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The Canon EOS C500 camera offers video recording in 4K,RAW and Canon Log Gamma data output. It has WIFI remote control, high sensitivity (reaching up to 20,000 ISO) and good response at low light conditions. Camera rental in Camaleon Rental.
  • Sensor: Super 35mm CMOS 8.85 MP
  • Resolution: Up to 4k RAW (External)
  • Formats: RAW, RGB, MPEG-2 MXF
  • Sensitivity: 640 ISO Native | 850 Native ISO (LogC)
  • Latitude: 12 stops
  • Weight: 1.82 Kg

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CANON C500 Rental

The Canon C500 4k camera is available in both EF and PL frames. It has a reduced its weight to 1.82 kg with a robust and resistant body with magnesium alloy components and a 4.0-inch LCD screen which can be attached in a 270 degree radius. It has been made to perform advertising, TV series and cinema. It has 15 buttons to which different functions can be assigned, although in the media mode only 9 assignable buttons are available. Camera rental in Camaleon Rental.

Canon C500 4k with Super 35 sensor:

The Canon C500 4k camera with its higher signal reading speed means that the CMOS sensor also reduces the so-called "rolling-shutter" (shutter distortion). Designed for good performance in all lighting conditions thanks to a Super 35 sensor which has dimensions of 26.2 (h) x 13.8 (v) 29.6mm diagonally.

Internal Recording formats of the Canon C500 4k camera and external recorder options:

The Canon C500 4k camera offers internal recording in 2k RGB 4.4.4 at 12 and 10 bits, or 4k recording mode with external recorders or softwares; Cinema Raw, Odyssey 7Q or AJA that allow recording up to 4k Raw. The Canon EOS C500 camera also incorporates special recording modes; Interval recording mode will automatically record a predefined number of frames at a given interval. Recording by frames: When the recording starts, a predefined number of frames will be recorded. Another special form of recording is slow or fast motion recording, and finally the pre-recording mode, which will start recording approximately 3 seconds before you press The start / stop button. It is only available in MXF mode. This last recording mode uses a constant storage of captures in standby that stops once REC button is pressed.
Canon C500 4k has a sensitivity ranging from 320 to 80,000 ISO: the native Iso is 640, but if you choose the LogC Logarithmic curve, the native ISO becomes 850. The EOS C500 camera supports 4K resolution of 4096x2160 RAW DCI cinema plus the 2k option, with a 16: 9 screen aspect ratio, and complies with all corresponding emission standards. It also records faster than the C300 canon and it has a maximum speed of 120fps in the setting of 4K RAW with a frequency of 60 Hz. On the other hand 3 ND filters, two SDI outputs and two inputs XLR audio with Phantom + 48V power (with automatic and manual level settings) have been incorporated.

Cannon c500 Camera - Log Gamma

Canon Log Gamma offers a neutral image quality with a wide dynamic range (800%) in order to be able to carry a good workflow (in postproduction), since it provides up to 12 latitude points. There is a new 10-bit gamma adjustment for the C500. Canon Log that can be applied to all options in 4K and 2K (8, 10 or 12 bit recordings). Canon Log Gamma also allows direct conversion to the industry standard 10-bit Cine-on format for color grading. We can also choose the CINEMA mode that we will find in the submenu, and you can make adjustments of hue and gamma of color that will be set in the advanced options of Cannon Log.

4k / 2k Camera Workflow

The Canon c500 camera engineering group has developed a 2K / 4K or workflow platform. It is captured at 4k resolution in an external recorder through one of the 3G SDI outputs. The RAW cinema software system will process it uninterruptedly to then proceed to the color gradation: Meanwhile, we can also carry out a double recording Simultaneously due to the incorporation of the two slots for Compact Flash cards with 50Mbps recording on the back of the Canon C500 camera body. Camera rental in Camaleon Rental.

C500 4K Camera - General Features:

  • Sensor: Super 35 (26.2 x 13.8) 29.6mm diagonally
  • Resolution: 4k
  • Recording formats: in 2k RGB 4.4.4 at 10 and 12 bits and 4k RAW with external recorders
  • Sensitivity: 320 to 80,000 | (Native ISO 640)
  • Maximum recording speed: 120fps
  • Mount: Available in PL and EF frames
  • Weight: 1.82kg

C500 camera resolutions:

  • 2K, 4.4.4 to 10 BIT: (2048 x 1080) (1920 x 1080).
  • 2K, 4.4.4 to 12 BIT: (2048 x 1080) (1920 x 1080).
  • .4k RAW: 4096 x 1080/3840 x 1080.
  • 4K 10-bit RAW: 4096 x 2160/3840 x 2160.

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