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Data Wrangler  Hire| Camaleón Rental

At first, as it happens with a lot of professions in the film industry, data managing sound like a quite easy job with not much room to mistakes, just downloading the media from the camera, check every bite is where it should be and backing it up to another (or two others) hard drive. But truth is not that simple: in fact, if we stop for a minute and think it through, the data manager is a person in whose hands passes all the recorded footage and a click in a wrong moment can jeopardize a whole day of shooting, with everything that this could involve, schedule and money wise. That’s why when it comes to conform an efficient camera crew, it is paramount to include a skilled and responsible data wrangler. The data wrangler at Camaleón Cine works with will make sure that everything you shot has a safe trip from the camera to the editing room, making back up copies and checking that the footage is allright.

We work with professionals with a high level in English.