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Dedoligth Rental. Despite its compact and lightweight construction, the Dedolight kit provides a great amount of light thanks to its double lens design, which significantly increases the efficiency and performance of its 150W lamps. The lighting power of each lamp head overcomes that of the fresnels. It can be powered by 24V batteries or 230V AC.

  • Power Supply: Batteries 24V | AC 230V
  • Color temperature: 3000K | 5600K
  • Continuous variable focusing 4,5 40º
  • Kit weight: 14.7 kg
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The Dedolight amps have changed the traditional studio lighting concept, always associated with fresnels. The Dedolight lamp head does not use a Fresnel lens: it uses a double lens design instead that improves light efficiency preserving a small and portable size. The first lens collects the lamp's light and throws it through the second lens -the external one-, reducing light loss. This mechanism reaches a high light performance and allows for a precise focusing system -especially when in a spot position. When in flood position, the lighting power exceeds that of a 300W fresnel; and when in spot position the lamp does even overcome the performance of a 1000W studio fresnel. The advantages over traditional fresnel are huge, regarding both power consumption and weight.

The Dedolight lamps cast hard light, but softboxes and diffusers can be attached to the lamp head in order to soften the light source. The Dedolight 4X kit is mostly used for ENG and documentary productions due to its portability and efficiency, but it is also highly demanded in-studio shootings because it is able to create different ambiances and textures thanks to its versatility -they can be used as hard or soft lights and they can accept gobos and filters. This kit is well known for its outstanding build quality: both the body and the filament are made out of durable materials and thus it has a good life expectancy.


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