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Arri Alexa Mini LF rental. ARRI ALEXA MINI LF camera takes a step ahead on quality with respect to Alexa Mini. It offers better image quality, lower noise in situations of high sensitivity and greater dynamic range, thanks to its new sensor that shares with Arri Alexa LF.

  • Sensor: 35mm ALEV III CMOS LF (4448 x 3096)
  • Sensor format: 4: 3/16: 9/6: 5 / Open Gate
  • Resolution: Up to 4.5k Cinema
  • High speed: Up to 90 fps 2k
  • Sensitivity: 800 Native EI
  • Lens mount: LPL (also PL using adapter)
  • Weight: 2.6 kg (without visor)
  • Latitude: 14 stops
  • Formats: ARRIRAW, ProRes

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750,00 €

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About NEW Arri Mini LF

The sensor of the new Arri Alexa Mini LF camera is ALEV III with a size of 25.54 x 36.70 mm, it has a maximum available resolution of 4.5 K (4448 x 3096) at 40 FPS. Arri Alexa Mini LF camera allows you to shoot up to 90 frames when you work at 2K resolution.

The Alexa LF camera sensor stands out for its natural color and pleasant skin tones with low noise. It is perfect for screens of high dynamic range (HDR) and wide range of colors (WCG).


Another new feature of the new Arri camera is that the ALEXA Mini LF can record in MXF / ARRIRAW or MXF / Apple ProRes internally on 1TB Compact ssd drives of Codex.

ALEXA Mini LF camera is designed with a compact carbon construction that protects it against water and dust in order to withstand extreme temperatures from -20 ° C to + 45 ° C. All this in a relatively small and compact camera, keeping practically the same dimensions as the ALEXA Mini camera. The body weighs 2.6 kgs and the new MVF-2 viewfinder weighs 800 grams.

ALEXA Mini LF camera improves the design of its predecessor. With more quick access buttons and more connections. There are more additional connectors, which include regulated 12V and 24V power supply; a new 6-pin audio connector; Built-in microphones and enhanced Wi-Fi. There are six user buttons now on the left side of the camera, and both body and viewfinder have their own lock button. User access to the recording media, and VF and TC connectors, have been simplified .

ALEXA Mini LF camera sensor:

ALEXA Mini LF camera shares the same sensor as the ALEXA LF. The ALEV 3 A2X sensor has the same size and type of photosite as the Super 35 ARRI digital cameras. With a resolution of 4448 x 3096 (a 4.5K sensor) and a measure of 36.70 x 25.54 mm.

Recording Formats:

ALEXA Mini LF camera supports recording in ARRIRAW and Apple ProRes codec.
  • Open Gate allows us to record 4.5k at 40 fps.
  • 16: 9 UHD at 60 fps.
  • 2.39: 1 in 4.5K at 60 fps.

In Apple ProRes:
  • OpenGate 4,5k at 40 fps.
  • 16: 9 UHD at 60 fps.
  • 16: 9 2k at 90 fps.
  • 16: 9 HD at 90 fps.
  • 2: 39: 1 4,5K at 60 fps.


Internal ND filters:

The Alexa MINI LF camera has three large format FSND integrated motorized filters:

  • ND 0.6.
  • ND 1.8.
  • ND 1.

Image processing and color management:

The camera is compatible with ARRI Look Files available for SDR, HDR PQ and HDR HLG. ARRI ALEXA Mini LF offers 16 linear bits in the ALEXA Wide Gamut / Log C color space. It includes color spaces: Log C, Rec 709, Rec 2020. You can also get a free ARRI color tool (ACT).

ALEXA Mini LF Camera Accessories:

The ALEXA Mini camera accessories will fit and work on the Mini LF. Except for the support on the left side that would not fit since the new design does not allow the addition of the mini left lateral support MSB-1.


Size and weight ALEXA Mini LF:

The ALEXA Mini LF camera has practically the same dimensions and mounting points as the ALEXA Mini, except the media compartment on the left side of the camera. It weighs 2.6 kg for the camera body with LPL lens mount and 800 g for the MVF-2 viewfinder.


Recording Method:

ALEXA Mini LF records in the new Code x compact units unlike the ALEXA LF ​​camera that uses SXR capture units or SxS PRO+ cards. They can only be formatted on camera by the ALEXA Mini LF in UDF format for ARRIRAW and ProRes. This makes the work easier since we could record in ARRIRAW or ProRes formats without reformatting or changing the drives. ARRI will also use this media for future cameras.


The new Codex Compact Drive have a capacity of 1 TB. The Compact Drive has been specifically designed to support sophisticated and lossless coding that reduces the size of ARRIRAW files by 40%. HDE is free for use with Codex Capture or Compact Drives.

Both ARRIRAW and Apple ProRes recording can use the total recording capacity of the 960 GB drive. The unit offers sustained write rates up to 8 Gb/s.

ARRI MVF-2 ALEXA Mini LF Viewfinder:

ARRI launched the MVF-2 viewfinder in order to accompany the ALEXA Mini LF camera. High quality screen and viewfinder heater (to prevent fogging). The MVF-2 features a 4 ″ rotating monitor screen and a built-in headphone jack. The best of both worlds for optimal focus, dynamic range and color decisions on the set.

New ALEXA Mini LF interface:

After almost a decade of the ALEXA user interface, we present a new and improved appearance with better functionality. The camera's HOME menus can be accessed through the drop-down monitor in the MVF-2 viewfinder, which is larger and has a higher resolution than all previous menu screens on ARRI cameras.

  • Important settings can be seen quickly on the new clearly structured home screen.
  • The location of a menu can be easily seen through menu levels.
  • More notifications and improved alerts. Easier and faster list selection.

PL to LPL adapter:

Like its predecessor, ALEXA LF, ALEXA Mini LF has an integrated LPL lens mount, optimized for large format sensors. The LPL mount is characterized by having a wider diameter and a reduction in the space between the lens mount and the sensor that allows it to adapt to ARRI Signature Prime lenses and future large format optics. The LPL support features a larger hole that facilitates the design of lenses for the larger sensor. The LPL assembly transfers the LDS and Cooke / i protocols and is compatible with LDS-2.

The ALEXA Mini LF needed a PL-to-LPL adapter, in order to use PL optics. The adapter has black flaps, while the LPL bracket includes blue flaps. You can set the mount and adapter to 12:00 or 3:00 to fit the data on the LDS or / i lenses. The adapter passes the LDS protocol and is compatible with LDS-2. 

ARRI large format camera lens options:

The LPL lens mount fitted to the ALEXA LF ​​and ALEXA Mini LF cameras accepts ARRI Signature Primes, ARRI DNA LF and 65 format optics, and third-party LPL lenses. The PL-to-LPL adapter, which securely attaches to the LPL lens holder without tools, offers compatibility with all PL mounting lenses, either Super 35 or full frame. LDS-2 or / i lens metadata can be accessed through the LPL frame, and LDS-1 or / i methods through the PL to LPL adapter.

Other manufacturers, such as Panavision and Vantage, offer patented lens mounts for ALEXA ALEXA LF ​​and LF Mini cameras, to support ranges of their own lens.

ARRI LBUS accessories such as cforce engines:
Arri ALEXA Mini LF camera has an LBUS connector on the LPL mount that supports all ARRI LBUS accessories.
Connect the LBUS connector of the ALEXA Mini LF to the LCUBE CUB-1, and the CUB-1 to the UDM-1 (Ultrasonic distance measurement). The CUB-1 (pictured below with the connection bracket) is a miniature converter box that converts the LBUS protocol to serial protocols and vice versa.

WIFI antenna

ALEXA Mini LF has two WiFi antennas: one of them is built into the camera body in the front at the right side and an external antenna above the camera.

ALEXA Mini LF Connections:

SDI 1: 1.5G 422 HD (up to 30 fps), 3G 422 HD (up to 60 fps), 3G 444 HD (up to 30 fps), 6G 422 UHD (up to 30 fps).
SDI 2: 1.5G 422 HD (up to 30 fps), 3G 422 HD (up to 60 fps), 3G 444 HD (up to 30 fps), 6G 422 UHD (up to 30 fps).

If one SDI output is changed to 6G UHD, the other will have to be 1.5G HD or 3G HD

Both SDI outputs carry uncompressed video with integrated audio and metadata. SDI 1 and 2 can be “clean” (HD or UHD) or “processed” (HD only). Cleaning is an image without overlays (status, false color, zebra, frame lines, etc.).



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