VA Remote RC1
  • Lightning clamp
  • Carrying case

Aputure 300x Pro Weight

  • Aputure 300x led spotlight weight:16.09 lbs

Aputure 300x Pro dimensions

  • Spotlight dimensions: 11.75*8.49*13.56in.
  • Controller box dimensions: 10.97*4.99*3.81in.

What is the rental price of Aputure 300x Pro?

The rental price of the Aputure 300x Pro LED spotlight is 45 euros per day. The rental price of the Aputure 300x Pro LED spotlight per week is 135 euros and the rental price for the whole month is 450 euros. For rental periods longer than this, please contact us by email at hello@camaleonrental.com. It is the perfect tool for use both outdoors and on TV sets. In the link video and photo studios hire, you can see the ones we have at your disposal both in Madrid and in the Community of Madrid, Spain and Portugal. Camaleón Rental also offers you a wide range of film and TV equipment hire for your filming.



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