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Arri SMB-1 Matte Box Rental. Arri Studio SMB-1 Matte Box for filters up to 6x6. It includes exclusive "Tilt '' module in this model. Compatible with Anamorphic 4: 3 and 2: 1, Alexa & Angles Master Prime 12mm, Ultra Prime 10mm and Angenieux Optimum 24-290mm.
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General characteristics
The ARRI SMB-1 matte box is designed for the use of filters of 6.6 "x6.6" size. It has an adjustable structure that allows the placement of filters both vertically and horizontally. Ideal for configuration with wide angle lenses and zooms.
The SMB-1 Tilt has an exclusive tilt module with tilt system. It allows a quick reconfiguration thanks to the ease of incorporating mattes in a stackable way.
It has flags with a 4: 3 and 2: 1 ratio, optimized for spherical and anamorphic rolling respectively.
The Arri SMB-1 Matte Box covers the entire area of ​​the ALEXA sensor and allows the use of lenses such as the Master Prime 12mm with 2 filter trays and in another case, 1 tray with the Ultra Prime 10 mm lens and Ultra Wide Zoom UWZ 9.5-18mm.
Available Accessories
  • Extension Tilt module 
  • Complete top and bottom flag
  • Full side flags
  • SMB-1 ANAM Sunshade and SPH, SPH / ANAM and ANAM Mattes 
  • Fixed filter tray.
  • The module includes; fixed filter tray and adjustable filter tray
  • Adapter for 15mm, 19mm and 15mm lightweight studyiobars
  • Flexible shaft
  • Tilt Filter Ring
  • Pair of clamps for fastening upper and lower flags
  • Suitcase for SMB-1

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