Frequently Customer Asked Questions

Where can I find the rental prices of the material you offer?

At Camaleón Cine we work trying to personalize every quote. Prices are subject to variations according to the duration of the rental period or the number of items included in the kit that you would like to rent. For instance, if you hire more services with us such as lighting, grip or crew you will get a discoun,a better price for your petition. That´s the reason why we preffer to consider every budget individually so we could give the best offer that could fit with the necessities of each project.

 If you have any further doubt, feel free to contact us via web, email or mobile pone. We will be more than glad to answer every question you have.

What kind of services does Camaleón offers?

We offer full services for Cinematographic and commercial productions. From the renting of cinematographic equipment such as cameras gear, lighting equipment, grip to the studio facilities and the collaboration of our wide network of high quality technicians, specialized in the handling of cameras such as ARRI, Phantom, RED. Hot head operators, gaffers, steadicam operators, highly experienced grips. We also offer exclusive prices for studios and production offices in the Madrid downtown area. Getting to the end of the procedures of the film making we can also offer you the possibility of hiring our postproduction services which includes edition, VFX and color grading among others in our instalations wich are perfectly prepared to cover any procedure in postproduction.

When can I collect the equipment and when do I need to give it back?

Being that part of our team is based on a technicians crew, the material is often checked as we want to garantee the best result when someone trust on us for their shooting. Thats why if you rent the equipment with us, we will offer you our facilities, and if there is needed the help of our team, for the checking of the correct performance of the material. This comprobation would take place the day before the shooting, around 16:00h. Once everything is checked you can take the equipment with you or you could leave it in our instalations until the production crew take care of the transport of the material. Our clients can use our parking which is equipped with top standard security systems as the rest of our facilities. The equipment will need to be returned before 11 a.m. the day after the last day of the shooting.

How can I book camera equipment or other services?

Send us an email with the full list of your needs and feel free to contact us by phone if you have any doubt. We will respond as soon as possible. Once the budget is approved we will need you to formalized the payment and your reservation will be done , blocking the equipmente for the dates you reserved.

If the reservation its done with more than a week, only the 50% of the payment will be required in advanced. The other 50 % will be required the day of the delivery of the equipment. In case of making the reservation with less than seven days the 100% of the payment will have to be done in advanced.

What method of payment do you accept?

The payment will be made by wire transfer to the bank account that you will find in our invoices and quotes. Data verification will be made through the bank. The person or the company who is paying for the services will be responsible for the gear. This condition is not negotiable.

To hire an insurance for the gear and the people involved in the shooting is a duty of the customer. Exceptions can be made if the customer ask Camaleón to hire an insurance policy and include it in the final quote. The price of the insurance will hence appear in the quote under the identification "insurance".

What about the insurance for the equipmente hired?

The contratation of the insurance of the equipment is responsability of the Production. Camaleón Cine Services wont take that responsability unless it´s asked by the client as an additional service. In this case it will be reflected in the invoice under the name "insurance"

Its possible to contract the transportation of equipment?

Because of our logistic we can provide equipment in the whole national territory. The fact of having facilities in Madrid, Sevilla, Málaga and Baleares gives us the posibility to provide any of the services we offer in all the cities mentioned, as well as in the south of the country, Costa del Sol and Almería.

We have partners in Barcelona, Bilbao and Lisboa and we also provide services throught them.

Last but not least, our technicias team love to load the van and venture in new projects and shootings. If we take care of the transport of the material we will also be responsable of the checking so we could ensure the correct performance of the material and that nothing is missing. An advantege of having someone of the Camaleon team in your shooting is the direct contact you will have with us in any situation or any need that could appear.

Profesionals with lot of experience in advertisement and cinema and fluent english and other lenguages as french, german or italian, among others. Get in touch with us to have references of our technicians.

When is it mandatory to hire a technician?

Being an essential condition that people that are going to operate our gear needs to be professional technicians, in most cases it is not mandatory to hire one of our technicians. It is mandatory when renting specific equipment that need special know-how.

If it is mandatory to contract a specialist technician from our company for the following services:

• Telescopic cranes.
• Airshoots with drones.
• Underwater shoots and high speed recordings with Phantom Flex cameras.

Is there any discount offered?

If you hire several services for your production with us, you will get a discount on the total value of the material you are renting.

The more services you contract with us the more discount you would get.If you hire with us  camera gear and lighting you will get 20 % of discount. If you hire the camera gear, lighting, grip, transport and the technicians with us we can even give you a 35 % of discount.