HMI PAR 4/2.5 KW

VAT excluded
The Arri HMI PAR 4 / 2.5 Kw belongs to the Arrisun family. This head is prepared for lamps of two intensities: 4 Kw PAR and 2.5 Kw PAR. It is used with a set of 5 lenses to control the light beam and it has a dimmable flicker free ballast up to 50% intensity. It includes Arri lens set.
  • Lamp consumption time: 4 / 6,5 €
  • Power: 4000w | 2500w
  • Color temperature: 6000º K
  • Ballast
  • Mount: Spigot 28mm
  • Weight: 23Kg

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The Arri HMI PAR 4 / 2,5 Kw or Arrisun 40/25 is designed for two lamp intensities: 4000w PAR or 2500w PAR. Changing the lamps is very easy and the ballast is designed to recognize that the intensity of the lamp is placed on the head automatically.

This source includes a ballast whose frequency can be regulated between 3 different values: 50Hz, 60Hz and flicker free to minimize flickering in the image. The ballast can also control the light intensity between 50% and 100%

Being an HMI PAR light source, it is necessary to control the light beam through a series of 5 lenses that are included in the rental. By means of a roulette wheel located at the back, said beam can be optimized until the desired effect is achieved. Depending on the position of the lamp and the lens used, a light beam angle of between 7º and 41º can be included.

Technical specs
  • Consumption: 4000w | 2500w 
  • Voltage range: 115v
  • Lamp Base Type: G38
  • Dimmer capacity: Between 50% and 100%
  • Ballast frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz and flicker free
  • Color temperature: 6000ºK
  • Weight: 23 Kg
  • Dimensions: 670 x 610 x 620 mm
  • Lens diameter: 300mm
  • Mount: Spigot 28mm

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