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ATLAS ORION Anamorphic lenses Hire - Camaleón Rental ™

Rent ATLAS ORION Anamorphic Lens Set

Atlas Lens Co. was founded by Forrest Schultz and Dan Kanes, with the purpose of building amzing anamorphic lenses, Atlas Lens designs anamorphic lenses with robust mechanics and a modern design adapted to the most modern systems, in order to meet the most needs of cinematographers worldwide. Forrest and Dan took advantage of all their years of experience to design and build the anamorphic lenses that they wanted to use for their films. Orion lens rental in Camaleon rental.

Atlas Orion  Lenses

Atlas Lens Co. presents in 2018 the Orion series of lenses, a series of anamorphic lenses that provide a stunning bokeh, a breathless construction and characteristic flashes of any anamorphic lens but under control.

The anamorphic lenses of the Atlas Orion series are designed to be a universal filming tool, with an interchangeable mounting system. The Orion atlas lenses have a larger image circle than S35mm, which allows us to record in full frame without any problem.
The Atlas Orion anamorphic lens series are compatible with PL-mount digital cinema cameras, such as Arri Alexa, Sony Venice or Red DSMC2. Compatible with cameras with Canon EF mount, Sony E mount or Micro 4/3 as well. They are even compatible with film cameras with 35mm analog shutter. Its interchangeable mount system makes these lenses a very versatile option. Orion mounts are fixed by 8 Torx screws. Orion lens rental in Camaleon Rental.
The Atlas Orion anamorphic lens series has a focus rotation of 270º. A gear mode pitch 0.8 in the iris and a spaced focus ring to allow simultaneous control of the unit, even when two motors are mounted on the same side of the optics.
The distortion of Atlas Orion  lenses is well controlled even at 40mm, but classic characteristics of anamorphic lenses such as breathing or the strong "flare" are maintained. Like all anamorphic lenses, Orion lens set works better by slightly closing the diaphragm and avoiding rolling at maximum aperture. An option that is possible with these lenses, although they give their best version and sharpness between T2.8 or T3.2.
We emphasize that the series of Orion  lenses have a small size which allows you to use 4 × 5.65 matte box and clip-on with a diameter of only 114mm. Atlas anamorphic lens rental in Camaleon Rental.
The anamorphic Atlas Orion lens series rental is divided into two sets:

The A set rental consists of 3 anamorphic lenses: 40mm, 65mm and 100mm with a maximum aperture of T2.
The B set rental consists of 3 anamorphic lenses: 32mm, 50mm and 80mm with a maximum aperture of T2.

Atlas Orion T2 - Orion  lens series rental:

  • Anamorphic  Orion  lens series rental - T2 32mm
  • Anamorphic  Orion  lens series rental - T2 40mm
  • Anamorphic  Orion  lens series rental - T2 50mm
  • Anamorphic  Orion  lens series rental - T2 65mm
  • Anamorphic  Orion  lens series rental - T2 80mm
  • Anamorphic  Orion  lens series rental - T2 100mm