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Cartoni Focus HD
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Cartoni Focus tripod

Cartoni Focus HD tripod rental. It is the ideal support for cameras from 0 to 12kg. Compact and lightweigh tripod with an innovative fluid head and a continuous and variable damping system.
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Cartoni Focus HD


Cartoni Tripod Rental

The fluid head with the Cartoni FOCUS HD tripod is the ideal support for cameras of 0 to 12 kg of weigth. The Cartoni Focus tripod and its head are very compact and lightweight. The Cartoni FOCUS HD Tripod has a continuous fluid damping system in both Pan and Tilt movements, and a patented variable balance system that achieves a range of use to cover all existing ENG and HDV cameras. The FOCUS HD head and tripod come equipped with a sliding camera plate, illuminated bubble and telescopic handle.
The angle of inclination of the head is +/- 90 degrees with a perfect response throughout the entire inclination process. The FOCUS HD Interacts with all tripods and 100mm base cup holders. The exceptional robustness and versatility together with an unbeatable quality / price ratio make FOCUS HD the best support for news and video graphic operators.

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