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That's why we have designed assembly rooms with all the...

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Digital composition or visual effects are part of almost any...

Ads Postproduction services, Madrid, Editing, Color grading

We added all post-production services for advertising. You have rooms prepared for collaborative work and in parallel. With us you can develop and work from editing, special effects, color correction or grading, retouching and digital composition to the final master, as well as creating the versions for broadcast and encoding for online platforms or internal distribution. Since time is the key to advertising, we focus our efforts on simplifying the method of work so that our rooms are the most versatile and you can focus on production without waiting or time-outs. By having our camera teams and technical staff on the set we are able to optimize the workflow, coordinating both the production and the post-production and all this with the tranquility and comfort of enjoying turn-key production. This service extends to presentations in PPM long before the client approves the idea or creative concept, supporting the Advertising Agencies in the development of models or animatics to make their creative ideas reach the client in the most Clear. We work with standard editing software, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere and Avid. As well as with the most renowned high performance softwares like Nuke and Smoke for digital effects and Mistika and Davinci Resolve for color correction, version deliveries and masters.


  • Editing
  • VFX
  • Color Grading | SGO Mistika
  • 3D
  • PPM Presentation