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Arri M90  Rental

The Arri  M90 uses MAX technology for lens-free light projection. It is a light source whose lamp is 9000w and with a light intensity similar to 12KW HMI. Also available with 1000Hz frequency ballast to minimize flickering on super high speed shootings.
  • Power: 6000w | 9000w
  • Color temperature: 6000º K
  • Ballast flicker free
  • Available Hi Speed ​​1000hz ballast
  • Mount: Spigot 28mm
  • Weight: 39.5 kg

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Arri M90  Rental


The Arri  M90  source incorporates a lens less projection system (without lens) due to the efficiency of the built-in reflector. Its design belongs to the MAX technology and increases the intensity of light output by 30%.


M90 source basic kit

The HMI  M90  is a source whose housing is equal in size to an Arri HMI 6KW but supports a 9000w lamp and provides a light intensity similar to a 12KW HMI. This appliance can also be used with 6000w lamps.

M90  Source Ballast

The ballast of the M90  ​​source is practically the same size as the 6KW ballast but weighs a little more. Arri has 2 versions of ballasts compatible with this head and they differ in that one of them can be configured at 1000 Hz, enabling high speed recording without flickering. It also includes CCL technology that compensates for power loss per cable distance.


The M90  ​​source can be used both indoors and outdoors, as it is designed with a robust construction and very resistant materials.

M90  Source Technical Specs:

  • Consumption: 6000w | 9000w
  • Voltage range: 160v | 123v
  • Lamp Base Type: GX38
  • Dimmer Capacity: 50-100%
  • Ballast frequency: 50hz, 60Hz and Fliker free | 50hz, 75Hz and 1000Hz
  • Color temperature: 6000ºk
  • Weight: 39.5 kg
  • Dimensions: 947 x 713 x 716 mm
  • Lens Diameter: 571mm
  • Mount: Spigot 28mm


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