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Cyclorama studios rental in Madrid

Hire cyclorama studios in Madrid

We have an extensive catalog with various rental cyclorama studios. We offer a diverse range of recording studios equipped with cycloramas of different sizes. Customization is not a problem; we paint the cycloramas of each set based on your project's requirements, providing the specific color you need for your shooting. Whether it's Chroma Green, Chroma Blue, White, Black, Gray, or any other Pantone shade, we ensure to deliver the perfect backdrop for your creative needs.


Rental cyclorama studios - 140 m² Madrid

One of our more spacious studios for rental in Alcobendas, Madrid, offers a convenient location just 10 minutes away from Plaza de Castilla. It is also in proximity to La Granja metro station and only a 15-minute cab ride from Barajas Airport, providing easy access for your team and talent.

Spanning 400 m², this facility boasts a main set measuring 18x14 m, providing ample space for you to unleash your creativity. The direct entrance to the set ensures easy vehicle access, making logistics hassle-free.

Within the studio for rental in Madrid, you'll find a well-equipped make-up room and dressing area, allowing your talents to prepare for filming with utmost comfort. Of course, air conditioning is provided to keep everyone comfortable during your sessions.

To facilitate the planning and organization of your projects, we offer dedicated production offices and a meeting room. These spaces are designed to help you efficiently coordinate all the details of your productions.

Rental cyclorama studios - 300 m² Madrid

Introducing one of our exceptional cyclorama studios for rental in Madrid, boasting a generous surface area of 300 square meters and an impressive height of 7 meters. With ample dimensions of 20 x 12 meters, this versatile space caters to all your audiovisual production needs.

Equipped with a robust electrical power of 150 kW, this place is fully prepared to handle even the most demanding technical requirements for your projects.

The highlight of this studio is the striking 12 x 14 x 12 meters cyclorama, providing the ideal backdrop for high-end visual effects, and giving your productions a professional and polished look. With a maximum camera throw of 20 meters.

As many other studios, it is situated in the heart of Madrid, but it offers convenient access for trucks, making the transportation and setup of your production equipment a seamless process.

Rental cyclorama studios - 900 m² Madrid

If you're in search of one of those studios with remarkable spaciousness, our facility with 990 square meters is the perfect choice. The studio itself covers 660 square meters, and it features an impressive cyclorama spanning 187 square meters (17 x 11 x 6 m).
With a robust electrical power of 200 kW and 24-hour security, you can rest assured that your productions will run smoothly. We offer dedicated areas for hairdressing, wardrobe, make-up, and a luxurious VIP room, ensuring that every aspect of your project is well taken care of.
For added convenience, we provide truck access to the set, making the transportation and setup of your equipment a breeze.
The remaining 220 square meters comprise of production offices, an elegant VIP room, five fully equipped dressing rooms, and dedicated spaces for makeup, hair, and wardrobe.

Rental cyclorama studios - 200 m² Madrid

Discover another one of our incredible studios, boasting a spacious shooting area of 200 m² and a height of 5 meters. The cyclorama measures an impressive 8 x 4.5 meters, providing a seamless backdrop for your productions. With a total facility surface of 400 m², this studio offers ample room for your creative projects.

What sets this studio of Madrid apart from other studios is its abundant natural light, allowing you to choose between the charm of natural lighting or a controlled light environment. With double access, you have the flexibility to create the perfect ambiance for your shoots.

For your convenience, the facility is equipped with a catering kitchen and a mezzanine that can be utilized as an office, providing a functional space for your production needs. In addition, we offer a well-equipped dressing room, a dedicated make-up area, a professional head wash, and a shower, ensuring that your talent feels comfortable and at their best.

To facilitate smooth operations, the cyclorama studio features independent access for vehicles and a loading dock. This ensures a seamless entry and exit for your equipment and materials, making the logistics of your productions hassle-free.

Rental cyclorama studios - 450 m² Madrid

If you're seeking for one of that studios in Madrid that strikes the perfect balance between spaciousness and functionality, our impressive cyclorama studio measuring 25 meters in length, 18 meters in width, and an astounding 8 meters in height, is the ideal choice for you.

Featuring a "U"-shaped cyclorama, this set provides you with a smooth and even background, measuring 16 meters on the front side, 16 meters on the right side, and 6 meters on the left side. This cyclorama sets the stage for dazzling visual effects and captivating scenes, perfect for any project.

Our facility for rental in Madrid comes equipped with a high-speed fiber optic connection of 1000Mb/1000Mb, ensuring seamless streaming transmissions without any interruptions.

This studio for rental has been designed with various rooms to accommodate your team's comfort, including well-equipped make-up rooms, a wardrobe area, a meeting space, and dressing rooms, among other amenities. We prioritize creating a welcoming environment, allowing you to focus on bringing your creative vision to life.

Rental cyclorama studios - 80 m² Madrid

If you are searching one of those studios not too big but yet versatile this one, with an area of 80 m², will perfectly adapt to your creative requirements. The "U"-shaped cyclorama is painted with Rosco Chroma Key Green, providing a seamless backdrop for your projects. However, we also offer the flexibility to configure the space with black or white curtains and flooring, allowing you to create the desired ambiance.

With a set height of 5.05 m and a camera throw reaching 10 m, you have the freedom to capture impressive and creative shots, elevating the visual appeal of your productions.

This set for rental in Madrid ensures a pleasant and comfortable environment for everyone involved, thanks to its hot/cold air conditioning system. Additionally, our fiber optic connection guarantees trouble-free streaming, enabling high-quality transmission for your projects.

As an added advantage, our cyclorama studio for rental offers complementary rooms and parking spaces to facilitate easy access for your equipment and materials, making your production process streamlined and efficient.

Rental cyclorama studios - 270 m² Madrid

Discover one of our small yet versatile studios with an area of 80 m², perfect for accommodating your creative requirements. The "U"-shaped cyclorama, painted with Rosco Chroma Key Green, sets the stage for captivating productions. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to configure the space with black or white curtains and flooring, allowing you to create the desired atmosphere.

With a set height of 5.05 m and a camera throw reaching 10 m, you have the freedom to capture impressive and creative shots, elevating the visual appeal of your projects.

Everyone involved will enjoy a pleasant and comfortable environment, thanks to the hot/cold air conditioning. The cyclorama set is also equipped with an ideal fiber optic connection, ensuring trouble-free streaming and high-quality transmission for your projects.

Complementing the cyclorama studio available in Madrid, we offer additional rooms and parking spaces, ensuring easy access for your equipment and materials, making your production process seamless.

Rental cyclorama studios - 230 m² Madrid

Another of our studios in Madrid, is this one boasting a total area of 230 m², with dimensions measuring 19 m x 12 m. With a flexible height ranging from 3.50 m to 4.20 m, you'll have abundant space to bring your creative projects to life. The studio features a 7 x 5 x 4.20 m cyclorama, offering versatility to work with either natural or controlled lighting. The camera throw can extend up to 19 m, allowing you to capture captivating shots.

Stay connected with our reliable Wi-Fi, boasting a speed of 600 Mb. Enhance the ambiance with our Bluetooth music system and enjoy a comfortable shooting environment with the provided air conditioning. Our well-equipped kitchen, complete with a fridge and microwave, ensures that you have all the amenities you need.

Get ready for your shoots with two make-up stations and a dedicated hair washing area. For added convenience, the set also offers independent bathrooms.

Technical reliability is our priority, with a 35 Kw three-phase electrical panel. Setting this studio apart from other studios for rental in Madrid, it includes an electrical backup of the same capacity, ensuring uninterrupted operations for your productions.

Rental cyclorama studios - 90 m² Madrid

If you are looking for one of those versatile cyclorama studios, this may be the best option. With a unique U and L shaped cyclorama, this studio allows for various angles and dynamic camera movements. Additionally, our studio in Madrid features a green/blue chroma stage specifically designed for online productions, along with a dedicated projection room.

Whether it's photo sessions with continuous lighting and infinite shots or video/film projects, our studio in Madrid caters to all your needs. You'll benefit from flicker-free lighting, ensuring seamless results. For sound recordings, this cyclorama studio is ideal, accommodating up to 25 voices and musicians while providing a natural reverberation that elevates the audio quality.

Our facility is equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, dressing rooms, and air conditioning, among other essential amenities. We ensure that your experience in our studio is nothing short of exceptional.

Perhaps you thought I was talking about several studios but no. With its multitude of possibilities, this cyclorama studio in Madrid is like several studios rolled into one. 

Rental cyclorama studios - 400 m² Madrid

Welcome to another one of our spacious cyclorama studios, conveniently located in Alcobendas, Madrid, just a 10-minute drive from Plaza de Castilla. With close proximity to the La Granja metro station and only 15 minutes away from Barajas Airport by taxi, accessibility for your team and talent is a breeze.

The facility for rental in Madrid covers an impressive 400m², and its main studio boasts generous dimensions of 18x14m, providing you with ample space to explore your creativity. The direct entrance to the set ensures easy access for vehicles, simplifying logistics for your productions.

Inside the facility for rental, you'll find a well-equipped make-up and wardrobe room and of course, an air conditioning to ensure a pleasant and comfortable shooting environment. For efficient planning and organization of your projects, take advantage of our production offices and meeting room.

Which cyclorama studios you should rent in Madrid?

When searching for cyclorama studios in Madrid, it's crucial to consider several key factors to find the perfect space for your project. Allow us to guide you through the process by highlighting some essential points to keep in mind:
Technical Equipment offered by studios: Ensure that the cyclorama studios offer the necessary technical equipment to fulfill your requirements. Look for services such as post-production facilities, film camera rental, sound and lighting rental, as well as access to skilled technicians.

Cyclorama Dimensions of studios: Know the exact dimensions of the cyclorama you need before exploring studios. This will help you find a space that perfectly fits your project's demands and optimize your search.
Location of studios: Consider the proximity of the studios to other crucial points related to your project. Convenient access and proximity to your team's accommodations or shooting locations can save time and effort.
Each project is unique, and some studios may not perfectly align with your specific needs. We are here to assist you in finding the ideal option that caters to your project's requirements.

Frequently asked questions about rental studios with cyclorama in Madrid

What are the benefits of rental studios with cyclorama in Madrid?

Renting studios with cyclorama in Camaleón Cinema Services provides you with numerous advantages, including access to a wide catalog of audiovisual equipment for rental, camera rental and top-notch lighting rental.

Madrid, being a city of significant global importance and a major hub within Europe, offers a thriving audiovisual industry with constant growth over the years. As a result, you'll find a diverse array of studios catering to various needs. The city itself boasts iconic landmarks and an array of facilities that make organizing projects seamless, especially considering the convenience of international travel, as Barajas Airport ranks among the busiest in the world.
As you could see, all our cyclorama studios are high quality. Camaleón Cinema's cyclorama studios in Madrid offer you the perfect blend of resources, location, and opportunities to bring your creative vision to life.