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Skypanel S60-C Rental. The Arri S60C LED softlight is another iteration in Arri’s journey to achieve the perfect color reproduction. It is a lightweight device that uses interchangeable plastic diffusors. The Skypanel delivers an equivalent light to the one provided by a 2000W softlight. It can vary its color temperature from 2800K to 10000K. Arri S60C rental

  • Power supply: Batteries 23V - 36V | AC 110V - 240V
  • Color Temperature range: 2800K | 10000K
  • DMX control | Wireless remote
  • Dimmer: 0% | 100%
  • CRI: 95%
  • Magenta/Green color correction
  • Weight: 11.7Kg | 12.8Kg


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Rent Skypanel S60-C. The S60C Led was launched in 2015 as one of the most exciting Arri’s releases. It does not need external ballast: it is included in the rear part of the device. It evenly mixes in a single beam of light red, green, blue and white leds providing with a soft light. This soft light together with the thermoplastic diffuser make a evenly distributed light that shrouds the subjects. Besides, the control panel features a simple interface that makes it very easy to set.

The Arri S60C Led features a DMX input and output so that it can be set from the distance. It does also have CTC or color temperature control between 2800K and 10000K. The average color reproduction index is 95%, being the lowest level 94,7% at 10000K. Furthermore, it offers the possibility of tuning the magenta-green tint over the chosen color. It also features an average TLCI (TV lighting consistency index) of 90%. The S60-C led panel produces a light beam with up to 115º of coverage which can be dimerized from 0% to 100%. Neither changing the light’s frequency nor changing the color temperature does produce flickering. The lux variations depending on distance and color temperature are the following:

  • At 3200K (1092lux a 3m, 393lux a 5m, 201lux a 7m y 121lux a 9m)
  • At 5600K (1156lux a 3m, 416lux a 5m, 212lux a 7m y 128lux a 9m)

The S60-C Arri Led has several interchangeable diffusion panels and it can be mounted on a yoke or through its central join. Either set up is relatively light on around 12Kg. Its dimensions are 64.5 x 30cm and it is one of the best options for either outdoors or indoors. Skypanel S160-c rental.



  • Lighting effects - Arri Skypanel S60-C

This new S60-c feature breaks the pro lighting rules forever, offering different lighting effects presets without using neither a light console nor hours of programming. The different effects (candlelights, clouds passing by, club lights, police lights, fire, paparazzi,...) have different programmable variables that can be adjusted for different purposes (i.e, police lights colors, number of paparazzi shooting,...). Besides, they include random rendering patterns that add extra realism making each bonfire or paparazzi effect different from the previous ones.


  • Sources matcher - Arri Skypanel S60-C

The S60-c calibrated lighting engine offers virtually any color, but with the new update, it adds new lighting presets that quickly match other light sources (tungsten, fluorescence, candles,...). This way it is easier and faster to match a given location lighting without having to modify each parameter (color temperature, saturation,...) but just selecting an option from the list.


  • High-speed mode - Arri Skypanel S60-C

With the latest update, it is possible to record at almost any frame rate or shutter angle: the devices have gone through several tests with up to 25K fps and 2º shutter angles without image quality issues. The flickering has been at last fully removed.


  • Other features - Arri Skypanel S60-C

The sACN system has been also integrated and now it is possible to communicate with lighting consoles via ethernet connections. Besides, the Skypanel automatically detects whether an Art-Net or sACN signal is being received and it reacts by changing the required settings on its own.

Among other characteristics, now it is possible to add up to 10 presets that can be selected via DMX channel, make changes in the RGBW channels using the console, change the frequency to any of the 10 possible options,... Skypanel S60-c rental


  • Arri Skypanel S60-C Technical specifications
  • Consumption: 420W | 450W
  • AC Voltage Range: 110V -240V
  • Voltage Range Batteries: 23V - 36V
  • Control: DMX | Wireless Remote
  • Dimmer Capacity: 0% | 100%
  • Color Temperature Range: 2800K | 10000K
  • Max Lux: 1092 lux (3200K) | 1156lux (5600K)
  • Appliance weight: 11.7Kg | 12.8Kg
  • Screen dimensions: 64.5 x 30cm
  • Green color correction - Magenta
  • Hue and saturation adjustment
  • Flicker free 


  • Arri Skypanel S60-C led hire Kit 
  • 1 ARRI LED S60-C panel in hire kit
  • 1 Ballast in hire kitv
  • 1 Ballast Clamp / Bracket in hire kit
  • 1 XLR cable in hire kit
  • 2 AC to balance cable in hire kit
  • 1 Bracket in U + Tocho in hire kit
  • 1 Flight Case transport in hire kit


  • Arri S60-C extra accessories available for hire 
  • Snapbag for hire
  • Chimera dopchoice for hire
  • Snapgrid for Chimera for hire
  • DMX Control and Cables for hire
  • 1 Adapter Batteries or Battery floor + cable for hire
  • V-Lock batteries + Charger for hire
  • 1 Flight Case for hire
  • 1 grid for hire
  • 1 Intensifier for hire
  • 1 jumbo  for hire

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