<h2 style="text-align:justify;"><img src="" alt="broadcast-crew-technician" width="1024" height="500" /></h2> <h2 style="text-align:justify;"><span style="color:#218e53;">Camera Operator Spain</span></h2> <h3><span style="color:#000000;">TV &amp; film Camera Operator </span></h3> <p style="text-align:justify;">The camera operator has a paramount responsibility in the camera crew, since he is literally the first person to see the frame. Back in the days of 35mm film, he was actually the only person who could tell if the take had been good on set, before the footage was sent to the laboratory.</p> <p style="text-align:justify;"><img src="" alt="crew-film-hire" width="1024" height="500" /></p> <p><span>And aside of his technical duties, he has also a very big importance at an artistic and creative level because, together with the director of photography, he is in charge of the framing, composition and physical performing of the camera movements, alone or helped by the grip department.</span></p> <h3><img src="" alt="camara-personal-operador" width="1024" height="500" /></h3> <p><span>That’s why here at Camaleon Rental, we collaborate only with the best camera operators with yearly experience in all kind of production, who thank to their skills and expertise will advise you about all the  available options to tell your story.</span></p> <h3><img src="" alt="personal-operador-cine" width="1024" height="500" /></h3> <p><span style="color:#218e53;"><br class="Apple-interchange-newline" /><span style="color:#000000;">* We only perform the camera operator management when the camera material is rented at Camaleon.</span></span></p> <h3><span style="color:#218e53;">Camera Operator Spain:</span></h3> <ul> <li>Fim Camera Opertor.</li> <li>Tv camera Operator </li> <li>Broadcast camera Operador </li> <li>ENG Camera Operator</li> </ul> <p style="text-align:justify;"></p>
    <h2 style="text-align:justify;">Digital Imaging Technician</h2> <p><strong>Dit Technician</strong></p> <p><strong><em>Dit Technician Hire.</em> </strong>Probably back in the days of film, producers would have given no matter what to have a film lab on set, working at the same time as the filming crew. Today, thanks to the digital cinema we can actually have it: a DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) is a person that aside of advising the director of photography on what are the most suited camera settings for any given project, is constantly supervising the footage as soon as it gets to him from the data manager and performs the transcodes for sharing with authorized mobile devices and with the post production department for off line editing and/or other uses. Last but not least, he is the one who is in charge of creating low-sized and pre-color corrected dailies so the director, clients and director of photography can have a look to a preview as close as possible to the final result of the production. At Camaleón Cine we can provide DIT with extended resumé that, aside of counseling you on how to squeeze the best out of the camera you choosed and the best work flow, will walk with you along all the steps of the production (pre production, shooting and post production) so you can be sure everything it’s ok and if there is a problem, spot it at the moment so there are as few bad consequences as possible. We work with professionals with fluent english.</p> <p style="text-align:justify;"><img src="" alt="digital-imaging-technician" width="800" height="514" /></p>
    <h2 class="normal" style="text-align:justify;"><span style="color:#218e53;">1ST AC FOCUS PULLER</span></h2> <h3><span style="color:#000000;">First Camera Asistant </span></h3> <p class="normal" style="text-align:justify;"><span style="color:#000000;"><em><strong>1ST AC Focus Puller Hire</strong></em> A non sharp shot is a non editable shot and depending on how expensive it has been it can be a huge problem even for big budget productions. That’s why, one of the most important members of a good camera crew (without forgetting that absolutely every member is necessary) is the focus puller or, depending on the country, the first assistant cameraman, whose responsibility isn’t only to keep the shot sharp during the take, but also know perfectly every single piece of equipment and advice the director of photography on the camera, lenses and kit accessories that will give you a smooth and swell shooting. At Camaleón Rental we can provide a wide range of focus pullers with years of experience in both feature and commercial productions that will be at your service to counsel you on the best pack to fit the needs of your production. Last but not least, they will be by your side during all the steps of the production by double checking the equipment list so nothing is missing, being at our facilities the day of the prep and supervising the load of the gear and at the end making sure that every single piece is returned safe and sound to us. At Camaleon Rental you’ll find the best solutions for the best result.</span></p> <p class="normal" style="text-align:justify;"><img src="" alt="focus-puller" width="800" height="533" /></p>
  • 2ND AC
    <h2 style="text-align:justify;"><span style="color:#218e53;">Camera Assistant Hire</span></h2> <h3><span style="color:#000000;">2ND AC </span></h3> <p style="text-align:justify;"><span style="color:#000000;"><strong><em>2nd Camera Asistant Hire.</em> </strong>Back in the days, even though it wasn’t very high up on the set hierarchy, the second camera assistant was the person who literally had in his hands all the footage, because it was in charge, between many other things, of loading and downloading the film magazines and organize both the exposed and unexposed film stock. And aside of that, this person still is an essential piece of help to the first assistant cameraman, so is a key part of an efficient camera crew. And for the peace of mind of both the production and the rental house is paramount that the second assistant cameraman, who is in charge of organize and take care of the equipment, has a perfect knowledge of it so he can be as fast and effective as possible, without taking time from other tasks as important as the clapperboard or the camera reports. The 2<sup>nd</sup> assistant camera we are working with use our equipments on daily basis so there is literally nobody more suitable when it comes to choose the components of the camera crew. At Camaleón Rental we consider that a good 2<sup>nd</sup> AC is a "win win", both for us and for you and we are committed with the quality of our technicians so you don’t need to worry about anything more than your project.</span></p> <p style="text-align:justify;">We work with bilingual, english-spanish, professionals.</p> <p style="text-align:justify;"><img src="" alt="second-camera-assistant" width="800" height="480" /></p>
    <h2 style="text-align:justify;"><span style="color:#218e53;">Playback Technician HIRE</span></h2> <h3>Playback Technician </h3> <p style="text-align:justify;">The <em><strong>playback technician</strong></em> is the person in charge of making sure that the video (and sometime audio) signal gets with no problem nor delays from the camera to every device meant to display the image present on set. It can be a very challenging job since some times there are many cameras, the video village looks more like a video city and there are a lot of devices to feed, both signal and power wise. So on the playback technician relies the responsibility that the director, the director of photography (if he is not operating the camera) and the clients and agency (if it is a commercial shooting) can see in real time the image, make sure that everything is fine and if not correct and/or change it in the least time possible. That is quiet a responsibility, isn’t it? At Camaleón Rental we collaborate with several playback technician that, since they work with us on regular basis, know perfectly both the cameras and the monitors and other display devices usually on set. On top of that they will also be able to guide you in the choosing of the most suited video gear for the kind of production your project needs.</p> <p style="text-align:justify;"><img src="" alt="video-assist" width="800" height="374" /></p> <p style="text-align:justify;"> </p>
    <p style="text-align:justify;">At first, as it happens with a lot of professions in the film industry, data managing sound like a quite easy job with not much room to mistakes, just downloading the media from the camera, check every bite is where it should be and backing it up to another (or two others) hard drive. But truth is not that simple: in fact, if we stop for a minute and think it through, the data manager is a person in whose hands passes all the recorded footage and a click in a wrong moment can jeopardize a whole day of shooting, with everything that this could involve, schedule and money wise. That’s why when it comes to conform an efficient camera crew, it is paramount to include a skilled and responsible data wrangler. The data wrangler at Camaleón Cine works with will make sure that everything you shot has a safe trip from the camera to the editing room, making back up copies and checking that the footage is allright.</p> <p style="text-align:justify;">We work with professionals with a high level in English.</p> <p style="text-align:justify;"><img src="" alt="data-wrangler" width="800" height="534" /></p>
    <h2 class="normal" style="text-align:justify;"><span style="color:#218e53;">Steadicam Operator Hire </span></h2> <p><span style="color:#000000;"><span style="color:#218e53;">Steadicam Operator Hire</span></span></p> <p class="normal" style="text-align:justify;"><span style="color:#000000;"><strong><em>Steadicam Operator Hire Spain &amp; Portugal</em></strong>. Before the invention of this incredibly versatile device by Garrett Brown in 1975, directors and cinematographer that wanted to move the camera had to do very complicated and sometimes dangerous things to get the shot they wanted, such as grip the camera and the operator to the front of a running locomotive, and this is not an example but it actually happened at the beginnings of the film history. As said, this device that mixes the steadiness of a tripod with the movement of a dolly, can be way faster and effective than any other way to move the camera but it needs (as any other device in the movie industry, by the way) a skilled and talented operator. This person is not only part of the device, but has also a quiet big deal of creativity in his hands, since during the shot is also the person in charge of framing and speed of the movement. We can put you in touch with stedicam operators with years of experience in both feature and commercial films that will walk with you to that masterpiece shot you have always dreamed of. At Camaleon Rental we care for your camera movements just like you do!</span></p> <p class="normal" style="text-align:justify;"><img src="" alt="steadicam-operator" width="800" height="681" /></p>
    <p style="text-align:justify;">From its invention back in the nineties, the remote head has given directors and directors of photography literally thousands of new possibilities when it comes to camera movements, since it can do stuff that was previously impossible, such dutch head movements, endless spinning on each axis, aside of extremely precise tilt and pan moves. It is and will be a really powerful and versatile tool, that aside of its upfront high costs, can at the end of the day save time and money to the production by making easier and faster, after the initial set up, to move the camera and/or put it in positions that would be extremely hard and dangerous to reach with other kind of grip, not to mention that the operator will not need to be by the side of the camera so it is also a better solution safety wise. Together with a technocrane or even a standard crane, the remote head is a key feature that can make the difference between a perfect shot and a bad one. At Camaleon Rental we can provide highly skilled remote head operators with decades of experience in feature film, commercial shootings and music videos that will make the movements your have in your heads become true, exactly the way you want them to be.</p> <p style="text-align:justify;"><img src="" alt="remote-head-operator" width="800" height="431" /></p>

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Camera Crew Spain. Camaleon's Team has a wide range of technicians in its camera crew department. Directors of photography, Camera Operators, Steadicam, Movi, Ronin, Hot Head, Camera Assistants / Focus pullers, Camera Assistants, Video Assistants, Dit Technicians and Phantom Flex Camera Specialists with experience in Film, documentaries, TV, advertising and broadcast.
Qualified camera crew who know our Cinematographic equipment and work as a team in each film, advertising, television, Broadcast or documentary production we do.

The secret formula for perfect camera service, the crew


The camera crew is the basis and guarantee of quality of the camera services we realize. Our crew knows perfectly the equipments with which Camaleon Cine works. Therefore we get the best performance of the equipment and ensure its good use. It is our secret key for the client, agency or production company that works with us so they become totally satisfied with the service.

** Our minimum service for camera crew is a second camera assistant. We do not perform personnel management if the camera materials are not rented at Camaleon Cinema **

What services do we offer with camera crew in Spain?


  • Camera crew, Cine cameras. We provide camera crew for advertising and cinematographic shootings in Spain. Photography directors, camera operators, Steadicam, drones, Movi or Ronin. Camera Assistants / Spotlights, Camera Assistants, Video Assistants, Dit Technicians, Phantom Camera Specialist Technicians.

  • Camera crew, DIT Technician. Dit technicians with experience in Cinema and advertising in Spain.

  • Camera crew, camera stabilizers. We offer full services with Steadicam, Ronin II, Movi Pro & Movi XL and camera staff. Movi operators and technicians in Spain.

  • Camera crew, Broadcast cameras. We perform full broadcast services with camera crew in Spain. Directors, mixers, CCU operators, camera operators or second assistants with extensive experience in multi-camera realizations for sports broadcasts, events or live television.

  • Camera crew, ENG camera Operator. ENG camera operator with experience in national and international Television.

** We only manage the camera crew when the Cinema or Television equipment is rented at Camaleón Cinema Services **