ARRI ALURA 15.5-45 mm T2.8

ARRI ALURA 15.5-45 mm T2.8

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The Zoom ARRI Alura 15.5-45mm T2.8 lens was the third in the Alura line created by the merger of ARRI and Fujinon. It was born from the cohesion of Fujinon's great optical performance and the technical innovations of the ARRI industry. They complement perfectly with any ARRI optics.

Mount: PL
Aperture: T2.8
Front diameter: 114mm
Focal range: 15.5mm | 45mm
Sensor Coverage: 2K - 16: 9 | 35mm
Weight: 2.2Kg

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The ARRI Fujinon Alura 15.5 - 45mm T2.8 Zoom lens expands the Alura line at the end of 2010. Like its predecessors, it was manufactured to shoot both film and digital. The great optical performance and ergonomic design together with the light weight make it a unique zoom. Its PL mount incorporates the LDS metadata transmission system increasing efficiency for VFX and 3D post-production.

The zoom ratio is more than 2.9x with a range between 15.5mm and 45mm. It has 9 diaphragm blades which maintain the maximum aperture (T2.8) throughout the focal range. It covers high resolutions (2K and 4K) both for recording and camera outputs, as it houses an image diagonal of 31.5mm, compatible with all the most popular digital cameras.


Zoom lenses with a central mechanism and high optical performance that provide high contrast complementing well with any other ARRI lens. The ARRI Fujinon Alura 15.5 - 45mm T2.8 Zoom lenses are designed with an EBC multi-layer coating provided by Fujinon, making the lens more resistant to flares. It suffers from very low geometric distortion. Likewise, they were manufactured in order to minimize respiration as much as possible throughout the range. The minimum focus distance is 0.6 meters.

Its weight ranges between 2.2Kg, with a front diameter of 114mm like the Master Prime. The length of this zoom is 228mm. It comes to provide a horizontal viewing angle of 75.5º to 15.5mm, 51.3º to 25mm and 29.9º to 45mm.

Due to its light weight, versatility, ergonomic construction and optical quality, it is an ideal zoom for any type of production both outdoors and in studios, being recommended for use with stabilizers, handheld camera or for 3D function actions.



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