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Astro measurement monitors rental. The Japanese company ASTRODESIGN based in Tokyo developed the first HD monitors in 1985 and in 1998 when it still had many SDTV systems, they released the first 4K monitors. Today they continue to surprise with 8k high definition monitors.

Astro Design WM-3014

The Astro WM-3014 portable LCD monitor with 6 inch HD / SD  is a unique waveform monitor that provides multiple functions, such as monitor, waveform monitor and vector range. This portable monitor model is ideal for hard to reach shootings where we need not very heavy equipment such as remote locations.
Image mode, waveform mode, vector reach mode and mode functions include advanced features that allow you to configure and fine tune the unit to meet your exact needs. This unit also includes a quadruple display function, which allows simultaneous display on a split screen of the waveform, vector range, sound bar and image. In addition, a built-in audio output is included. Accepts HD and SD input signals (525i and 625i). Adjustment functions include contrast, brightness, chroma level and chroma activation / deactivation.
This unit offers a freeze frame function with the need for external equipment. It can be used to compare a live shot with a previously recorded frame. The front panel has 5 buttons that allow quick and easy access to your preferred settings. This monitor supports battery powered configurations and comes with a standard battery holder.

Features ASTRO wn-3014 monitors:

  • Screen: TFT 6 ″
  • Functions: MFO, Vectorscope, Audio and Video Monitor
  • Standard color: HD / PAL / NTSC
  • Resolution: 1024 × 768 pixels
  • Video inputs: 1x HDSDI, SDI, HD and Composite Components
  • Power / Consumption: 12vcc / 18W
  • Dimensions: 21x13x4cm