Tiffen Magnetic Filters for the ARRI Signature Primes & Zooms


    Last October the new Tiffen magnetic filters for Arri Signature Primes prime and zoom lenses were presented in Atlanta. This is the first time that an external brand has manufactured such filters for the Arri Signature Prime lenses from the German company.

    The Tiffen magnetic filters for Arri Signature Prime lenses will be available in a wide range of styles and densities.

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    Tiffen Magnetic Filters for the ARRI Signature Primes & Zooms


    The ARRI detachable magnetic rear filter holder for Signature Prime lenses opens the door to all kinds of custom styling, without having to remove the lens. No other manufacturer offers this degree of creative customization on a range of focal and zoom lenses combined.


    Tiffen's new rear filter holder for Arri Signature Prime lenses adapts to a wide variety of materials, allowing filmmakers and cinematographers to experiment on their shoots. The new filter holder system allows glass elements to be used to simulate vintage lenses, stockings and antique fabrics, each type of material will affect bokeh, flare and diffusion in different ways. Allowing each cinematographer to give a singular and unique character to their photography.

    ARRI also recently announced the launch of a new series of V Impression filters for its Signature zooms and prime lenses. These filters were designed to slightly alter Signature Prime and Zoom lenses, giving them a slightly vintage look.

    The concept of the new Impression filters is to offer Signature Prime and Zoom users a different way to alter the look of their lenses.

    The four negative and four positive diopter filters gradually change the focusing characteristics of the image, making it possible to create a variety of unique styles for Super 35 or large format with a set of Signature lenses.

    Having rear filters that do this in many ways, makes more sense than completely restructuring a lens by removing coatings, etc.


    The filters are easy to use as they attach through the rear magnetic filter holder and essentially alter the appearance of out-of-focus image elements. Bokeh is affected by the Impression V filters, and is especially noticeable in the background highlights, which get more of a "donut" effect (bright around the edges) with negative filters, and more of a "frill" effect (brighter in the background. middle) with positive filters.

    In general, the positive filters have a nostalgic, glamorous feel, with swirly bokeh, bright skin tones and softer backgrounds; while the negative filters have a rougher look, with inward bokeh and intense, vibrant, sharper backgrounds.

    The four positive Impression V filters do not have flashy names. Instead, they feature typical ARRI naming conventions. The positive filters are called IV 070P, IV 140P, IV 230P and IV 330P, while the four negative filters are IV 050N, IV 100N, IV 200N and IV 290N. The higher the number, the stronger the diopter effect.


    Impression V filters are designed for use at T1.8 apertures, where the effect is stronger and lens scales remain accurate. Positive filters are fitted directly to the back of each Signature lens, while negative filters require a shim to be added to the back of the lens first. There is a 2mm shim for shooting at T1.8 and a 1.85mm shim that acts as a base for additional shims needed for shooting with Signature Zooms or at higher stops with Signature Primes.

    The Impression V filters work with Arri CamerasArri ALEXA 35, ALEXA Mini LF, ALEXA LF and ALEXA 65 Cameras. The filters are sold in a kit containing all eight positive and negative diopters, as well as a set of shims and an adjustable torque screwdriver for adding shims and Velcro tabs for labelling filter lenses in the set.

    3 ARRI Impression V Filter Kit for Signature Prime (2023)

    All of them are packed in a specially designed aluminium carrying case. For customers who do not need a complete kit, or who may be replacing one, each of the eight filter types can be purchased in a separate three-filter set that includes foam inlays, Velcro tabs and, in the case of the negative filter, a set of shims. The Velcro and shim sets can also be purchased separately.

    While Impression V filters and shims can be mounted on lenses without the need for a qualified lens technician, ARRI recommends that decisions about which type of filter to use should be made before shooting whenever possible. On a T1.8 stop, productions that like the positive look can swap the four positive filters quickly and easily, and productions that choose the negative look can attach shims in advance and swap between the four negative filters on the set. It is also possible to add or remove shims on set, depending on specific equipment, location and conditions.


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