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Camera Rental

Cinema and TV equipment rental. Cameras for film and TV production. Packs available with cameras of brands such as Arri, Red, Sony, Phantom, Canon, Blackmagic. Lenses and professional accessories taylored for your project.

What cameras we have in stock?

ARRI Cameras

Camera rental Madrid - Malaga - Sevilla - Lisboa - Casablanca

We set our Arri cameras with the best periferic accessories. All...

Camera Rental

Cinema and TV equipment rental. Cameras for film and TV production. Packs available with cameras of brands such as Arri, Red, Sony, Phantom, Canon, Blackmagic. Lenses and professional accessories taylored for your project.

What cameras we have in stock?

ARRI Cameras

Camera rental Madrid - Malaga - Sevilla - Lisboa - Casablanca

We set our Arri cameras with the best periferic accessories. All the licenses are available, anamorphic recording and Alexa SXT/Alexa Mini Arri Raw. We also have Arri Amira Premium with the same quality and colour than the Alexa family. It has a frame rate up to 200 FPS on Apple Prores 444 quality. Like the Alexa Mini it can be set with S16 lenses after the last upgrade.

Phantom Cameras - Vision Research

phantom camera hire - vision research - 2.5k y 4k - Madrid - Lisbon - Malaga - Sevilla - Casablanca - Camaleon Rental

For high speed recording Flex and VEO. The 2K Phantom model records up to 2564 FPS in HD (1928 x 1080) resolutions. The top range 4K Phantom records 1000 FPS in the highest resolution. We also offer the new Phantom Veo 640s camera. With a compact design, it records in Compact Flash cards giving 2800 FPS in HD resolution and 1600 FPS in 2.5K.

Sony Cameras

Alquiler cámaras Sony - Madrid - Malaga - Sevilla - Lisboa - Algarve - Camaleon Rental

The F55 widely used on TV and films can record up to 4K RAW resolution and 240 FPS in 2K. The Sony Fs7 have the same characteristics, accessories and menu than the F55. It has a 14 steps dynamic range, 2000 ISO sensitivity and a 180 FPS recording in HD resolution. Its XDCA module allows Apple Prores HD 422 recording improving the efficiency on low light conditions.

Now, we have in our Sony cameras catalogue the new Sony Cinealta Venice! Offers of launching. Ask us for the quote and availability.

RED Cameras

This cameras have the highest resolution of the market up to 8K using the top range Red Weapon Monstro Vista Vision. This version improves the efficiency on low light conditions and the workflow with the simultaneous recording in Raw and Apple Prores. It records in 240 FPS 2K and 60 FPS in the top resolution 8K. We also have availability of the Red Epic Dragon camera with 6K resolution, 14 steps dynamic range and anamorphic recording.

Canon Cameras


The C300 Mark II allows simultaneous internal recording in 4K and RAW 4K. The Canon C500 can also record in 4k and RAW on a external mode. We also have availability to rent the Canon C500.

Panasonic Cameras

Alquiler cámaras Varicam - Sevilla - Malaga - Madrid - Mallorca -Lisboa - Algarve - Camaleon Rental

We just offer the top range Panasonic cameras.The Panasonic Varicam 35 has two native sensitivities and it is designed for low light shootings. It is a cheap and reliable solution for any kind of project.

Blackmagic Cameras

Alquiler Cámaras Blackmagic  - Madrid - Malaga - Sevilla - Camaleon Rental

The Blackmagic cameras have highlighted since several years due to their low price and efficient features. In Camaleón we also take hope from Blackmagic in order to make documentaries, short films and other productions with a low budget. Check out our special offers!

Nokia Cameras

Nokia OZO - VR 360 - Camera hire Madrid - Lisbon - Barcelona - Malaga - Sevilla - Camaleon Rental

Nokia OZO camera for 360º VR productions. It has 8 cameras with a field of view of 195º. It also records a special sound through 8 microphones. This the best value system offering safety and professional results.

To complete our packs, we have the best innovative camera accessories to make your shooting more easy and pleasant. Last gen Teradek 1000 and Teradek 3000 radio links, WCU4 wireless focus system with CLM 4 motors, the best Transvideo and Tvlogic

onboard and direction monitors, Arri follow focus and matte box, Oconnor fluid head and Rondford Baker tripods.

We have Camera configurations for all kind of productions. Publicity, films, documentaries, TV. We can help you to choose the camera and accessories for your project.

Camera rental in Madrid, Malaga, Seville, Barcelona and Lisbon.

ARRI camera rental

  • Arri Alexa LF (Large Format)
  • Arri Alexa SXT W
  • Arri Alexa XT Plus 4:3
  • Arri Alexa Mini 4:3 - ARRIRAW
  • Arri Amira Premium 4k UHD

RED camera rental

  • Red Weapon Monstro 8k VV
  • Red Weapon Helium 8k
  • Red Epic W Helium 8k
  • Red Epic W Gemini 5k
  • Red Epic Dragon
  • Red Scarlet W
  • Red Raven 4.5k

SONY camera rental

  • Sony Cinealta VENICE
  • Sony PMW-F55
  • Sony PXW-FS7
  • Sony PXW-FS5

PHANTOM camera rental

  • Phantom 4K
  • Phantom VEO 4K
  • Phantom VEO 640S
  • Phantom Flex 2.5k

CANON camera rental

  • Canon C500
  • Canon C300 Mark II

BLACKMAGIC camera rental

  • Blackmagic Ursa 4.6K

PANASONIC camera rental

  • Panasonic Varicam 35

Nokia camera rental

  • Nokia OZO


  • ARRI

    ARRI camera rental Spain | Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca, Valencia, Bilbao, Malaga, Sevilla, Almería

    Rent ARRI Cameras

    We offer the best options for your Arri cameras rental. From the day it was founded in 1917, passing by game-changer innovations such as the réflex rolling shutter in 1937, right till today, Arri have always been one of top brands for film industry equipments both for sale and rental. And the leap to the digital world that happened in 2010 with the announcement of the Arri Alexa didn’t changed a bit this situation: the Alexa lineup (Classic, Alexa M, Alexa Plus, Alexa XT, Alexa SXT, Alexa Studio and Alexa Mini) and the Amira found their place at the top of the digital cinematography podium.

    Arri Alexa 65mm Reborn is the most innovative camera, it has a bigger sensor than a 65 mm 5 profiles frame. At the moment it is not available for sale. It can just be rent on Arri Rental. Many of this model technologies has been used to create  Alexa SXT Plus and Alexa XT cameras.

    The Arri digital film cameras family keep the same colour patterns and the same compression allowing the use of different camera models in one production.

    All current models, except for Arri Amira Premium (It only records in Apple Prores)

    can record in Apple Prores 444 and Raw with the needed licences. In Alexa SXT Plus and Alexa XT the licences are incorporated in the camera.

    Arri Amira Premium and Arri Alexa Mini latest upgrades, include the possibility to use the related parts of a S16 sensor, opening up the chance to use this format vintage lenses.

    The German company has not only created the best cameras. They also develop and manufacture peripheral accessories for their cameras.

    Follow focus like Arri FF3, FF4 and FF5. Wireless follow focus Arri WCU-4 or Arri SXU which can be directly connected to the camera without a receiver. Arri Cforce and Cforce Plus motors for Arri Alexa camera or Arri CLM4 for Arri Alexa SXT and Arri Alexa XT cameras. The Arri UMC-4 and WCU-4 is also available  to work with other cameras and mapping the lenses. The single motor controller version SMC1 only works with CLM4 and the mapping isn´t allowed.

    ARRI Camera rentals for professional video productions

    They also design the most innovative matte boxes like Arri SMBII with a tilt to eliminate unwanted reflections and the new versions of the clip on matte box LMB25.

    En Camaleón Rental tenemos lo que necesitas!

    At Camaleón Rental we can provide, choosing between a wide range of options, the best camera for your production. Do you need a run and gun style with Amira and light zooms with servo? Or do you need to shoot with anamorphic primes on a 4:3 sensor in stunning Arriraw?

    At Camaleón Rental, we’ve got what you need! Check our Arri Cameras Catalogue;

  • RED

    Rent red camera - Madrid, Lisbon, Malaga, Sevilla, Algarve

    RED Cameras for rent

    We offer a wide range catalog of RED cameras for rent. From the very beginning of digital cinematography, Red has always been one of the pioneers in this field, totally changing the panorama of digital cine production and rental and being always a step ahead of the other brands if we speak about resolution and compression: from the amazing  4K of the first Red One back in 2007, which also recorded on RAW format, right till the astonishing 8K of today’s Red Weapon.

    RED Camera rentals for professional video productions

    A lot of improvements have been made in this decade, such as the on camera recording of compressed formats (ProRes and DNX HD) or the reduction of the body size and weight using state-of-the-art materials. At Camaleón Rental we offer the whole Red line up, so you can pick the camera that fits best your project.

    Red Cam

    • Red Weapon Monstro 8k VV
    • Red Epic W Helium 8k
    • Red Epic W Gemini 5k
    • Red Epic Dragon
    • Red Epic X
    • Red Scarlet W
    • Red Raven 4.5k
  • SONY


    Rent SONY Cameras

    Sony offers digital cine cameras with technical features that are meant to meet more and more closely the needs of the DoPs. From the stunning a7s II, which deliver amazing images with jaw-dropping high ISO values and negligeable level of noise, to the FS7 which has got to be one of the most popular cameras on the market in his price range, for feature, comercial and documentaries productions. All the way up to the Sony F55, a very interesting cine camera who allows on board RAW recording up to 4K resolution and the possibility of high speed frame rates till 120 fps.

    SONY cameras rental for proffesionals

    Having those cameras on our catalog allow us to rent the more suited camera for each situation: from the lightest set up for camera stabilizers, gimbals and other devices powered by brushless motors to a more classic studio configuration for anamorphic lenses shooting.

    • Sony Venice CineAlta
    • Sony PMW - F55
    • Sony PXW - FS7
    • Sony PXW - FS5

    rent a canon camera Spain & portugal - Madrid - Sevilla - Malaga - Mallorca

    CANON Cameras for rent

    With the launch of the 5D Mark II, Canon entered strongly in the world of the digital video, making possible even to small budget production an highly cinematic look with vibrant colours and very shallow depth of field due to the full frame-size 21Mpx sensor.

    Canon cameras rental for proffesionals

    From then, the Canon cinema cameras line up has grown with the 5D Mark III, the C100, C300, C500 and the last C300 Mark II where the pros of the first version were still there but other features such as compression codec where highly improved. And nowadays Canon keeps on betting on his cine line up with the launching of a cine prime lenses full set and zooms for super35 size sensor.



    Panasonic cameras for rent

    After a long sleep, Panasonic surprised the film industry once again with the issue of the Varicam 35.

    The full range of VariCam cameras has been used in a wide variety of films, advertisements and TV. It has been recognized by its accurately reproducing colours and its aspect. Also, it provides adapted workflows for any kind of production.

    With the arrival of new camera versions, Panasonic is taking benefits from the traditional designs but improving the colours, the latitude and the workflow. They have included the possibility of two codecs recording. It also has internal chromatic gradation and a adaptive modular design for many shooting situations.

    The VariCam 35 4K has a new MOS sensor with super 35 mm size and records in two AVC-ULTRA video codecs. It is able to process many formats like 4K, UHD, 2H and HD. It is designed to use it in films, advertisements, TV and 4K live events.

    Panasonic cameras professionals rent

    The VariCam 35 includes 4K AU-V35C1 camera module and AU-VREC1 recording module

    that can be exchanged with the new Panasonic 2/3 AU-V23HS1 camera module allowing to switch between 35 mm and 2/3 camera heads.

    The VariCam 35 uses a new MOS Super 35 Panasonic sensor which captures 4096 x 2160 (17:9) 4K resolution offering easy operable 4K file sizes. It has a 14 steps dynamic range capturing high contrast images.

    The VariCam 35 uses ne new P2 Panasonic express card to high frame frequency and 4K recording. The camera is equipped with two for P2 express cards slots and other two for P2 micro slots.

    Are you interested in this spectacular new camera? Call Camaleón Rental!



    Phantom cameras for rent

    The Phantom Cameras line was a Vision Research marketing bet.

    In 1950 took the first steps thanks to the american company Aemetec. It is an electronic instruments and electromechanical devices manufacturer. Aemetek was a photographic analysis company specialized on investigation through high speed photography technique.

    In 1992 opens the new company, Vision Research. It completely changes the design and way of manufacture the high speed cameras with the Phantom line.

    The high speed or slow motion recording has been since some time ago an essential characteristic for any film camera.

    All camera brands have been started to implement on their new models the high speed recording.

    So far the Phantom Flex and VEO series are a world reference when a recording over 500 fps is required.

    Rent a Phantom camera - profesional camera packages

    The Phantom family has two cameras and accessories main lines.

    The FLEX serie with 2k and 4k cameras, record with a frame rate up to 2500 fps in HD resolution and 1000 fps in 4k. Both cameras use ethernet connection.

    The VEO 340 and 640 serie has a more compact and lighter design reaching up to 2800 fps in HD or 1600 fps in 2.5k. This new lines offer new possibilities in special recordings with remote systems like cranes, camera car or camera stabilizer with the possibility of Cfast card recording. However, the ethernet connection is the faster option.

    The new Phantom VEO serie is available with 72Gb cards that can capture more than 8 seconds.

    Both Phantom Flex and Phantom VEO cameras are designed for film and TV productions and for investigation.

    The Phantom Flex has the award of the Scientific and Technical Academy in 2012 and a Technology and Engineering Emmy award in 2010.

    At Camaleón Rental we can provide different rental options for any given type of production. From the Phantom 4K which can deliver stunning 1000 fps images at that resolution, to the more price wise affordable Phantom 2k which lowing the resolution to standard full HD can get up to 2500 fps. Plus, we can offer experienced top notch technicians with full knowledge about Phantom cameras and high speed shooting to advise you during pre production, shooting and post.

    Phantom hi speed cameras available;

    • PHANTOM 4K
    • PHANTOM VEO 640S



    Rent a BLACKMAGIC camera

    Black Magic Design cinema cameras lineup offers good price solutions from a rental point of view, but without giving up any technical features. For instance, the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K can record on board both ProRes422 HQ and RAW on top speed SSD hard drives so you can go straight to the editing and color correction room.

    Blackmagic Design offer global solutions with competitive prices. Its cameras are compact and resistant and the workflow is one of the smoothest around, specially color correction wise, since the very same brand produces the well known software Davinci Resolve. Available full packs with EF, PL and MFT mount lenses.

    • Blackmagic Ursa 4.6k

    • Blackmagic 4k

    • Blackmagic Cinema 2.5k

    • Blackmagic Pocket

  • VR 360

    360º Cameras

    The perfect camera for virtual reality, 3D emissions or live broadcast.

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Showing 1 - 28 of 28 items