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ARRI HI-5 RENTAL Arri Hi-5 Wireless focus control hire. The...

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ARRI WCU-4 RENTAL Arri WCU-4 Wireless Focus Controller hire....

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ARRI SXU-1 RENTAL Wireless follow focus Arri SXU-1 hire. The...

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ARRI UMC-4 HIRE - RENTAL The UMC-4 universal motor...





Arri wireless controllers Rental - Hire. The ARRI wireless controllers are built in a modern system that facilitates the control of lenses in a wireless way. All its components are within this modular system and can be combined between different modes to solve different needs in the camera configuration.
The wireless focus controllers have ergonomic designs and countless features that facilitate the work of the focus, while smart and compact lens motor controllers help optimize camera settings.
The wireless focus controllers offer  optical data with excellent precision that facilitates the tasks on the set. ARRI has put together the most complete professional system on the market. Its wireless focus controllers are ready for any challenge in shooting studio.
Arri WCU-4 Wireless Controllers Rental - Hire

  • Focus, Iris and Zoom Control.
  • The WCU-4 wireless controllers can link up to three motors. With Alexa SXT and Alexa XT Plus, it works without a receiver. The WCU-4 wireless focus controllers attach the opportunity to set the frame rate, shutter angle, exposure index, allowing lens mapping, recording rec and receiving information on the measurement performed by the Cinetape.
  • These WCU-4 wireless focus controllers also transmit the status information of the camera settings at any time.
  • The WCU-4 wireless focus controllers can work with CLM4, CForce Mini and CForce Plus motors. Also with AMC 1, SMC 1 and UMC4 Receivers. Rental of controllers at Camaleon cine.

  • ARRI SXU 1wireless focus controllers Hire - Rental


  • The SXU-1 wireless controllers support the control of a motor channel. Focus, iris or zoom. It has a LC-Display TFT backlit display, readable with any light condition. It is compatible with CLM4, CForce Mini and CForce Plus motors. It can work with AMC 1, SMC 1 and UMC4 receivers.
What ARRI wireless motor controllers exist for focus controls and how can they be configured?

  • ARRI motor controllers offer to this Electronic Control System a total operating autonomy. Allowing wireless units and other system elements to be used with all types of lenses.
  • From anamorphic lenses with high-end PL mount to zooms for news / ENG shooting, and from the ALEXA 65 camera to, literally, any third-party camera that exists in the market.
  • The universal motor controllers UMC-4 is the most advanced receiver available today. It offers the same functionality of the ALEXA Plus Module to any camera. It connects up to three different manual units to operate the focus, iris and zoom motors of any lens.
  • The AMC-1 active motor controller is the one that achieves lighter configurations. It allows Cforce mini motors to be compatible with any third-party camera or with the ALEXA Mini when EF mount is used.
  • The SMC-1 single motor controller controls a single CLM motor and is the ideal match for the SXU-1 single axis unit. Rental of controllers at Camaleon Rental.

  • ARRI UMC-4 3-channel wireless controllers 


  • The UMC-4 wireless receivers are capable of controlling the focus, iris and zoom of any camera. It provides vital information about the lens for VFX recordings and postproduction in the Arri wireless focus controllers
  • The integrated ARRI lens data systems provide information on focus, iris and zoom settings, which allows you to map the lenses for pre-marked focus rings, display depth of field on the WCU-4 wireless compact unit and focus tracking. Configure the focus motor for continuous monitoring within the frame by means of a UDM-1 measuring device.
  • Compatible with WCU-4 focus controllers or with SXU-1. It can also work with all CLM4, CforceMini and CforcePlus motors. Rental of controllers at Camaleon Rental.

  • Arri AMC-1 3-channel controllers Rental - Hire


  • The ARRI AMC-1 are controllers for focus, iris or zoom motors that connect via LBUS up to 3 Cforce motors.
  • AMC-1 Active Motor Controllers allow cforce mini motors to be compatible with any third-party camera or with the ALEXA Mini when using the EF mount.
  • Compatible with both WCU-4 or SXU-1 wireless focus controllers. It works only with Cforce mini and Cforce Plus motors. Rental of controllers at Camaleon cine.

  • Arri SMC-1 mini - controllers of 1 motor Rental - Hire


  • SMC-1 motor controllers are designed with weights and critical size configurations such as Steadicam, Movi, Ronin and Drones stabilizers.
  • They control a single motor and are only compatible with CLM4 motors. Ideal for combining with SXU-1 controller. Rental of controllers at Camaleon cine.
What Arri motors and controllers stand out in the market?
Five motors offer a range of torque, speed and size options.
  • CLM-2 and the CLM-4 are compatible with all cinema lenses.
  • The CLM-5 are very small and light motors built for demanding shooting studios that involve the use of gimbals and aerial drones.
  • The mini or Plus Cforce with serial connections is the ideal choice for the ALEXA Mini since we get a slightly heavy configuration.
  •  Arri CLM4 motors Rental - Hire


  • The CLM-4 motor are very quiet lens motors compatible with any lens in a smooth way. The system allows different rod-to-rod mounting options, a Hill Bracket rosette, as well as rod support.
  • The CLM4 lens motors are compatible with the Arri UMC-4 Controller & SMC-1 lens controllers.
  • You can work without receivers and connecting directly to Alexa Plus, Alexa SXT, Alexa 65, Arricam or Arri 435 among others.

  • Arri Cforce Mini Motors Rental - Hire 


  • Cforce is a lens motor. Small in size and weight, the cforce mini is an ideal motor for minimum weight configurations. The Cforce motors are equipped with twio LBUS connectors and chain connection technology. It allows you to connect up to three mini cforce motors consecutively.
  • The Cforce mini motor connects to the ALEXA Mini camera providing a super lightweight integrated solution.
  • Cforce motors are connected to the AMC-1 Active Motor controller, getting the Cforce mini to be used in any movie camera on the market.

  • Arri Cforce Plus Motors Rental - Hire


  • Arri Cforce Plus has a strong power to move the geared rings of any standard lens, even vintage or zoom. The cforce plus has two LBUS connectors that allow you to connect up to three cforce motors consecutively.
  • additionally, it integrates directly with ALEXA Mini. Cforce plus motors connect to the AMC-1 and UMC-4 motor controllers. It is fully compatible on Cmotion devices compatible with LBUS.

  • Arri UMD-1 Ultrasonic Meter Rental - Hire


  • The UDM-1 Ultrasonic Distance Meter allows you to measure the distance between the sensor and the objects. It incorporates a sensor module and a screen that includes the option of setting limits for the measuring range.
  • The sensor module of the UDM-1 can be used without the display on the ALEXA Plus, XT Plus, Studio, XT Studio, SXT Plus and 65 cameras or on the UMC-4 Universal Motor Controller, since the measured distance is immediately displayed on the WCU-4 manual unit.
  • The measurements made by the UDM-1 also facilitates focus tracking through the WCU-4 unit as it offers a quick way to focus the clapperboard at the beginning of a shot. Rental of ARRI wireless focus controllers at Camaleon Rental.

  • Rent ARRI Wireless controllers and motors:
  • Rental of WCU 4 wireless controllers.
  • Rental of SXU-1 wireless controllers.
  • Rental of UMC-4 receivers.
  • Rental of AMC-1 receivers.
  • Rental of SMC-1 receivers.
  • Rental of CLM-4 motors.
  • Rental of Cforce Mini motors.
  • Rental of Cforce Plus motors.