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At Camaleon rental, we offer you the rental of film and television sets and studios in different cities in Europe. Our spaces are strategically located in different areas, allowing easy access for both local and international production crews.

Our sets and studios available for rent are meticulously designed to meet the needs of audiovisual productions. They are fully equipped and soundproofed to ensure a controlled environment free from external sound interference. We have created versatile spaces that are perfectly suited to any type of project, whether it is a feature film, series, commercial video, music or documentary.

Apart from our sets and studios that are ready for rental in different cities in Europe, we have large warehouses that house state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. We offer a wide range of film and video camera rental, lighting equipment and accessories to satisfy all the technical needs of your audiovisual project. Our main objective is to provide you with an integral filming service, providing you not only with the necessary space, but also with the right equipment to carry out your production successfully.

At Camaleon rental, we place great value on professional relationships and understand the importance of having a strong local team. That's why we have created a wide network of professional contacts in several European cities. These experts are well versed in both national and international shoots, and are ready to offer you their experience and expertise to ensure the success of your film or TV project. In our team, you will find production managers, directors of photography, camera operators, sound engineers, makeup artists and a diversity of talents that we can put at your disposal to materialize your vision.

Whether you have a large-scale production in mind or a more modest project, at Camaleon rental we have the resources and experience to help you achieve your goals. We are proud to provide high quality rental sets and studios in several European cities, along with a dedicated crew and complementary services that will ensure your filming experience is a complete success.

1000 meters Europa studio rental

1000 square meter set for rent in Europe, designed to meet all the needs of your audiovisual productions. Measuring 40 meters long by 25 meters wide and an impressive 9.25 meters high, this versatile space is ideal for ambitious projects.

The rental set has an outstanding electrical output of 350 kW and switchboards equipped with various connections for the most demanding technical requirements. The lighting switchboards support loads of 2,000 W, 5,000 W and 10,000 W, while the sound switchboards are independent and have 32 and 125 amps, respectively.

In addition, the set is equipped with a double track for cyclorama, located at a height of 8.75 meters around its perimeter. The upper catwalks, strategically located at a distance of 2.10 meters, allow easy access and a complete view of the working space.

800 meters Europa studio rental

We offer you the rental of studios and sets in Europe, an exceptional space for your audiovisual productions. With an extensive surface of 800 square meters and a height of 7 meters, you will have total creative freedom to materialize your projects. This place has 6 dressing rooms, a hair and make-up room, a wardrobe room and a modern control room, ensuring the comfort and efficiency of the whole team. In addition, we have ample parking to ensure the comfort of all involved.

The 800-meter set for rent in Europe includes a fully equipped control room, allowing you to oversee all technical aspects to ensure a smooth and successful production. With parking available, your entire crew can arrive worry-free and focus on bringing your artistic vision to life in an impressive and professional manner.

Cyclorama Chroma Stage rental Europe

Ciclorama Croma's studio rental is located in Europe, covering an impressive area of 990 square meters, ideal for creative and high quality productions.

The recording studio offers a generous 660 square meters, adapting to all your needs with its versatility. The most outstanding feature of our set is the impressive Green Chroma Cyclorama, which occupies 187 square meters with dimensions of 17 meters wide, 11 meters deep and 6 meters high. Strategically located in a corner of the studio, it allows the construction of additional sets in the same space, facilitating multiple recordings in parallel.

With an electrical power of 200 kW, our rental set guarantees a stable and sufficient supply to meet the technical demands of your most ambitious projects.

Rental of water tank studios Europe

Studios and sets in Europe with water tank. Our location has ample facilities of 2000 square meters, equipped with all the necessary facilities for high quality film and television productions.

The rental sets cover 980 square meters, with impressive dimensions of 37 meters long by 26 meters wide, providing ample space to bring diverse scenes and visual creativity to life.

An outstanding feature is the water tank, measuring 17 meters long by 7 meters wide and 3.5 meters deep. This tank is ideal for filming aquatic scenes or recreating marine environments in a realistic and safe way.

The set and studio for rent in Madrid is equipped with a pit on the floor of 3.50 meters long by 4.50 meters wide and 3 meters deep, allowing underwater shots or scenarios with special depth levels.

We have an electrical power of 400 kW to ensure a stable and sufficient supply for high-demand technical equipment.

To facilitate logistics, we have a system of 10 motorized trusses that provides flexibility in lighting and impressive visual effects.

Rental studios and photography studios Europe

Photo studios and sets for rent in Europe, with an area of 600 m², a height of 10.20 meters and dimensions of 31 x 20 meters, offering a versatile area for productions of various scales. With an electrical power of 3,000 kW and a load capacity of 5,000 kg per point, we guarantee a stable and safe power supply to hang heavy equipment without worries.

This photo studio for rent is fully air-conditioned and protected by 24-hour security, providing a comfortable and safe environment to work in at any time of the day. In addition, we have a cafeteria and dining room with capacity for 300 people. We have also prepared spaces for hairdressing, dressing rooms and dressing rooms, ensuring comfort and adequate preparation for the artistic and technical team.

We incorporate 2 industrial forklifts to facilitate the quick and safe mobilization of equipment and scenery within the photography studio.

Which studios or sets rental in Madrid

Studios or sets in Europe rental, it is important to consider several aspects that will help you make an informed decision and find the ideal space for your project. Here are some key criteria to consider:

Size and dimensions: Carefully evaluate the size of studios or sets available for rent in Europe according to the specific needs of your production. Consider the space to set up scenery, technical equipment, lighting and the number of people involved in the project.

Technical equipment: Check what technical equipment is offered along with the rental of studios and sets. Make sure you have the necessary equipment for your filming requirements, including rental options for film and TV lighting rental, sound, film cameras, grip equipment, backdrops, among others. Also evaluate if technical support is provided during the rental.

Location: Consider the location of studios and rental sets within Europe in relation to other locations important to your project, such as airports, hotels, transportation services and specific points of interest for filming. Also, verify that the location is convenient for crew and cast access.

Additional services: Investigate what additional services are included along with studio and set rental. This may include production assistance, catering services, makeup and wardrobe areas, access to dressing rooms and rest areas, parking, among others. Evaluate whether these complementary services are essential for the successful development of your project.

Remember that each project is unique, so it is essential to evaluate your specific needs and find studios or sets that fit them. Consider these criteria and don't hesitate to ask additional questions or request more information about the rental before making a final decision. In Europe, there are several options that will allow you to successfully carry out your audiovisual production.

Frequently asked questions about renting sets and studios in Europe

What are the benefits of rental sets or studios in Europe?

Film and TV studios for rent in several cities in Europe with Camaleón Cinema offers a series of exceptional advantages. Among them is the ease of renting audiovisual equipment, with an extensive catalog of professional Film Cameras and Camcorders.

Europe, a region rich in history and stunning architecture, offers a wide range of unique locations for location filming. Each European city has its own charm and allows for outdoor productions in any season thanks to its pleasant climate throughout most of the year. In addition, the cities have strong audiovisual infrastructures and growing creative communities.

Over the years, Europe has been the backdrop for numerous renowned film and television productions, forming an important part of the history of cinema. These include major international projects that have left their mark on the industry, such as "Game of Thrones" and "Elite", among other important productions.

Camaleón Cinema offers a comprehensive service for the realization of audiovisual productions in Europe. With our experience and commitment, we ensure that each project is developed in a professional environment and that all creative expectations are met. Whether you are looking for studios and film and TV sets for rent, or unique locations and the latest technology in filming equipment, Europa is the ideal choice to bring your film and TV productions to life.


Camaleón Cinema Services offers the largest film and television studios in Europe. Our production and filming complex has more than 7,000 meters of soundproofed and conditioned sets for the highest level productions in all of Europe and Spain.


The facilities of our studios and dishes have rooms of all sizes. Pavilions where production offices can be set up, spaces for castings, facilities with security service, private parking and the possibility of supplying any technological need for filming.