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Arri Alexa LF rental - hire : The Arri Alexa LF rental hire camera now records real 4K. With the biggest sensor in the market, it offers an image quality of 4448x3096 lines in a sensor the size of 36,70x25,54mm. The Arri Alexa LF (Large Format) camera reaches native 4K's with the excellent well-known Arri Alexa usual workflows. It can work in ProRes or uncompressed "ARRIRAW" format up to 150 frames per second (fps) with the maximum workflow supported by SXR Capture Drives. This camera is available for rental/hire in Camaleon Rental.
  • Sensor: 36,70x25,54mm Full Frame 
  • Resolution: Up to 4.5K
  • Recording formats: ProRes & uncompressed ARRIRAW
  • Latitude: 14 STOPS
  • Sensibility: Real 800 ASA
  • High Speed: Up to 150 FPS
  • Mount: LPL / PL


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The new Arri Alexa LF (Large Format) rental - hire camera is very versatile. It can work in ProRes or uncompressed "ARRIRAW" format up to 150 frames per second (fps) with the maximum workflow supported by SXR Capture Drives. The new Arri Alexa LF rental/hire camera sensor distinguishes between some interesting working modes: LF OpenGate, LF 16:9 and LF 2.39:1. It can also work in different resolutions: 4.5K (Only in Opengate and LF 2.39:1 mode), UHD and 2K. The Arri Alexa LF rental/hire camera keeps the 800 native ASA of its previous sensor, and offers a dynamic range of 14 stops with low noise levels.

The Arri Alexa LF rental/hire camera is equipped with an EVF-1 Electronic Viewfinder and an Electronic Rolling Shutter. When recording in ProRes, you'll need 256gb SxS cards, and with ARRIRAW recording, it will be necessary to use SXR discs with 1Tb or 2Tb capacity. The Arri Alexa LF has 4 HD Video SDI outputs, and 3 of them are independent of each other. SDI outputs number 1a, 1b and 2 work even in a 6G UHD filming format, this way it achieves an efficient viewing of the High-speed recordings offered by this camera.

The Arri Alexa LF camera weighs 7.8kg, which sounds a bit heavy weighted, but you have to keep in mind the amount of functions it integrates.

Like its predecessor, the ARRI SXT, the new ARRI ALEXA LF is also a totally wireless camera, there is no need to use external accessories for it. It has a radio frequency system for video, Wifi and wireless motor control. It is a complete filming solution that meets the expectations of current productions, where video systems gain strength on set. The ARRI ALEXA LF hire camera is compatible with WCU4 / SXU remote systems, and you can connect up to 3 CLM motors (focus, iris and zoom) without the need of a receiver box. The hire of this camera is available in Camaleon Rental.



An exclusive set of large format lenses with "LPL" mounts accompanies this launch: The Signature Primes T1.8. These lenses seek to take full advantage of the new format in Open Gate mode, with a new lens construction that offers a greater viewing angle and uses the entire sensor, eliminating peripheral deformations, aberrations and cropping. For this reason, the new Arri Alexa LF has the new LPL mount integrated; nevertheless, LF also ensures compatibility with all PL lenses on the market. It includes a LPL to PL adapter in the new mount, assuring collimation on camera. This new mount allows you to use the new Arri Alexa LF with any lens designed for S35mm sensors, you just have to configure the different sensor modes and resolutions this camera offers. The LPL mount is also available for Arri Alexa Mini and Arri Amira, so you can combine these lenses and the LF in any Arri camera.


Rental price Arri Alexa LF:

  • Day: 1300 euros
  • weekend: 2000 euros
  • week: 4500 euros



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Arri Alexa LF

Arri Alexa LF

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