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Digital Imaging Technician

Dit Technician

Dit Technician Hire. Probably back in the days of film, producers would have given no matter what to have a film lab on set, working at the same time as the filming crew. Today, thanks to the digital cinema we can actually have it: a DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) is a person that aside of advising the director of photography on what are the most suited camera settings for any given project, is constantly supervising the footage as soon as it gets to him from the data manager and performs the transcodes for sharing with authorized mobile devices and with the post production department for off line editing and/or other uses. Last but not least, he is the one who is in charge of creating low-sized and pre-color corrected dailies so the director, clients and director of photography can have a look to a preview as close as possible to the final result of the production. At Camaleón Cine we can provide DIT with extended resumé that, aside of counseling you on how to squeeze the best out of the camera you choosed and the best work flow, will walk with you along all the steps of the production (pre production, shooting and post production) so you can be sure everything it’s ok and if there is a problem, spot it at the moment so there are as few bad consequences as possible. We work with professionals with fluent english.