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C300 MARK-III rental/hire. Last generation camera that incorporates Canon's super35 4K sensor. With 4K 120p slow motion, high dynamic range and a Dual Pixel CMOS AF in a body just as small as the EOS C500 Mark-III. The DGO sensor is a newly developed image system that offers high quality very clear images in low light situations, with an exceptional capability to acquire HDR. The camera has great capacity in low light conditions, an improved low noise image and an ISO that goes up to 102400. Canon C300 Mark-III camera rental/hire in Camaleon Rental.

  • Sensor: CMOS Super 35mm
  • Resolution: 4,2K (4206x2280)
  • Formats: internal 4K (Cinema RAW /XF-AVC/ MXF)
  • Latitude: 16 stops
  • Sensitivity: 200-25.600 ISO
  • Weight: 1,75kg
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C300 MARK-III rental/hire. Canon camera with a recently developed 4K S35mm sensor and a DIGIC DV7 image processor; the EOS C300 Mark-III offers an exceptional high resolution image and over 16 latitude stops.

The Canon C300 Mark-III rental/hire camera has an amazing capacity in low light conditions, an improved low noise image, and a 102400ISO to get where the human eye can't reach easily. Canon C300 Mark-III camera hire in Camaleon Rental.


Canon C300 Mark-III camera sensor

The DGO sensor in the Canon C300 Mark-III is a newly developed image system that offers an exceptionally clear high quality image in low light conditions, with excellent HDR acquisition capabilities.


In the DGO sensor the Canon C300 Mark-III has, each pixel reads images with two different amplifying levels: one high and one low, that later combine themselves to create one image. The higher amplification read-out captures clean details in darker areas, while the lower amplification read-out captures every detail in brighter areas. When the two are combined at pixel-level accuracy, the detail in both areas is maintained and enhanced, which enables the Canon C300 Mark-III camera to achieve an impressive high dynamic range (over 16 stops).

The new Canon C300 Mark-III camera's DGO sensor is also compatible with Dual Pixel AF, which gives users more freedom to achieve the image they need. Canon C300 Mark-III camera hire in Camaleon Rental.

Recording format

The C300 Mark-III rental/hire camera supports continuous 4K recording at up to 120fps, in both Cinema RAW Light and XF-AVC. In 2K (crop) mode, frame rates from 12fps up to 180fps can also be set for grater creative freedom, while a dedicated Slow & Fast button, provides a quick access to the desired slow & fast setting.


The C300 Mark-III Canon camera has an advanced 12G-SDI interface with four times the bandwidth compared to 3G-SDI, simplifying 4K workflows by enabling it to output 4K 50/60p over a single cable. Similarly, the HDMI interface can also deliver 4K 50/60p over a single cable.


Integrated ND filters

The Canon C300 Mark-III is equipped with a robust built-in electronic ND filter system, the Canon C300 Mark-III supports 2/4/6 and an extended 8/10 stops, which creates images with shallow depth of field, even when filming in the daytime. 

Compatible with Anamorphic lenses

The Canon Mark-III camera is compatible with Anamorphic lenses thanks to the fact that the VF and any other monitoring device connected can extend the image and give anamorphic viewing.


Users can take advantage of the camera's 4K resolution using 1.3x anamorphic lenses or the also popular 2x anamorphic lenses.


Users can design their own LUTs and load them onto camera for a precise-look monitoring. It's also possible to apply different LUTs in each output terminal.

A dedicated LUT button gives additional operational flexibility.


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