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The DJI Ronin Stabilizer is composed of a gimbal and a control station for a second operator. It supports up to 7.6 kg camera configurations. It offers smooth and fully stabilized movements.

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The DJI Ronin Gimbal is configured and balanced in 5 minutes whenever the camera settings are changed. This saves time, making Ronin more efficient in professional environments where every second counts. The ATS (Auto Tuning Stability) technology intelligently adjusts the Ronin to your camera platform with the touch of a button.


It supports a multitude of cameras and lenses. Ronin is not customized for any specific camera. It can be easily adjusted for different configurations, from small and lightweight Micro-Four Thirds cameras to heavier systems such as Red Epic or Alexa Mini.
SmoothTrack system offers the possibility of being operated by a single operator, differentiating unwanted movements and vibrations of panning and tilt intentions by the operator. It Gets stabilized and smooth tilt movements and angle changes.
A second transmitter command allows a second operator to move the camera regardless of the DJI Ronin camera platform, the SmoothTrack speeds and the operating modes can be varied according to the characteristics of the plane to be shot.
The only problem this system can present is the radio frequencies that it uses to transmit, in places with frequency inhibitors it does not work correctly.

DJI Ronin M technical specs:

  • Total weight of 2.3 kg (5.07 lb.)
  • It supports cameras of 3.6 kg (8 lb.)
  • Precision control: ± 0.02 °
  • Transmitter for remote control of rotation and tilt
  • Balance adjustment system without tools
  • Silent mode for noiseless operation
  • USB and PowerTap power outputs
  • Assistant Software for iOS and Windows
  • Bluetooth wireless interface for configuration

Camera Stabilizer includes

  • Cinegears Extreme | Wireless focus controller
  • Brigth Tangerine | Lightweight clip-on
  • Tvlogic 056w | Onboard Monitor

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