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Best Boy | Lighting Crew | Camaleón Cine Services

People that are not familiar with “The gaffer’s handbook” may not know where the name of this particular position comes from.

Back in the days there was an electrician, usually the older and/or the more experienced one (eventually then the “best boy”), who was in charge of coordinating the team of lighting technicians, deal with logistics and rental houses, liaise with those and the film production company and so on.

To make the long story short, as he was also known, he would be the assistant chief lighting technician, the gaffer’s right hand.

At Camaleón Rental we know and trust several best boys who works with gaffers on regular basis, so you can be one hundred percent positive that their team-work and mutual understanding in bulletproof. Hiring a reliable best boy is an insurance policy for the production company, because he is also in charge to take care of the gear and keep it in order.

Aside of that they also liaise with people responsible for the buildings on locations, the first assistant director on schedule and timing, special effects director for stunt scenes and art director for… everything else! So, if you want our two cents, on this too, rely on Camaleón Rental!