Fernando Fernández Álvarez

Fernando Fernández Álvarez

Administration Manager

His functions at CAMALEÓN are the management of billing, payments and collections, human resources, documentation and negotiations with the Administration, and all the necessary complementary activities in the direction of the Department.

Graduated in Law from the Autonomous University of Madrid, until 2018 he was a Property Registry Officer, when he decided to turn his professional career around and moved into the field of Business Administration and Management. In March 2018 he was hired by "CAMALEÓN CINEMA SERVICES" for its Administration Department, a job that he has carried out since then, currently being its Administration Manager.

He has specialized in the study of legislation relating to the granting of Aid and Subsidies granted by City Councils, Autonomous Communities and the Government of Spain to audiovisual productions, both in the project phase and in productions already executed, and the documentation that entails the application for these Aids and Subsidies. He is also specialized in the study of the general tax legislation of the State and special of the different Autonomous Communities on tax deductions for the audiovisual sector in the productions made. Therefore, he is highly qualified to advise and manage both Grants and Subsidies that can be granted, as well as possible tax deductions that an audiovisual project can offer.

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