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CANON C300 MARK III RENTAL C300 MARK-III rental/hire. Last...

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With the introduction of the 5D mark II, Canon entered the world of digital video with a bang, bringing a highly cinematic look that features vibrant colours and a very shallow depth of field thanks to the full frame size of its 21 megapixel sensor within reach of even the smallest budgets. Canon's range of video cameras continued to grow with cameras such as the 5D Mark III, the C100, C300, C500 and the C300 Mark II, where the advantages of the first 5D have been maintained and weaknesses such as h264 compression have been improved. Canon continues its commitment to digital cinema with the launch of a line of prime lenses and zooms covering super 35 sensors and the new C300 mark III and C500 Mark II cameras.

EOS Film and Video Camera Rentals

EOS C500 Camera Rental

The EOS C500 cameras are geared toward commercials, TV series and filmmaking. The C500 cameras also have 15 configurable buttons which can be assigned to different functions, as desired by the technician. In media mode only 9 assignable buttons are available. The EOS C500 4K cameras with their higher readout speed make the CMOS sensor also reduce rolling-shutter (shutter distortion). They are designed for great performance in all lighting conditions thanks to a Super 35 sensor which has dimensions of 26.2 (h) x 13.8 (v) 29.6mm diagonal.


EOS C500 S35 camera sensor

  • C500 II Sensor: 8.85 MP Super 35mm CMOS 
  • Resolution: Up to 4K RAW (External)
  • Formats: RAW, RGB , MPEG-2 MXF
  • Sensitivity: 640 ISO Native | 850 ISO Native (LogC)
  • Latitude: 12 Stops
  • Weight: 1.82 KG
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EOS C500 Mark II Full-Frame Cameras for Rent

The EOS C500 Mark II cameras feature the new DIGIC DV 7 image processor, which allows recording in internal Cinema RAW Light format in 5.9K, as well as recording in the XF-AVC format with 4K 10-bit 4:2:2:2 resolution. Thanks to the two CFexpress card slots, plus an additional SD card slot for proxy files, it is possible to record in the same file format at the same time.


EOS C500 Mark II camera sensor 

  • C500 II sensor: Full frame 5.9K CMOS
  • Resolution: 5.9K INTERNAL / 4K 10 BITS 4:2:2
  • Formats: Cinema RAW Light / XF-AVC
  • Latitude: 15 STOPS
  • Weight: 1.750 KG.

EOS C300 Mark II Cameras for Rent

The EOS C300 Mark II cameras are equipped with a proprietary Dual DIGIC DV5 processor that allows for increased processing power over the previous C300 I model. The EOS C300 II cameras can record 4K at a high bit rate. EOS C300 MARK II cameras are cinematic and documentary style, allowing both full manual control and automatic modes of use. EOS C300 Mark II cameras are small and lightweight at approximately 2.6Kg with a rugged magnesium chassis.


CANON EOS C300 Mark II S35 camera sensor:

  • C300 II sensor: Super 35mm CMOS - 8.85 MP
  • Resolution: 4K at up to 410 Mbps/10 bits with H.264 XF-AVC codec
  • Sensitivity: 800 ISO
  • Latitude: 15 steps of DR - CANON LOG
  • Simultaneous internal 4K internal and external 4K RAW recording
  • Mount: EF Mount
  • Weight: 2.6 KG

Canon C300 Mark III Camera Rental

The EOS C300 Mark III cameras boast impressive low-light capability, with improved low noise up to ISO 102400, where the human eye cannot easily see. The EOS C300 Mark III cameras feature a newly developed 4K S35mm sensor and a DIGIC DV7 image processor, the EOS C300 Mark III cameras deliver exceptional high-resolution imaging with over 16 stops of latitude.


Canon EOS C300 MARK III S35 camera sensor.

  • C300 III Sensor: Super 35mm CMOS
  • Resolution: 4.2K (4206x2280)
  • Formats: 4K internal (Cinema RAW /XF-AVC/ MXF)
  • Latitude: 16 steps
  • Sensitivity: 200-25,600 ISO
  • Weight: 1.75 KG