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Rent Astera NYX BULT. The first color-adjustable LED bulb for professional film, television, stage and event productions. No bigger than a normal LED bulb, it contains a CRMX receiver, as well as RF and Bluetooth modules to work with AsteraApp. Astera NYX BULB Light Bulbs can be powered through the socket or a standard power bank and, thanks to its Titan LED engine, display accurate colors and white tones with ultra-high CRI and TLCI. Available in black and white.

  • Dimensions Ø85 mm x 18 mm / Ø3,3" x 0,7"
  • Weight 0,008 kg / 0,017 libras
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  • Astera NYX BULB - AC Power The NYX bulb can be screwed in and powered from a socket like any other bulb. To comply with international standards, it is available in 3 different versions: E26, E27 and B22.

  • Astera NYX BULB - DC Energy On the side of the NYX bulbs, we have included a DC plug for 5~18V DC power so that it can be used when AC power is not available. The Astera PowerStation, as well as a standard power bank, can be used to power a light bulb for several hours. An adapter cable for D-tap batteries is also available.

  • Power up to 8 NYX Bulbs Power up to 8 NYX Bulbs from one V-mount battery with D-tap socket. Thanks to the 1.5 m cable length, you can spread out the bulbs and arrange them the way you want it. Only works with 14.4VDC V-mount batteries. Should your battery not have enough power to supply 8 bulbs with 11W power consumption each, you can increase the runtime to reduce the power consumption.
  • CupBouncer for NYX Bulb This ingenious tool can be attached to the NYX Bulb housing via a suction cup. It lets you control the light beam by bouncing it back towards the base of the bulb to ensure even illumination of light balls and lamp shades.
  • Astera power station Connect the integrated cable to the DC connector of the NYX bulb to turn it on. While connected, the power station acts as a remote display for programming DMX addresses and settings, which the bulb will store in its memory. You can also set colors, effects, brightness, etc., that the bulb will continue to display when in a powered socket or connected to a power bank. In addition to its magnets on the back, the power station features an airline rail for attaching mounting accessories like TrackPin and Single Stud Ring.

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