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The boom operator is the person in charge of operating the microphone on set. He is under the command of the production sound mixer who will indicate him which microphone to use in every scene or take, depending on the special requirements of each one. He will also be advised by the sound technician about the distance and slant he should put the boom in. He will use the fisher boom to control the quality of the sound even when he is far away from the actors. He should pay attention to not have the microphone been seen by the camera, as well to not cast shadows on the actor faces nor on the backgrounds. To do that he should look to the monitors and ask for marks to the camera operator or his assistants. In order to follow with the microphone all the dialogues between the actors he needs memorized the script, because he will have to move the boom between all the actors taking part in the scene. He has to decide where to stay according to the position of the camera and its possible movements, the source of lighting, the movement of the actors inside and outside the frame, and keeping in mind the wind direction or the source of possible disturbing sounds in order to avoid them.