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ARRI ALEXA LF RENTAL Arri Alexa LF rental/hire: The Arri Alexa...

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ALEXA XT HIRE Arri Alexa XT camera rental/hire: The ARRI ALEXA...

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ARRI ALEXA MINI HIRE Arri Alexa Mini rental. Alexa camera is...

ARRI CAMERA RENTAL - HIRE - FULL FRAME - S35 | Camaleón Rental ™





Arri cameras rental/hire: Since its foundation in 1917, with inventions as revolutionary as the rotating mirror shutter in 1937, until today, Arri has always been a benchmark in high-level equipment for the film industry. A reference in audiovisual productions, cameras, and equipment rental/hire. When Arri went digital in 2010 and announced the new Alexa camera, the situation didn't change: the Arri cameras line (Alexa Classic, Alexa M, Alexa Plus, XT, SXT, Mini, and Amira Premium 4K) remains on the highest level of digital cinema quality.
At Camaleon Rental, we have any camera you need available for rental/hire! Discover our ARRI catalog!


Alexa LF camera rental/hire  |  Alexa Mini LF rental/hire  |  Alexa SXT rental/hire  |  Alexa XT Plus 4:3 hire  |  Arri Alexa Mini hire  |  Amira Premium 4K hire

Arri Alexa 65mm Reborn Rental/Hire

Arri Alexa 65mm Reborn is your most innovative camera, it has a larger sensor than a film frame, with five 65mm profiles. At the moment you can only hire it in 'ArriRental', it's not for sale. However, you will find many technologic similarities in the Arri SXT Plus and Alexa XT cameras.

Alexa Mini LF Rental/Hire

The sensor in the new Mini LF camera is the ALEV III, with a size of 25.54 x 36.70mm, it has a maximum available resolution of 4.5K (4448 x 3096) at 40 FPS. The Arri Mini LF rental/hire camera allows you to shoot up to 90 frames when you work in a 2K resolution.

The Arri Alexa LF hire camera sensor stands out for its natural color and pleasant skin tones with low noise. It is perfect for screens with a high dynamic range (HDR) and a wide range of colors (WCG). Another feature in the new Arri hire camera is that the Mini LF can record in MXF / ARRIRAW or MXF / Apple ProRes internally on 1TB Compact Codex SSD drives.


Like its big sister, the Mini LF hire camera also has an LPL lens mount. Perfect for big sensor formats, this mount is wider and reduces space between lens and sensor. Compatible with "Arri Signature Primes" and other big format lenses. The LPL mount transfers LDS and Cooke/i metadata and is also compatible with LDS-2. The Mini LF hire camera needs a PL-LPL adapter when used with PL mount lenses.

Alexa LF Rental/Hire

The new ARRI large-format camera system consists of an ALEXA LF ​​camera body, a Signature Prime lens set, an LPL lens mount, and a PL-to-LPL adapter. Alexa LF cameras have a slightly larger sensor than a full-frame. Its native 4.5K films with the best image quality. This allows filmmakers to explore large-format aesthetics while preserving the natural colourimetry of the sensor, pleasant skin tones, and the amazing capacity of HDR workflows. It has versatile recording formats, which include efficient ProRes and ARRIRAW, up to 150fps. In Camaleon we have several LF camera units for rental/hire.

Alexa SXT Rental/Hire

The ALEXA SXT and SXR cameras offer ProRes 4K recording, improved image quality, powerful color management, three fully independent HD-SDI outputs, and support for the new high-speed SXR and high Capture capacity.arri-camera-rental


The XT PLUS stands out for its flexibility and versatility, with a built-in wireless camera receiver and integrated ARRI Lens Data System (LDS). There are tilt and roll sensors, a DNxHD license, and additional connectors for camera and optical control, signal output, and accessory power supply. The Alev III sensor with a 4:3 format allows you to take advantage of both vintage and modern anamorphic lenses. It includes licenses for Anamorphic, Compression, and Slow Motion as well as a new license: "super silent fan''. It has a high dynamic range that reaches more than 14 stops, high sensitivity and reproduction of color, and natural skin tones, with a great balance of color.

Arri Alexa Mini Rental/Hire

The symmetrical design of the smallest German house camera allows filming in any orientation, even up-side-down and in portrait mode, while the multiple accessory points allow highly creative mounting solutions.
In addition, the Mini camera comes with a series of interchangeable lens mounts, which allows the use of B4 video, EF mount lenses, or even Signature Primes lenses with LPL support. At Camaleon we have several rental/hire units of Mini cameras.

Amira Premium 4k Rental/Hire

The perfect tool for your shooting. The AMIRA Premium 4k camera is versatile and combines exceptional image quality and workflows with affordable C-Fast 2.0 cards. Designed with great ergonomics for optimized use by a single operator. The AMIRA camera allows slow-motion recording of up to 200 fps. The AMIRA ARRIRAW license key allows MXF / ARRIRAW 16:9 2.8K (2880 x 1620) recording on camera up to 48fps frame rates. These cameras are suitable for a wide variety of production types: from television series and low-budget movies to nature films, sports coverage, commercials, reports, brand content, and live television with several cameras. At Camaleon, we provide the rental/hire of Amira Premium 4k cameras.

Arri camera family - Camera Rental/Hire

The German Digital Cinema Cameras family keeps total similarity in their color patterns and types of image compression. Making the use of different Arri camera models possible in the same production.¡ All your current cameras can shoot in both Apple Prores 444 and Raw formats with the necessary licenses. In the case of the Alexa SXT Plus and Alexa XT cameras, the feature is included. Arri Mini cameras can be purchased without licenses, which could be installed later from the manufacturer's website.
In their latest camera update, both Amira Premium and Alexa Mini include the possibility of using the equivalent parts of an S16 sensor. Opening the possibility to use vintage lenses with this format on the camera. This year, the German house has launched its first full-frame camera: the LF camera, which allows recording 4k in its real resolution: 4448x3096 lines in a sensor 36.70 x 25.54mm sized.

Arri camera rental/hire with lenses - Complete camera packages

We have 25% discounts on complete camera packages. Check our catalogue of available lenses and accessories.

Camera rental/hire with the best accessories.

The German house has not only created the best cameras ever. It is also developed and manufactured peripheral accessories for its cameras. Manual follow focus such as FF3, FF4, and FF5. WCU-4 or SXU wireless follow focus that can be connected directly to the camera, without receivers. It works with C-force and C-force Plus engines for Mini Cameras, or with CLM 4 for SXT and XT cameras. The UMC-4 receiver works with WCU4 if you need to use it with other cameras. You can memorize the routes and marks of all the lenses you use. The version of the receiver for single motor controls is the SMC1 receiver, it only works with CLM4 motors and does not allow memorization of lens routes.
More innovative matte boxes such as SMBII with Tilt axis to suppress unwanted reflections and also, new versions of Clip LMB25 matte boxes. At Camaleón Rental we can offer you, among a wide range of possibilities, the camera rental/hire that best suits your project. If you need a documentary-style setup, we recommend Amira Premium cameras and a lightweight zoom. If you want to shoot with anamorphic lenses on a 4:3 sensor, you can get incredible Arriraw in cameras like Alexa LF, Sxt, XT, and Mini.