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The Arri Macros lens Set consists of additional focal lengths of 16-24-32-40 mm, 100 and 200 mm. These are specialised aviation optics where action or objects must be captured very close to the camera. This is possible due to the short close-up limit.

  • Image Circle: Super 35
  • Mount: PL
  • Aperture: T2.1 | T4.3
  • Front Diameter: 80mm
  • Focus barrel rotation: 270 °
  • Weight: 0.91 kg - 1.59 Kg
  • Arri Macro minimum focus distance: 0.15 meters - 0.59 meters
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This collection of Macro lenses is notable for its exceptional minimum focus distance, making them ideal for capturing close-up shots of fast-paced action or objects situated near the camera. The lens with the shortest minimum focus distance is the 16mm T2.1, which allows for sharp and detailed recordings even in tight proximity. Apart from the 100mm T2.8 lens, all the lenses in this set have a wide maximum aperture of T2.1, enabling excellent low-light performance and creative depth-of-field control.

Another standout feature of these Macro lenses is the "Automatic Iris Control" system. This innovative system incorporates an internal mechanism that, in conjunction with the iris and focus helixes, maintains a consistent aperture setting throughout the focus range. This ensures a smooth and uninterrupted adjustment of the diaphragm, particularly noticeable on lenses with white-colored diaphragms. This feature contributes to a seamless shooting experience, allowing filmmakers to focus on their subjects without worrying about manual adjustments to the aperture during critical moments.

It is important to note, however, that the Automatic Iris Control system does not provide automatic iris correction when using a blue iris. When focusing from infinity to a macro position at maximum aperture, the aperture ring automatically adjusts itself to the appropriate setting. As a result, ARRI advises against using systems that obstruct or interfere with the diaphragm ring, such as Wireless Focus Controls, as they may disrupt the seamless operation of the lens.

By adhering to ARRI's recommendations and avoiding obstructions to the diaphragm ring, filmmakers can fully leverage the capabilities of these Macro lenses and ensure consistent and reliable performance in various shooting scenarios. The combination of their remarkable features and the proper handling techniques makes them an excellent choice for achieving high-quality close-up shots with precise control over key parameters.


  • 16mm ARRI Macro T2.1.
  • 24mm ARRI Macro T2.1.
  • 32mm ARRI Macro T2.1.
  • 40mm ARRI Macro T2.1.

Extra Lenses

  • 100mm ARRI Macro T2.8. 
  • 200mm ARRI Macro T4.3

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