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CAMERA SERVICES SPAIN & PORTUGAL | Camaleón Cinema Services ™




  • Camera services Spain, Portugal and Morocco. At Camaleón Cinema we offer camera services with staff for any kind of audiovisual production, film, advertising, video or television. We adapt the staff and the camera equipment to the needs of each production.
  • Our bilingual professionals with extensive experience in the audiovisual sector are used to provide camera services, offering shoot solutions adapted to each project with optimal results.
  • In a film production, the camera team is under the director of photography. This team usually is composed of a camera operator, a first assistant / focus puller and a second assistant.



  • The director of photography is responsible of the photographic quality and the look of the film. He has to convert the ideas of the scriptwriter and director into images. By choosing the camera, lens, and lighting material, he must create the atmosphere and visual style desired by the director of the film. He is the head of the camera and lighting team, determining together with the director the camera shots, their movement and the composition of the frame.
  • The operator is in charge of starting and stopping the recording and obtaining the movements desired by the director or by the director of photography, obtaining the images of the film. It is a very delicate job, the final result depends on it. Frequently, the director of photography also exercises the role of operator.
  • The first  assistant maintains and takes care of the camera, as well as prepares a part of the camera where data of all the takes that have been filmed are registered. In most cases, the first camera assistant also acts as a focus puller, measuring the focal distance in each position of the object or character to focus and operating the focus controller, a very complicated and meticulous work on which depends the quality of all the images of the project that is being shot.
  • The second  assistant is at the first assistant orders. Its main function is to keep all camera material perfectly ordered and labeled to facilitate its use and transportation. In addition, it is responsible of the clapper in each take to facilitate the post-production. In some occasions, they also take care of the van transport of all the film equipment.



  • Our assistants know our equipment perfectly and if necessary they will advise you on the best camera configuration for your project.
  • In addition, we also have Remote Head, Steadycam, Movi, Phantom Flex operators as well as Dit technicians, Data Wrangler or Video Assists.
  • We adapt the equipment and staff to the needs of each client, being able to carry out camera services by providing all the staff of the photography team or simply an assistant who will be in charge of transporting our equipment and working during filming.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us, we offer solutions for all kind of shootings and situations.