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Astera Titan rental. The LED lighting tubes form a system of LED tubes that emit a powerful and tunable light. Its color light can be applied to its 16 individual pixels. The Titan astera LED tube offers an unlimited range of use, indoor or outdoor, with AC power or battery, and you can control the functions with Astera App, or with cable or wireless DMX. The intelligent control system of Astera Titan led, allows an infrared remote control. The wireless DMX and the application work together to design large configurations of display and adjust quickly and correctly.
  • Total LED power: 72 W
  • Maximum power consumption: 48W
  • Pixels: 16
  • Colors: red, green, blue, mint, amber
  • Battery life: up to 20 hours
  • Weight: 1.35kg | 3Lbs


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Rent Astera Titan led tubes 

Rent Astera Titan Led Tubes. It is the latest novelty in LED lighting for filmmakers or photographers. They are wireless and battery-powered LED tubes. They emit a powerful white and tunable with other astera titan led, with ultra-high color performance, as well as color light that can be applied to individual pixels or the entire tube.

The Titan tube offers an unlimited range of use; indoor or outdoor, with AC power or battery, and you can control the functions of the astera titan led tubes with the Astera App, with cable or wireless DMX.

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Astera control system 

The Astera Titan led tubes can be controlled wirelessly in order to have greater control of the lights, it allows us to create complex configurations of colours, and effects. Astera Titan led will remember and repeat these effects without requiring a constant wireless link.

Astera box

The Astera Box works as a wireless DMX transmitter; Just connect it with the included XLR adapter to your DMX console and you can stream a DMX with CRMX technology, the most stable wireless DMX protocol available. With the Astera Titan led infrared system, simple commands such as ON / OFF, colors, preloaded effects, etc. can be sent. With the infrared remote controller, you can control the lights.
If we use the Astera Titan led tubes with Astera App we can program lights. The IR remote controller can be used to confirm the configuration of individual lights.
Astera PowerBox is an efficient tool to connect your Astera Titan led tubes during work with energy and data when you do not want to use them wirelessly. In addition, the PowerBox can be stored inside the Titan Tube loading box so you can load your tubes after a job without having to remove the tubes or PowerBox.

Features of Astera Titan

  • Talkback +: Titan detects all available lights. Configure them, verify their status, and configure DMX routes and DMX profiles.

  • Runtime without interruptions: It calculates the duration of your production but makes sure that your lights do not run out while you get the maximum brightness.

  • TruColor Calibration: Individually calibrated lights produce 100% color consistency and accurate color temperature, color reproduction and filter gels on titan tubes.

  • Effects: Titan allows you to quickly create libraries from colors and effects, activate them or make them match a rhythm.

  • No flashes: PWM technology is coded to avoid flickering when recording.

  • Green/magenta correction: Adjust green/magenta during content creation to reduce postproduction work with titan tubes.

  • StandBy ordered: Switch the lights to the power saving standby mode and order them to activate when production begins.

  • Dynamic Power Boost: This exclusive feature allows the light to produce maximum brightness at all times and intensify non-white colors.

  • Emergency lights: It changes to white light when the AC power is cut to keep your event safe

  • Anti-theft: The lights emit a visual and audible alarm and send notifications to the Astera App if they move during an event.

  • DJ Feature: Auto BPM analyzes the rhythm and the corresponding programs. The flash buttons can activate special effects while holding down.

  • Other features: Astera App is packed with many additional items and new features are often added through the software update. Rental in Camaleon.




Astera Titan setup Apps 

  • Continuous run time To ensure the batteries in your light last throughout your production, you can select how many hours they should last. This limits the light output to a level where you get the maximum brightness to achieve the selected runtime.
  • Effects Quickly create programs from colors and effects, trigger them or match them to a beat. Convert multiple programs and lights to scenes.
  • Talkback+ Detect all available lights, configure them, check their status, set DMX addresses and DMX profiles.
  • Anti theft When enabled, the built-in burglar alarm provides a visual and audible alarm if the lights are moved. In addition, the Astera App also shows the alarm.
  • Astera emergency light With this innovative feature, the lights can function as a battery powered emergency light. When activated, the fixture can detect power loss and instantly switches to a bright white light to illuminate the area.
  • Integrated battery Astera Titan Tube Led tubes have a powerful built-in battery. With our "continuous runtime" technology, it can be set to a specific time period to ensure your lights don't run out of battery while delivering full brightness with white light at full brightness, battery lasts 1hr 45mins. Create complex aminated effects with thousands of pixels spanning multiple lights. AsteraApp offers an intuitive user interface with pre-installed and fully customizable programs and effects.                                                                                                                                               


astera-titan-rental-hire-rent   astera-titan-rental-hire

  • Wide range of applications. The AsteraApp is designed for both beginners and professional traders. It is suitable for movie and event lighting scenarios, no matter if you control just one light or a complex setup with different groups of hundreds of lights.
  • Smart Diagnosis and Editing. Easily set up and control your lights from the palm of your hand, no matter how complex your production is. Powerful tools allow you to quickly adjust settings for various lights, e.g. when preparing them for DMX use
  • Precise color input methods. AsteraApp offers several useful color picker tools so you're covered no matter if you want to mix your own color or enter an exact RGB value or x,y coordinate. Thanks to Astera's industry-leading digital calibration, devices can reproduce the exact color selected in the app.
  • Color Wheel. Simply click on the color you want your lights to display. Dedicated buttons allow quick selection of basic colors and common white tones.
  • Gels. Select common Lee and Rosco filter gels based on daylight or tungsten light sources for your Astera light to mimic color. If you know the gel number, just write it down to find it quickly.
  • HSI and CCT. Mix your color from white color temperature, hue, saturation and intensity. Double click on any slider to mark an exact value.
  • Green and Magenta. Green/magenta adjustment during creation to reduce post-production work.
  • SRGB - Astera Titan. Select precise colors from RGB values ​​or x,y (CIE 1931) coordinates for maximum accuracy. Read the RGB values ​​of your favorite colors to copy them to a DMX console.
  • X,y coordinates. Select precise colors from RGB values ​​or x,y (CIE 1931) coordinates for maximum accuracy. Read the RGB values ​​of your favorite colors to copy them to a DMX console.
  • Complex Customizable Effects. Choose from a wide range of pre-installed and highly customizable effects. Make all lights react simultaneously with no delays or stretching effects on multiple lights. Your lights will remember and repeat these effects without the need for a constant wireless link.
  • Classic Effects. Basic effects such as color fading, moving pixels, fire effect, chasing effects, rainbows, etc. can be created and customized. Multiple lights can be approached as 1 large virtual fixture to spread effects across multiple lights.
  • Filmmaker Effects. The police car, the paparazzi, the fireworks, etc. are pre-programmed and can be customized by changing speed, colors and various other parameters.
  • Layer Effects. Full control over your pixels previously only possible with DMX consoles. Create complex lighting effects that span numerous lights and offer almost limitless possibilities.
  • Music Sync. Several of the programs can react to music. The ART7's built-in microphone analyzes and blends the beat; flash buttons can trigger special effects while held down.
  • Save Program. Save the programs you have created to quickly activate them in other settings. Back up your programs and settings. Move programs, settings, and control to another device if necessary.
  • Group your Astera lights. AsteraApp can control individual lights but also allows you to create up to 256 groups, each with multiple lights. To further increase your possibilities, groups can have multiple positions and directions.
  • Scheduled Waiting. To avoid draining your light fixture's battery between setup and use, Astera offers a power-saving standby feature. In this way, your lights can be left fully prepared for several days. Alternatively, you can program them to turn on or off automatically with the built-in timer.
  • Astera Titan Manuals Included. Astera has stored all the manuals, DMX tables and other useful documents within the app. Whenever you want to search for a feature, you can access it, even if you are not connected to the web.
  • Storage - Astera APP. The AsteraApp allows you to test and analyze your lights in seconds when they arrive at the warehouse. Use the master reset to overwrite settings for multiple lights, this can be done while they are charging without having to turn them on.
  • Backup and delivery. You can easily create a backup of all your settings, programs, scenes, etc. and retrieve it later from any phone or tablet. You can also instantly transfer control and all settings from one device to another during a production.
  • Automatic Updates. AsteraApp has been available since 2014 and has received regular updates ever since. When your phone or tablet is connected to the web, it can receive automatic updates which then update your lights to ensure you always have the latest features available.


Bluetooth bridge Astera Titan

To control the lights from AsteraApp, a Bluetooth bridge (=BTB) is required. It consists of “Bluetooth” for the connection with the App and “Bridge” which means that it transmits commands to the other Astera lights. Both parts include two-way communication so the lights can send information to the app.

Until 2020, AsteraBox was the only Bluetooth bridge, but recently Astera has been incorporating BTB technology into more and more lights. We still recommend an AsteraBox as it has a longer battery life and is more portable, but for smaller setups or if an AsteraBox is not available, a BTB-enabled light also works well.

  • Astera Light as a Bluetooth bridge - Rent Astera Titan

The Astera accessory connects via Bluetooth to a phone or tablet and establishes a connection to all lights within a range of 300m via an ultra-high frequency band (100m for NYX Bulb). This setting is recommended for smaller projects with less distance or as a backup if you forgot your AsteraBox.

  • AsteraBox as a Bluetooth




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