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COOKE S2 / S3  SPEED PANCHRO T2.3 TLS - Cine lenses hire - Madrid, Barcelona, Lisboa, Malaga, Sevilla View larger




Vintage Set. Cooke S2/S3. PL mount. Soft images and low contrast like the  Cooke S4/i. Cover new digital sensors as RED, ARRI, SONY and others cameras use, delivering images with a realistic and organic look.

Cooke S4/i

  • Basic Set: 18mm to 75mm
  • Extra lens: 100 - 152mm
  • Mount: PL
  • Top aperture: T2.3 | T3.7
  • Focus ring rotation: 300º
  • Front diameter: 80mm | 110mm
  • Sensor coverage: Super 35

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The Cooke S2/S3 Speed Panchro T2.3 are one of the most charming vintage glasses available nowadays. When they first came out, they were a real game-changer on the high end cine lens market since they were by far the fastest lenses available back then. Even though they were first issued in 1930 they still give outstanding performances with today's super35 digital sensors.

The S2/S3 sets is the combination of various series and designs of the Speed Panchro serie that evolved along the years. In the S2 version, improvements of the optical performance were made and the 100mm T 2.8 was launched. Four years after the 152mm T 3.7. The set was completed with the S3 serie, with improved wide angles that had no vignette on the 35mm format such the 18mm and the 25mm.

The full set is composed by 8 focal lengths, covering a range between 18mm up to 152mm, keeping the same 80mm front diameter along the whole set, excluding the 152mm with a front diameter of 110mm. The aperture is constant untill the 75mm (T 2.3) T 2.8 for the 100mm and T 3.7 for the 152mm.

The Speed Panchro set an example for future designs and look of the british brand. Featuring smooth images and warm color tones, they are the ideal choice for portraits. They also deliver a very reduced contrast and react nicely to direct light entrances. They don't have noticeable problems with aberrations, both chromatic and geometric.

One of the thinks that make the difference between them and the new Cooke series is the possibility to use them wide open. The Speed Panchro were designed to be used somewhere around T 4, so it is not recommendable to use them wide open, because they show a noticeable loss of definition.

Lately several rehousing of these sets have been made, with different features or front diameters. PS Technik (80mm) lighter and more compact or True Lens Services (110mm), more similar to the S4 design.

Despite their great success, the british brand stopped their production and during 30 years focused on variable primes. In 1998 Cooke launched the S4 with similar features but with several improvements, first of all the top aperture of T 2

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By (Madrid, España) on 10 Feb 2017 (COOKE S2 / S3 SPEED PANCHRO T2.3) :

Cooke Speed Panchro

Muy recomendable si buscas un aspecto vintage para tu proyecto, Rehousing de P+S Technik.