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Cartoni Focus HD tripod hire. The Cartoni Focus HD Video tripod head is compatible with 100 mm tripods and supports cameras weighing up to 26 pounds (12 kg). With a continuously variable fluid damping system on pan and tilt movements and a patented variable counterweight, the unit can be used with all existing ENG (Electronic News Gathering) and DV cameras. The tripod head is lightweight (4.4 lbs) and easy to transport. The cartoni focus hd tripod and fluid head is very light and compact yet professional in use.
  • Weight: 2 kg / 4 lbs
  • Maximum payload capacity: 11 kg / 24 lbs
  • Bucket diameter: 100 mm
  • Tilt range: +/-90°.
  • Temperature range: -40°/+60° Celsius


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Cartoni Focus HD fluid head and tripod rental. Cartoni's Focus HD rental smart-deployment system tripod allows for quick set-up and take-down in any application with loads up to 26 lbs. It combines the well-known Focus HD fluid head with a Smart-Stop tripod and Smart-Lock mid-level spreader to provide a complete intelligent deployment system. The rental system is complete with removable rubber feet that attach to the spiked legs and a soft carrying case. The combined height range of the Cartoni Focus HD head and tripod is 25 to 66.5". With all components made in the Cartoni factory in Italy, Cartoni's build quality and aesthetics are clearly evident in the design of this Cartoni Focus HD we have for rent.

Cartoni Focus HD rental has a ball diameter of 100 and features an effective Cartoni side-locking camera plate attachment system. It offers continuous counterbalance and drag and provides a 360° swivel range and +/-90° tilt. A telescopic pan bar is included, while an optional second one can be attached on the other side. The head is made of magnesium and lightweight composite material.

Cartoni Focus HD rental, featuring Smart-Stop technology, consists of a single release lever at the top of each tripod leg. When you open this lever, both legs are released at the same time, so you can adjust them effectively. Once you find the right length for them, the same lever locks both stages back into place. The Cartoni Focus HD lever on rental operates with a single movement that takes just an instant. The 2-stage aluminum tripod has a 100 mm base and 16/20 mm diameter tubes, with a double tube extension on the end stage.

Cartoni Focus HD rental has a mid-level spreader with a similar 2-stage deployment system with a "no-bind" mechanism for fast deployment and folding capability. A Smart-Lock side button on each spreader arm instantly releases the two sections. The same button is pressed when you want to fold the system. An included strap attaches to the spreader's center ring and, at the same time, to the tripod base. It helps to collapse the spreader in sync with the tripod when the tripod is folded. The spreader is made of high performance composite material and weighs only 1 pound (0.45 kg).


Cartoni Focus HD Video Head

The Cartoni Focus HD fluid head rental is compatible with 100 mm tripods and supports cameras up to 26 lbs. With a continuously variable fluid damping system and patented variable counterweights for pan and tilt movement, the unit can be used with all existing ENG (Electronic News Gathering) and DV cameras. The tripod head is lightweight (4.4 lbs.) and easy to transport.
The Cartoni Focus HD rental head features a camera slider with directional swivel, light level and quick release handles and offers a 360° swivel and ±90° tilt range.
  • Focus HD compatible with 100 mm ball bottom bracket.
  • Focus HD supports cameras up to 26 pounds (11.79 kg).
  • Continuously variable fluid damping system for pan and tilt movements included with rental.
  • Patented variable counterweight extends its application to all existing ENG and DV camcorders.
  • Focus HD has a light weight (4.4 lbs).
  • The Focus HD Rental includes camera flash slider, illuminated bubble level and adjustable pan bar.
  • 360° pan / ± 90° tilt.

Cartoni Focus HD Tripod Legs

The Cartoni L506 included in the Cartoni Focus HD fluid head rental, is a two-stage aluminum tripod with SmartStop technology. Each leg ensures excellent torsional rigidity and no play thanks to the reliable self-adjusting pivot to the 100 mm diameter leveling base. This stand offers 16/20 mm diameter tubes with a double tube extension at the end stage, which provides excellent stability and a greater range of height adjustment.
  • Construction: This Cartoni Focus HD rental tripod features aluminum alloy construction, double extension design and a 100 mm bowl base.
  • Height and Weight: A maximum height of 57.4'' with support limitations of 132 lbs. are offered on this rental stand.
  • SmartStop: SmartStop features an innovative clamping system that allows instant release on both stages with a single lever per leg conveniently located on the top of the tripod for quick and safe use.

Technical data Cartoni Focus HD

  • Minimum payload capacity Cartoni Focus HD for rental: 0 kg / 0 lbs
  • Maximum payload capacity: 12 kg / 26 lbs
  • Weight: 2.0 kg / 4.4 lbs
  • Panoramic reach 360
  • Tilting range: +/-90° Tilt range: +/-90° Tilt range: +/- 90
  • Cartoni Focus HD counterweight for rent: Continuous
  • Fluid feed: continuous
  • Bowl diameter: 100 mm
  • Temperature range Cartoni Focus HD: -40°/+60

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