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MOVI XL RENTAL  MOVI XL Is a stabilizer with 3 axis. This...

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MOVI PRO RENTAL MōVI PRO is the most advanced three-axis...

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DJI RONIN STABILIZER The DJI Ronin Stabilizer is composed of...

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MOVI M15 RENTAL The Freefly Movi15 gimball is a camera...





  • Rent Camera stabilizers and Gimbals. Services with high qualified staff. We have a wide catalog of stabilizers of all brands and models. From the most professional Steadicam stabilizers on the market such as Steadicam Pro to the most complete Gimbals such as Movi Pro, Movi XL, DJI Ronin IIRonin M or Dji Ronin RS 3.
  • Camera stabilizers, also called gimbals, are devices designed to eliminate unwanted vibrations and movements when shooting videos. There are several types of camera stabilizers available on the market, each has its own features and are designed for different filming applications. There are several types of camera stabilizers divided into two large groups. Steadicam and one, two and three-axis stabilizers. At Camaleón we offer several models and brands of stabilizers rental. We will be happy to advise you about our services with crew and rental. 


  • Camera stabilizers have changed the Audiovisual industry, entertainment and the way we consume audiovisual content. Furthermore, camera stabilizers have opened infinite doors to Television and Cinematographic creativity. Each advance in this technology is an invitation to explore, experiment and tell stories in increasingly dynamic ways. It's an exciting time to be an audiovisual content creator!
  • Camera stabilizers are fascinating devices that have revolutionized the way we capture and enjoy moving images. From shooting intense chases in an action movie to capturing the perfect smile at an event, these nifty gadgets are indispensable tools for any filmmaker or photographer.
  • In the past, obtaining a stable shot was a task that required several assistants, heavy equipment and, very importantly, excellent operators. Think of the first rail-mounted cameras or the operators who almost needed to be acrobats to follow the subject without the image shaking. Then came mechanical stabilizers, such as the now iconic and still widely used Steadicam Stabilizers.
  • Steadicam stabilization systems, with their ingenious design, have allowed camera operators to walk, run, or even climb stairs, while maintaining a smooth and elegant image. But let's not stop there, because then electronics joined the film party. With the advent of electronic stabilizers, also known as gimbals, the big dance of stable footage became even more exciting.
  • Thanks to gyroscopic sensors and sophisticated algorithms, gimbals can keep the camera on perfect horizons with millimeter precision. Even in the face of sudden movements. Whether recording while walking through the city or filming a scene in which the protagonist runs through a forest, gimbals allow you to achieve that softness in the footage that previously seemed exclusive to large film productions. Now possible with Freefly Movi and Dji Ronin stabilizers.
  • Of course, the sky is the limit when we talk about the application of these stabilization devices. The world of drones has benefited tremendously from image stabilization. Can you imagine getting aerial shots without a gust of wind ruining your chance to capture a beautiful sunset or a high-speed car race? Drones and their sophisticated stabilization systems make this possible every day, taking our audiovisual and cinematographic perspectives to heights literally previously unimaginable. 

What Steadicam and Camera Stabilizers do we have?

  • We offer a large catalog of professional camera stabilizers for any type of film, video or television camera and for a very wide range of weights and purposes. In addition to Steadicam stabilizers of various brands and models, we offer camera stabilizers from Dji Ronin and Freefly Movi. Consult with our experts about our rental services.

Steadicam Pro camera stabilizer rental

  • Steadicam Pro stabilizers have a Pro Titan Isolastic arm that incorporates the best materials and structural design principles to achieve the highest standards of strength and rigidity. It features minimal friction and a force curve designed to complement the operator's instincts. The Pro Arm is modular, simple and easy to maintain. It can be easily configured for a wide variety of loading requirements with blue and black canisters. The load capacity varies from 5.8kg to 32.6kg.

Steadicam Mov cam Pro Max camera stabilizers rental

  • The Steadicam Mov Cam Pro-Max A camera stabilizers feature a double Iso-elastic Arm. It runs more stable and smoother than its predecessors. It has a high capacity and load range. It is made of light and resistant materials with titanium and aluminum alloys. Being able to support up to 28kg with optimal operation.

Freefly Movi XL Camera Stabilizer Rental

  • The Freefly Movi XL stabilizers are the stabilization system with the greatest power and robustness. It uses three motors and an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) to detect and counter unwanted movements along three axes: pan, tilt and roll. It can be configured wirelessly via bluetooth LE, from the Freefly Movi stabilization application on a mobile device. The Movi XL camera stabilizer has a weight of 15.4 g with batteries and can carry film cameras of up to 23 kg. The Movi XL also supports speeds of up to 160 km / hour, making it an ideal tool for recording with vehicles or mounted on gyroscopic cranes.

Freefly Movi Pro camera stabilizers Rental

  • MōVI PRO three-axis camera stabilizers are the most advanced systems ever made. They offer leading performance, flexibility and ease of use. MOVI Pro stabilizers are a lightweight and portable system that achieves perfect movements for the most used cinema cameras. As a novelty, they incorporate new batteries that allow hot swapping and new operating modes with mimic.

Dji Ronin M camera stabilizers rental

  • The Dji Ronin M camera stabilizers are gimbals capable of supporting a weight of 7.6kg. It has a SmoothTrack system that allows it to be operated by a single camera operator. This system is capable of differentiating intentional movements of the operator from vibrations and unwanted movements. Its ATS (Automatic Tuning Stabilization) technology intelligently adjusts the Ronin stabilizer to the camera platform with the touch of a button.

DJI Ronin 2 Camera Stabilizer Rental

  • The DJI Ronin 2 stabilizers are 3-axis gimbals. It has motors with ample torque and new stabilization technologies, offering perfect performance in environments with high stabilization requirements. The DJI Ronin 2 Camera Stabilizer weighs 5.0 kg and can support a film camera or video camera load of up to 13.6 kg. DJI Ronin II camera stabilizers are compatible with a wide variety of setups, cablecam, aerial shots and Steadicam.

DJI Ronin RS 3 Camera Stabilizers Rental 

  • The DJI Ronin RS 3 stabilizers are handheld gimbals with 3-axis stabilization. The Ronin RS 3 is an extremely compact and professional stabilizer. Its body is built with carbon fiber and weighs only 1.5kg, allowing camera loads of up to 4.5kg. The stabilization device has an OLED screen that allows precise control of the Ronin RS 3. The new DJI stabilizers add new brand accessories for focusing or wireless video transmission among other new options.

What recording services with camera stabilizers do we offer?

Qualified personal filming service + Camera stabilizers rental
  • Camaleón Cinema Services only offer complete services, with high qualified staff and the best Steadicam. Movi and Dji Ronin camera stabilizer equipment. Our minimum service with stabilizers is Operator with stabilization equipment, although we offer countless configurations, including Auxiliary or Camera Assistants - focus pullers or second operators for Movi and Ronin. We also offer discounts of 20% by hiring Camera stabilizers. Camera material and lenses.
Camera stabilizer rental - Hire
  • Steadicam Pro camera stabilizers - Gimbals
  • Camera stabilizers Movcam Pro Max A
  • Movi XL camera stabilizers - Gimbals
  • Movi Pro camera stabilizers - Gimbals
  • Movi15 camera stabilizers - Gimbals
  • Dji Ronin II camera stabilizers - Gimbals
  • Dji Ronin RS 3 - Gimbals

Filming services with Camera Stabilizers - Gimbals & Crew
  • Car camera + MOVI XL & PRO camera stabilizers
  • Car + Motocrane camera + MOVI XL & PRO camera stabilizers
  • Movi, ronin or steadicam camera stabilizers + Operator