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Kinoflo Celeb 401Q Led panel is similar to its Celeb LED 401  panel predecessor. It has 5 memories with programmable settings, full gamma dimming without flickering or color change. With dimensions of (76cm x 77.5cm). Great power and versatility, suitable for any type of film or television production. Kino Flo panel rental.
  • Power: 24V batteries | AC 100VAC - 240VAC
  • Color temperature range: 2700K | 6500K
  • Control: DMX | Wireless DMX (Lumen Radio)
  • Dimmer: 1% | 100%
  • CRI: 95%
  • 5 Color Temperature Memories
  • Weight: 11Kg | 12kg
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The Kino Celeb LED 401Q DMX lighting  panel is a kind of update of the Kino Celeb LED Celeb 401  panel. Kino Flo has managed to incorporate the same power of the Kino Celeb LED 401 lighting panel into a half-size panel, also achieving a greater production of lumens. Kino Flo  panel rental.

The Kino Celeb LED 401Q  panel is the perfect lighting fixture for any type of production, whether outdoors or in studio. It produces a soft and enveloping light. Thanks to its controller, it is possible to configure the panel by DMX or wireless DMX control (Lumen Radio). It has 5 memories with factory assigned color temperatures, (2700K, 3200K, 4800K, 5500K, 6500K) and can be preset according to needs.


The Kino Celeb LED 401Q  panel has a light ballast that has two control channels. One makes it possible to regulate the color temperature within a range between 2700K and 6500K. The color temperature is maintained by changing the light intensity. With the second channel it is possible to dim the light intensity and it can be determined in a range between 1% and 100%. The  panel and ballast of Kino LED 401Q are free of flickering, it does not suffer flashes when changing intensity or color temperature.


The Kino LED 401Q  panel provides more lumens than a 1K tungsten softlight lamp, using only 1.8A.

The Kino LED 401Q  panel can be coupled both by mounting yoke and by fixed central mounting. Its approximate weight is 12 Kg including the support and the ballast. This lightweight, versatile and complete  panel produces a light suitable for both cinema and HD video.  Kino Flo  panel rental.



Specific References

Technical specs of the Kino 401Q panel:

  • Consumption: 210W
  • Voltage range Batteries: 24V
  • AC voltage range: 100V - 240V
  • Control: DMX | Wireless DMX (Lumen Radio)
  • Dimmer capacity: 1% | 100%
  • Color temperature range: 2700K | 6500K
  • Appliance weight: 11Kg | 12kg
  • Weight with carrying case: 24Kg
  • Dimensions: 76 x 77.5 x 13cm
  • 5 color temperature memories
  • No flickering
  • Silent operation

Kino 401Q panel rental:

  • 1 Celeb 401Q  panel
  • 1 Celeb 401Q  Ballast
  • 1 DMX 8m cable
  • 1 Dual adapter Batteries + cable
  • 2 V-Lock batteries
  • 1 Flight Case
  • 1 honeycomb
  • 1 Century Tripod
  • 1 sandbag
  • Necessary distribution

KINO FLO LED panel rental:

  • 30 LED DMX  panel rental
  • 20 DMX  panel rental
  • 401Q DMX  panel rental
  • 201 DMX  panel rental

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