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Multi-camera live broadcast concert performances are a video production technique used to capture the musical event from multiple angles and perspectives, exponentially enriching the viewer's visual experience. Some important steps and considerations for a professional multi-camera concert performance:

Pre-concert planning

We determine the number of cameras each project needs based on the magnitude of the concert, the size of the location, the importance of the event and the budget available for your music video production. We decide on camera positions to get the best possible shot from each angle (long shots, close-ups, audience shots, etc.) and make sure we have a good mix of fixed and mobile cameras.

Technical equipment for recording

We use Cinema cameras with 2k, 4K and 8k high definition capabilities to ensure good image quality and true colors. We have additional equipment such as grade monitors, intercoms, video tables for live mixing and wireless systems for signal transmission to moving cameras.

Our Grip department has Telescopic Cranes, motorized traveling, Steadicam, cable cam and all types of camera stabilizers to add dynamism to the video production of your concert.

Moving Cameras

  • The moving camera plays a crucial role in the production of live concerts and their broadcast to audiences who are not physically present at the event. Below are some points that highlight its importance:
  • Dynamism and Energy: The movement of the camera captures the energy of the event and transfers it to the screen, allowing the audience at home to feel part of the emotion experienced at the concert.
  • Amplifying Experiences: For attendees in the venue, moving cameras help amplify the experience by allowing you to see details that could be missed with the naked eye, such as performers' facial expressions and stage elements.
  • Unique Camera Perspectives: Cameras can bring the viewer closer to inaccessible places, such as close to the stage, backstage near the artists, or even aerial views, offering a more complete immersive experience and locating the event with large long shots .
  • Visual Aesthetics: The mobility of the cameras allows us to create attractive visual narratives, with smooth and panoramic transitions that add cinematic quality and dynamism to the event.
  • Audience Interaction: Cameras often capture special audience reactions, which can increase the emotional connection of remote viewers as they watch others enjoy the concert.
  • Full Concert Coverage: Moving cameras ensure that every detail of the concert is captured, from the performance on stage to the atmosphere in the audience.
  • Live Editing: Using multiple moving cameras offers options for cutting between different angles and scenes, delivering the most dynamic and engaging video streams during real-time editing.
  • Production Value: A concert with good coverage of moving cameras indicates a high production value, which can be decisive in the perception of quality and cachet of the event.
  • Advertising and Reuse of Material: The material captured with moving cameras is valuable for the creation of future promotional materials, video clips or even documentaries of the concert or tour.
  • To achieve perfect camera movements we use various technologies and techniques such as telescopic cranes, steadicam, drones, stabilizers and cable cam systems, each providing their own style and movement possibilities for capturing images at a concert. These practices require operators with specialized technical skills


Human team

We work with highly qualified personnel to operate our Cinema equipment. The best camera operators in the audiovisual scene with extensive experience in Cinema, advertising and live broadcasting with film cameras.

Concert rehearsals and checks

We carry out rehearsals with the bands to check the exposure and camera movements as well as the lighting, subject by subject, and we establish the camera choreography of the entire show. We check all connections and communication systems between the multi-camera production team.


The production director is in production control, switching between the different cameras to ensure a dynamic and coherent transmission. The technical team must be in constant communication

Transmission and Streaming

We design different workflows depending on the needs of the musical project. If the concert is broadcast live or/and if it is recorded for later broadcast or editing, the signal from the cameras will be mixed live over the video desk. For streaming, we help you consider the streaming platforms and technical specifications necessary to ensure the best online viewing experience.

Concert post-production

After the concert, post-production involves editing the footage to create a final version of the concert. You can add additional effects, adjust colors and improve sound quality at this stage.

Performing concerts with Cue Pilot Software

The multi-camera realization of a concert is a technical and creative challenge that requires careful coordination and professionals with experience in the field of audiovisual production. Directors with extensive experience, the best camera operators and the secret ingredient Cue Pilot.

Creating a multi-camera experience for a concert is like painting a canvas with the excitement and vibrant energy of live music. When we add the technological innovation of programs such as CuePilot, used in such prestigious events as Eurovision, the production reaches new levels of precision and spectacularity that enthrall the viewer.

CuePilot is the digital artistic director behind the scenes, a tool that allows you to precisely preview and choreograph camera shots during live performances. Eurovision, with its majestic display of talent and creativity, has relied on this system to bring multi-camera performances to a level of synchronization and almost poetic beauty.

When we plan a concert, CuePilot allows us to design and program every transition between cameras, every camera movement, before the artists take the stage. It invites us to immerse ourselves in rehearsals, participating alongside the musicians and technicians, until each chord and each note is in visual harmony with the narrative we want to tell.

With CuePilot, directors can ensure that every key moment is captured with the love and attention it deserves, leaving nothing to chance. The camera operators become dancers who move to the rhythm dictated by this program, and thus, each drum beat, each guitar solo, each radiant smile of the artist, is immortalized from the angle that best expresses the emotion of the moment.

Even after the concert, when post-production brings the images together, CuePilot has left its mark, providing editors with a precise outline of how the moments intertwined, allowing them to polish and assemble a work that is not only faithful to the live experience, but which also elevates it to a work of art.

Live Broadcast production for concerts.

Live Broadcast production for concerts. Camaleón Cinema Services offers a wide range of multi-camera services for live broadcast concert services. Our extensive experience in live broadcasts and audiovisual equipment that we own guarantee live broadcasts in a professional and safe manner.

Among our premium Live broadcast services we offer configurations with Cinema cameras with camera control offering a cinematic look never seen before in shows and concerts. Differentiate your event with the latest in multi-camera work.

Live Video Production for Concerts

  • Live Video Production for concerts and musicals. Camaleón Cinema Services Offers complete video production service for concerts, audio mixing and mastering, editing and color correction in real time. We have done professional live video production for clients around the world. Live streaming, streaming, Broadcast in HD, 2k and 4k. Recording in 8k, 3D and 4D.
  • We use the raw film from each camera and mix - edit it into a crisply created video of your entire show/concert or occasion. Our experienced editors match the audio chronicle with the video and include credits as determined by the artist.
  • Contact our company to find out how we can capture your concert or event with multi-camera high-definition video and audio.
  • Our company has extensive experience in filming live shows and video production for concerts, Camaleón Cinema Services in Spain and Portugal can add a dynamic and Cinematographic touch to the filming of your concert with the latest multi-camera technologies with recording equipment cinema.
  • Some of the live shows we have filmed include globally recognized international artists and brands such as John Legend, Dior Chanel, Red Bull Sound Clash, as well as filming many emerging local bands and artists.
  • At Camaleón Cinema Services Spain and Portugal, we have an excellent team. Experts in their field, they have a wealth of knowledge and experience, particularly in live filming for concerts and television broadcasts. With the necessary personnel and audiovisual equipment, we are the ideal company to produce your concert broadcast filming project.