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That's why we have designed assembly rooms with all the...

Developing formats and contents for television is one of the branches carried out by our audiovisual realization department. The current television panorama opens the door to new formats whose success has been well demonstrated in national networks. It is in this field that Camaleón bets on the creation of ambitious television formats, demanding content and high technical invoice with better known working standards in cinematographic productions than televisions that today, thanks to a technological democratization and low costs, are possible . The commitment to these formats along with careful production and finishing add an added value in marketing and facilitate not only a conventional television distribution but a new field of dissemination thanks to the new platforms of television à la carte such as Netflix and HBO among others , Which already operate in both national and international territory.

We invest all our energies in the optimization of the times of delivery without that is why it resents our clear bet by the quality. Our directors, editors and producers approach the projects with a broad knowledge of both the production needs and the final visual invoice that is expected from it. And thanks to that knowledge we work by providing the talent and experience necessary for production to never stop.


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