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Alquiler ALEXA MINI - COOKE S2 / S3 - Camaleon Rental
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Alexa Mini and Cooke S2/S3 T2.3 pack has every accessories you could need. Its a very light and vintage setup remarkable because of its lenses made in England un the 50´s. Rehoused by P+S Technic in Germany. Really cool combination  

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This camera pack includes:

Arri Alexa Mini.

PL Mount Arri.

Cage Arri.

EVF - LCD + 2x Cables Viewfinder

Battery Plate Wooden Camera.

Baseplate Arri BP + Base Balance + 19mm

4 C-Fast 2.0 120 Gb Cards.

Reader C-Fast 2.0 USB3.

4 Bateries + Charger

Cooke S2 T2.3 Set (18, 25, 32, 50, 75, 100mm)

Mantis Handle Kit

TVLogic 5.6'' Premium.

Oconnor 2575D (Standart, Baby, hi-hat).

TVLogic 17'' Monitor .

Matte Box Bright Tangerine Misfit

Pack 6 Filtros 4x4

Mando de foco inalambrico Cinegears

Other camera packs avaliable:

Arri Amira Premium con Zeiss Super Speed T1.3.

Arri Alexa Mini con Cooke S4 T2


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