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Aputure LS 1200D PRO rental. The Aputure LS 1200d Pro LED spotlight is a powerful COB LED fixture with expansive power, control options and output comparable to a 1600W HMI spotlight. The precision fixture has a solid 5600K color temperature with a high 95% CRI/TLCI rating that is ideal for outdoor shoots or in areas dominated by other daylight balanced fixtures, such as HMI. In addition to power, control is a driving force in the design of the Aputure 1200d Pro LED spotlight. The light supports multiple methods of wireless control, including the Sidus Link mobile app and built-in wireless DMX control.

  • Weight Aputure 1200d 8,95kg
  • 5600K Color Temperature, 95 CRI/TLCI
  • 15, 30, and 45° reflectors included
  • Wireless DMX control, Bluetooth
  • 4 dimming modes, comparable to 1600W HMI
  • 8 lighting effects, AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
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Aputure 1200d hire. The Aputure LS 1200d Pro LED spotlight is a powerful and versatile COB LED fixture with a colour temperature of 5600K and a high CRI/TLCI rating of 95%. It offers an output comparable to a 1600W HMI fixture and comes with 15°, 30° and 45° reflectors as well as wireless control options via DMX and Bluetooth. With 4 dimming modes, 8 lighting effects, and a weight of 8.95kg, it is ideal for outdoor shoots and daylight areas.




Rent Aputure 1200D. The Aputure 1200d Pro LED Spotlight rental is also compatible with LumenRadio CRMX, Art-net and sACN through an etherCON connector. It also has 5-pin DMX512 connectivity for seamless integration into any professional DMX interface. A perfect solution for film & tv lighting hire.

The Aputure 1200D led spotlight, has four dimming curves: Linear, Exponential, Log and S-Curve, to ensure accuracy regardless of the chosen brightness level. While you can make adjustments locally on the fixture, you can also do so wirelessly from a distance, and this is very useful when the light is mounted on the ceiling or in hard-to-reach places. The Aputure 1200D led spotlight is ideal for any Film and TV Lighting application.

Aputure 1200D Portable and Universal Power Supply

  • The Aputure 1200D portable and universal power supply. This unit is designed to work anywhere in the world thanks to its universal power supply. This means it can be used in a wide range of locations without worrying about electrical compatibility. Whether in a studio, on outdoor locations or in remote locations, the fixture can be plugged in and used without any problems.

  • One of the most outstanding features is its ability to run on batteries. It has two 3-pin XLR DC inputs with a capacity of 48V/15A. This allows the luminaire to be powered by several compatible battery options. This versatility is especially useful in situations where power is limited or unavailable, making it an ideal choice for photo shoots or location filming where mobility is essential.

Daylight quality of Aputure 1200D

  • Daylight quality of the Aputure 1200D. The Aputure LS 1200d Pro led spotlight, offers accurate daylight at 5600K, essential for photography and videography. Its high CRI/TLCI of ≥95 and CQS≥96 ensure exceptional color rendering. This allows for natural, vibrant colors in images and videos.

  • The color temperature and color rendering quality ratings make this led spotlight ideal for applications requiring accurate color rendering. This includes portrait photography, commercial video shooting, cinematography and any other job where lighting that closely matches natural daylight is required. Its combination of color temperature, high CRI/TLCI and CQS value ensure that subjects and objects look realistic and appealing in captured images and videos.

Aputure 1200D is dust and water-resistant

  • Aputure 1200D is dust and waterproof. The Aputure 1200d Pro LED spotlight light source is dust and water resistant, making it exceptionally suitable for challenging shooting environments. Its sealed and rugged design allows it to operate reliably in unpredictable weather conditions and dusty environments, offering durability and reliability to users. This versatility makes it an outstanding choice for a variety of applications, from outdoor filming in adverse weather conditions to dust-prone photo or film studios, ensuring optimal performance no matter the circumstances.

Aputure 1200D Lighting Effects

    Aputure 1200d lighting effects. The Aputure 1200D stands out for its versatility in creating lighting effects. It incorporates an impressive set of 8 special effects that add a creative touch to scene lighting. These effects include:

    • Paparazzi: This effect simulates the flash of paparazzi cameras, creating an atmosphere of flashes and glare characteristic of public events.
    • Fireworks: Provides a flashing, colorful illumination similar to fireworks, perfect for creating a festive and vibrant atmosphere.
    • Lightning: Mimics the bright, sudden flash of lightning, ideal for dramatic or stormy scenes.
    • Faulty Bulb: Creates a flickering light effect like that of a faulty bulb, adding a sense of decay or mystery to the scene.
    • TV: Simulates the flickering light of a lit TV screen, perfect for interior scenery or suspenseful moments.
    • Pulse: Generates a pulsating light effect that can be used to highlight an element or create a tense atmosphere.
    • Strobe: This effect produces rapid flashes of intermittent light, ideal for creating a dynamic mood or highlighting fast movements.
    • Explosion: Simulates the bright, ephemeral flash of an explosion, perfect for action or shocking scenes.

    The ease of control of these effects is achieved through the LCD display interface of the lled spotlight ballast, allowing users to adjust and customize the effects according to the needs of the production. These special effects not only save time in post-production, but also offer creative opportunities to enhance the visual storytelling and atmosphere of a scene.

    Aputure 1200D Attenuation curves

      Aputure 1200D dimming curves. The Aputure 1200d Pro LED spotlight offers exceptional versatility in brightness control through its four dimming curves. These curves allow the light intensity to be precisely adjusted according to the specific needs of the scene and the desired effect. 

      Linear: The linear dimming curve provides a constant and uniform adjustment of the brightness level. It is ideal when a smooth and predictable transition in light intensity is needed, without abrupt changes.

      Exponential: This curve provides a non-linear increase in light intensity as brightness is adjusted. It is useful when more sensitive control is desired at low brightness levels, allowing smooth changes in shadows.

      Logarithmic: The logarithmic curve allows for greater precision at low brightness levels, which is especially useful for lighting scenes that require subtlety and control in darker areas.

      S-Curve: This curve combines features of the linear and logarithmic curves, providing flexible control over the entire brightness range. It is ideal when a smooth and controlled transition is needed at all intensity levels.

      Aputure 1200D PRO Features

      Aputure LS 1200d Pro Features. This led spotlight offers numerous advantages and impressive features for lighting professionals in photography and videography. Here is a summary of the key advantages:

      High Light Output Aputure 1200D: With an output of 83,100 Lux at 9.8' using the narrow hyper-reflector, this fixture provides an impressive amount of light, making it suitable for a variety of lighting applications for this rental fixture.

      Beam Angle Versatility of the Aputure 1200D: The three rental hyper-reflectors (narrow, medium and wide) allow the beam angle to be adjusted according to the needs of the scene, providing flexibility to achieve different lighting effects.

      Aputure 1200D Daylight Quality: With a color temperature of 5600K and a high CRI/TLCI index of ≥95, the 1200d Pro, delivers accurate, color-true daylight quality, which is essential for high-quality photography and videography.

      Weather Resistance Aputure 1200D: Dust and water resistance makes the rental suitable for use in harsh environments or challenging weather conditions.

      Aputure 1200D Precise Control: Offers continuous brightness control ranging from 0.1% to 100%, allowing you to adjust the light intensity precisely. In addition, frequency selection helps reduce the 1200D's flicker.

      Multiple Control Methods Aputure 1200D: Provides a variety of control options, from the SidusLink mobile app to protocols such as LumenRadio CRMX, Art-net and sACN, making it easy to integrate into different lighting setups.

      Power Flexibility Aputure 1200D: Can be powered by 48V/15A power supplies or by compatible batteries, increasing its versatility and portability.

      Special Effects Aputure 1200D: Offers a wide range of built-in lighting effects, providing creative options for scene lighting.

      Included Accessories Aputure 1200D: Comes with a set of useful accessories, such as a wheeled carrying case and reflector case, for easy transport and storage.

      Aputure 1200D Universal Bowens Mount: Uses the standard Bowens mount, making it compatible with a wide variety of commercially available light modifiers.

      Aputure 1200D Curved Yoke and 360° Rotation: The curved yoke with disc brake and 360° rotation allows for flexible and precise positioning of the luminaire.

      Aputure 1200D PRO Specifications 

        The Aputure LS 1200d Pro specifications are as follows:

          Luminous intensity:

          • 83,100 lux at 9.8' with hyper-reflector (narrow)
          • 22,400 lux at 9.8' with hyper-reflector (medium)
          • 13,010 lux at 9.8' with hyper-reflector (wide)

          Light Source:

          • 1200 W LED Daylight Bowens mounting point source
          • 5600 K daylight CCT

          Light Control:

          • Optimized output with 3 hyper reflectors: narrow (15°), medium (30°), wide (45°)
          • CRI and TLCI ≥95, CQS≥96
          • Weatherproof: dust and water resistant.
          • Continuous brightness control: 0.1-100%.
          • Frequency selection for flicker reduction
          • Lead-Follow mode for fast work flow

          Control and Feeding Methods:

          • Fan modes: smart/medium/high/high/quiet
          • Multiple control methods: SidusLink Bluetooth App Control, LumenRadioCRMX, Art-net and sACNvia etherCON, 5-pin DMX512 input/output
          • Supports dual 48V/15A DC inputs (3-pin XLR), including battery power stations and battery packs
          • Half-power output with one 48V/15A power source
          • Full power output with two 48 V/15 A power supplies
          • Junior Pin (1-1/8")
          • Separate control box for a lighter weight lamp head
          • 24.6' weather-resistant main cable
          • 19.7' Neutrik power cord locking
          • Quick release plates with dual lightning clamp.
          • Curved disc brake yoke with 360° rotation
          • Uses Bowens universal mounting standard

          Lighting Effects:

          • Dimming curves: linear, exponential, logarithmic, S-curve
          • Lighting effects: Paparazzi, fireworks, lightning, faulty bulb, TV, pulsing, strobe, and explosion

          What is included in Aputure 1200d Pro Rental?

          • LS 1200d Pro Rolling Case
          • LS 1200d Pro Lamp head
          • LS 1200d Pro Control Box
          • LS 1200d Series Hyper Reflector (Medium)
          • LS 1200 Series Weatherproof 7-pin head cable (7.5 m)
          • Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 TOP AC power cable (6m)
          • Lightning clamp
          • LS 1200d Pro carrying case
          • Carrying case for reflector
          • LS 1200d Hyper Reflector Series (Narrow) 
          • LS 1200d Series Hyper Reflector (Wide) 
          • LS 1200d Series Reflector Carrying Case

          Aputure 1200d Pro Weight 

          • Lamp head without yoke weight  16.69lbs
          • Lamp head with yoke weight 19.73lbs
          • Control box weight  12.79lbs
          • Beam clamp weight  1.48lbs
          • Reflector box weight (full)  9.15lbs
          • Rolling case weight (full) 60.07lbs

          Aputure 1200d Pro Dimensions

          • Lamp head without yoke measures 13.08 x 9.11 x 8.51in
          • Lamp head with yoke measures  13.08 x 13.03 x 21.40in
          • Control box measures 7.87 x 6.33 x 13.22 in.
          • Clamp measures 4.07 x 3.44 x 4.92in / 4.07 x 3.44 x 4.92in
          • Reflector Case measures 16.14 x 15.75 x 15.75in
          • Rolling case measures 626.38 x 18.9 x 18.9 x 18.9in

          What is the price of Aputure 1200d Pro?

          The rental price of the Aputure  1200D Pro LED spotlight is 80 euros per day. The rental price of the Aputure 1200D Pro LED spotlight per week is 240 euros and the rental price for the whole month is 800 euros. For rental periods longer than this, please contact us by email at hello@camaleonrental.com. We can also offer you the possibility of renting lighting equipment for video and photo studios in Madrid, as well as in the Community of Madrid or in other parts of Spain and even Portugal. In the link film and TV equipment hire, you can see all that Camaleón Rental offers.



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