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Arri Alexa 35 camera rental - Hire. Alexa 35 introduces ARRI's first new sensor in 12 years: a 4.6K sensor with 17 stops of dynamic range (more than the current Alexa) Arri says it brings improvements in low-light performance and more beautiful colors. The camera accepts a range of lenses, including anamorphic and spherical, Super 35 and large format, and comes with a selection of accessories and a new app to improve workflow.

  • Sensor: 35mm ARRI ALEV 4 CMOS
  • Resolution: from 2K to 4.6K
  • Formats: ProRes / ArriRaw
  • Latitude: 17 STOPS
  • Sensitivity: 800 native
  • Frames per second: Up to 120 FPS
  • Mounts: PL / LPL / EF / Leitz M
  • Weight: 2.9 KG
  • Arri Licenses: Alexa 35 Cine license
  • Internal ND Filters: NDS (0.6, 1.2 and 1.8)
  • Systems: LDS


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ARRI Alexa 35 rental - hire. It's been 12 years since ARRI launched the first Alexa film camera with the ALEV III sensor. That same sensor technology would be used in all ARRI cameras for the next decade and then some. It has also been the standard by which all other cameras have been measured. 

The rental ARRI Alexa 35 has been officially introduced to the world with a new Super 35 ALEV 4 CMOS sensor. ARRI expects this new native 4K camera to not only be the best in different markets. All in one package. 

Even after years of making full-frame film cameras, as well as the rugged Alexa 65, ARRI has come home to embrace the Super 35 format, the frame size that has defined the look of film for decades. 


The new rental ARRI Alexa 35 will be a native 4K cinema camera, capable of frame rates up to 120 fps out of the box. No licenses will be required. Neither for high frame rates nor for anamorphic options. It feels like what the Amira should have been back in 2013. 

The new Super 35 ALEV 4 sensor will measure 27.99 x 19.22 mm with 4.6K resolution and will feature internal FSND motorized filters with ND 0.6, ND 1.2 and ND 1.8. An electronic shutter will offer exposure control with shutter angles between 5.0° - 356°.



  • Arri Alexa 35 Recording Options. Recording options will include MXF/ARRIRAW or MXF/Apple ProRes in 422 HQ, 4444 or 4444 XQ. This will be recorded to the camera's Codex Compact Disc drive, which has a capacity of 1TB or 2TB.


ARRI claims that the new camera will offer interference-free white radio signals from Wi-Fi and the ARRI Electronic Control System (ECS) via two built-in wireless radios with separate external antennas.

Externally, the new camera will measure 5.8 x 6.0 x 8.0" (with LPL mount) and offer five interchangeable lens mounts. This will include ARRI LPL, two versions of ARRI PL, ARRI EF and Leitz M Mount. A new interface on the operator side will also offer FPS, shutter angle, EI, ND and white balance information. 


On the AC side, attendees will find a whole host of connectors. An LBUS connector for daisy-chaining lens motors, a serial port for distance measuring devices (including time code input and output), an ETH connector for remote controls, SYNC IN that is switchable to SDI, and a USB-C port for user settings and aspect files, among other things.

On the back end, ARRI offers several module options. The PDM-1 Power Distribution Module will offer seven additional outputs for power accessories, while the AEM-1 Audio Extension Module combines power outputs with two channels of microphone preapplication for onboard audio recording. All with its new B-mount standard. 

Other inputs include two 12G SDI 12G outputs completely independent of each other, an Ethernet connector for metadata, and regulated 12V and 24V power outputs for accessories. 

Port, ND and recording options aside, everything about the new rental ARRI Alexa 35 is overshadowed by the new technological development of its new sensor. 


  • New Sensor

The ALEV 4 is ARRI's first new sensor in 12 years. It builds on everything ARRI has done in that time and will offer 2.5 stops more dynamic range than any other model in its product line. That's more than 17 steps. Here are some of the specifications:

  • Sensor type: Super 35 ARRI ALEV 4 CMOS sensor with Bayer pattern color filter array.
  • Sensor frames and size: 4608 x 3164 Ø 33.96 mm / 1.337″.
  • Sensor frame rates: 0.75 - 120 fps.
  • Photosite pitch: 6.075 μm.
  • Image circle: 33,96 mm
  • Resolution - 4608 x 3164 ~ Max FPS - 35 / 75 fps (in ARRIRAW)


  • ARRI Color Science.
  •  New sensor with a set of new image processing steps that the company has called REVEAL Color Science. Although the rental Alexa 35 uses it internally, it is also available through third-party post-production tools for ARRIRAW processing. It includes an improved layer removal algorithm for cleaner compositing, a new color engine for more accurate color reproduction, a new wide gamut native color space for faster grading, new LogC4 encoding to contain increased dynamic range, and new LogC4 LUTs for enriched color fidelity.

ARRI has also included backward compatibility so that the ALEXA LF and Mini LF with ARRIRAW can use the REVEAL Color Science workflow. 



Arri Alexa 35 Textures. 

  • You can alter the grain produced by the rental Alexa 35, something called ARRI Textures. This includes adjusting the amount and character of grain, as well as the amount of contrast. Older ARRI cameras had a pre-programmed texture pattern, but the Alexa 35 puts that power in your hands. 

To get the most out of what this innovative sensor can capture, ARRI engineers have had to develop a new imaging process from scratch. So let's welcome the new REVEAL Color Science. It consists of the following steps:

ADA-7 (ARRI Debayer algorithm) - This new demosaicing algorithm takes RAW data from the sensor and converts it to RGB image data. It should produce cleaner images and sharper edges.


ACE4 (ARRI Color Engine) - During this step, the de-stratified RGB image data is converted into the new ARRI Wide Gamut (AWG4) color space. This process should result in more accurate colors than before, with natural reproduction of skin tones. In addition, it should preserve extremely saturated colors, such as those caused by strong neon light sources.


AWG4 (ARRI Wide Gamut) - ARRI has developed a new color space for ACES-compatible cameras. It is even wider than Rec.2020 and is used for accurate color space conversions.


LogC4 - This new gamma curve is designed from the ground up to handle the widest dynamic range the sensor can capture.


LUT - The final step in REVEAL is the application of a LogC4/AWG4 color space conversion LUT to the most common gamma ranges and gamma curves of displays for proper monitoring.


These new image processing tools are used in-camera to process RAW data into ProRes files or to send a video feed to the viewfinder and SDI outputs. However, they are also available in post to properly process ARRIRAW data.

Finally, although the new REVEAL Color Science has been developed specifically for the ALEXA 35, the good news is that it is backward compatible with footage shot in ARRIRAW on the ALEXA LF and Mini LF.

  • Dynamic range. According to the company, this new 4.6K 3:2 Super 35 sensor is capable of capturing an astonishing 17 stops of dynamic range. This is 2.5 stops more than its predecessor and even more than any other digital camera on the market.

The new sensor gains 1.5 stops in highlight detail and a full stop in the shadows. In particular, greater dynamic range is achieved in the highlight area thanks to a natural-looking highlight roll-off, ARRI claims.

With low noise and sensitivity settings ranging from EI 160 to EI 6400, the ALEXA 35 is a "High ISO" camera. An optional Enhanced Sensitivity Mode can be applied to settings between EI 2560 and EI 6400, producing an even cleaner image in low light.

  • ARRI Textures. A new feature of the ALEXA 35 rental in conjunction with the new ALEV 4 is called Textures. ARRI thinks of this as a "film lab" inside the camera. They control the amount of grain and precisely control the amount of chroma in the grain at different brightness levels. They also control the amount of contrast, perceived as sharpness.

As the entire imaging process has been modified, cinematographers can use subtle textures to give the image a particular feel. Think of it as different types of film that react differently to light. These textures cannot be modified in post-production, as they are applied in-camera, even before ARRIRAW enters the processing chain.

They can be chosen in-camera, just like the Look files, and several of them are already pre-installed. Applied textures are visible in the viewfinder and SDI outputs.

  • Accessories. The new rental ALEXA 35 is compatible with the 1TB and 2TB Codex compact discs and, of course, with the MVF-2 viewfinder, now with HDR. All ALEXA 35 cameras produced undergo a strict Advanced Color Match process, which means they mix and match seamlessly on multi-camera shoots.



  • Arri Alexa 35 accesories. Along with the camera, ARRI is launching a completely new set of mechanical support elements that provide flexible options for any shooting situation, scaling quickly and easily from a small, lightweight setup to a full production configuration. The list includes
  • CBP-5/6 Compact Bridge Plate
  • CCH-5 Central Camera Handle
  • VMB-5 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket

On the digital side of things, the ALEXA 35 is supported by ARRI's suite of online tools as well as standalone apps such as the Camera Companion app for iPhone/iPad, ARRI Reference Tool and ARRIRAW HDE Transcoder. The companion app offers remote control and configuration, support for multiple cameras, has a customizable user interface and is compatible with the ARRI ALEXA 35, Mini LF, Mini and AMIRA. For now, it is available for iOS/iPadOS, M1 Mac and Apple Watch.

B-mount batteries can be mounted directly to the back of the ALEXA 35 via a B-mount adapter plate, but you can also mount various optional modules between the camera and battery:

  • PDM-1 Power Distribution Module (4x 24V regulated power output, 2x 12V regulated power output, 1x 12V D-Tap power below, internally powered and wireless).
  • AEM-1 Audio Extension Module



  • 13 Reasons to rent Alexa 35:

  1. A smaller Alexa for simpler operation, yet full-featured.
  2. Best picture quality at 120 FPS.
  3. Native 4k at its best.
  4. 19 ArriRaw and AppeProRes recording formats for all needs.
  5. Greater dynamic range: 17 stops to solve in shooting and optimize HDR.
  6. Higher contrast: Suppresses light that does not enter the lens in a controlled way (stray light) to capture the full contrast range of each lens.
  7. Higher sensitivity with lower noise. Thanks to its improved sensitivity module we can enjoy up to 6400 ISO.
  8. REVEAL Color Science: A new color treatment that improves color fidelity and leaves cleaner edges for more realistic tones and easier chroma keying.
  9. New Log C and Log C4 tonal coding.
  10. Allows SDR and HDR to be displayed with the same Log C4 in-camera.
  11. It is compatible with all Super 35 lenses and also with Full Frame lenses as long as they respect 4k.
  12. Allows metadata streaming.
  13. New left side viewfinder with menu structure.



  • Alexa 35 rental: Fast and easy to operate. This is ARRI's smallest camera to date. With exactly the same functions and power as an ALEXA but in a Mini size and being able to record at up to 120 FPS and native 4k. This has numerous benefits when it comes to operating the camera as the handling becomes faster and easier. In addition, its menu will be familiar to you if you have worked with Arri before, but it is much more intuitive. The Alexa 35 that we have for rent is the best camera that you can use as a first unit, as a second unit or as an action cam. It's an all-in-one.

Designed for flexibility: the camera can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments, and is compatible with a wide range of lenses. The Alexa 35 rental is also compatible with a variety of accessories, such as monitors, light arrays and external recorders.

Easy to use: The camera is easy to operate, with an intuitive menu and simple controls. It also has a camera assistant function, which helps you set up the camera to get the best result.

Fast and reliable: the camera is fast and reliable, and can record at up to 120 frames per second. It also has a light blocking function, which allows you to block sunlight from showing in the image.

New side screen: the rental camera features a new side screen, which allows you to view the live image without having to look through the viewfinder. The Arri Alexa 35 that we have for rent is a great option for productions that are looking for a full format camera with excellent image quality. It offers great flexibility of use, is easy to operate and has a number of advanced features.


HDR Viewfinder: The Arri Alexa 35 rental camera features an HDR viewfinder, which allows operators to view the live image with a wider range of tones. This is especially useful when they need to capture images with a high level of detail.


Touchscreen: The camera features a touchscreen, which allows operators to interact directly with the camera. The touch screen is especially useful for adjusting camera settings such as exposure and focus.

Wifi: The Arri Alexa 35 rental camera features Wifi, which allows you to connect to the camera via a mobile device. This is especially useful for editing and sharing photos in real time.

Integrated electronic modules: The PDM-1 power distribution module provides a redundant power source for the cameras, allowing the cameras to operate safely in shooting environments where there is no electricity. 

Touchscreen: The Arri Alexa 35 camera rental features a 5-inch touchscreen for easy access to camera functions. The touch screen also makes it easy to navigate the camera's menu options.

USB Connector: The Arri Alexa 35 rental camera features a USB port that allows you to connect the camera to a computer for editing and sharing images. 

HDMI: The Arri Alexa 35 rental camera has an HDMI port that allows photographers to connect the camera to a TV or monitor to view images.

1TB and 2TB Compact Drive Card Compartment: The Arri Alexa 35, available on Camaleon Rental, features a 1TB and 2TB Compact Drive card compartment, allowing photographers to store and transfer photos securely.

Supported file formats for rental: The Arri Alexa 35 camera supports the following file formats: RAW, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF, MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MPEG, 3GP, FLV, MKV, WEBM. B-Mount, the new 24V standard: The Arri Alexa 35 camera features the new B-Mount mounting standard, which offers greater compatibility with Canon's EF and EF-S lenses. The new mounting standard also allows the camera to be mounted on a wide variety of tripods and stands.



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