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DIT STATION RENTAL - HIRE | Camaleón Rental ™


DIT Station Rental / Hire - MADRID, MALAGA, SEVILLA, LISBON - Camaleón Rental


Dit station - Workstation Hire - Rental

Dit Station Hire. We offer the rental of our DIT Station to meet the requirements of any production. Its a key feature in any movie, commercial or tv production set. You can use it with all the footage of every professional digital camera, and offers the best workflow solution if you work with Alexa, Amira, Red One, Red Epic, Sony, Phantom, Blackmagic, etc.

Make backups and copies on RAID disks through the lightning fast connections USB-3 and Thunderbolt, providing as many copies as you need at the same time. Deliver proxies or dailies, transcoding the footage in different formats for the edition and postproduction houses, but also for the director, the director of photography or the producer.

Plus, you can generate LUTs so the video village can display the look the DoP has in mind and everybody can see it live. Work in real time with HD, 2k and 4k formats, and offers the possibility of editing any sequence on set. The software included generates checksums of every backup, in addition to edition and color grading of the footage.

Thanks to its ability to move, it is available anywhere in Spain and Portugal, and can be used both in interior and exterior locations. Ask us for our special prices in the Alexa XT Plus 4:3 camera packs.