Julio Fernández

Julio Fernández

Audiovisual production

Born in Spain, started the production and direction department working at the age of 16 years old.


  • International feature film production
  • TV series production
  • Advertising production
  • Photographic production

After being working in American blockbusters movies for 11 years (Indiana Jones, Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Empire of the sun, etc...), he moved into TV commercial business in were he made more than 700 commercials as a 1st AD and Producer.

On 2001, after meeting Ekaterina Sergeeva (Russian producer of one of the biggest production houses in Moscow), he decided to move to Russian Federation in were he was working as a Producer for a period of 6 years producing many commercials of big brands for the Russian market - Nestle, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, etc... as well as directing some commercials (Coca-cola, Tuborg, Mountain Dew, etc...)

He is offering over 35 years of advertising and film production management expertise and resourceful insight in strategic production methodologies. Having a strong background utilizing a variety of direct response advertising materials, he is certain that his skills and experience will serve to create dramatic, profitable results.

As a Producer with directing skills, post production and editing experience, he is consistently energized by opportunities in overcoming promotional boundaries as he continue to ensure that lines receive the best representation in achieving that timings, budgets, rights, etc will be under proper control.

Having natural interpersonal and communication abilities, he has acquired a solid reputation for effective management and control of advertising production for over a 500 TV, feature films, print and photo shooting campaigns.