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Film lighting equipment for hire & rent - Madrid - Malaga - Sevilla - Almeria - Barcelona - Lisbon

Film lighting equipment 

We rent lighting equipment for feature films, commercial shootings and tv shows. We can provide all kind of lighting gear, HMI lights with flicker-free ballast up to 1000 Hz for high speed shooting, ARRI Fresnel and the new ARRI LED, Kino Flo for Hire.

Which lighting equipment is available for rent ?

Kino Flo fluorescen...

Film lighting equipment for hire & rent - Madrid - Malaga - Sevilla - Almeria - Barcelona - Lisbon

Film lighting equipment 

We rent lighting equipment for feature films, commercial shootings and tv shows. We can provide all kind of lighting gear, HMI lights with flicker-free ballast up to 1000 Hz for high speed shooting, ARRI Fresnel and the new ARRI LED, Kino Flo for Hire.

Which lighting equipment is available for rent ?

Kino Flo fluorescent

Alquiler kino flo Madrid y Sevilla

The Kino Flo fluorescent lighting equipment in available in two different colour temperatures, 3200º K and 5600º K. There are many versions. They have 1, 2 or 4 tubes and 0.60m or 1.20m.

The Blanket Lite screen is the biggest fluorescence device and the jewel of Kino Flo.It provides a big quantity of soft light. It has sixteen output indicators, 2x2 m size and four Mega Dms 4 Bank ballasts.

In Camaleon rental we offer a wide range of solutions for fluorescent lighting including: | Vistabeam 600 | Parabeam | Bar Fly 200| Bar Fly 400 | Kamio | Kino 1.2 4T | Kino 1.2 2T | Kino 0.60 4T | Kino 0.60 2T

LED Kino Flo and Arri lighting Hire

Alquiler material iluminacion cine madrid

Best brands spotlights and LED screens. This kind of devices offer a wider range of colour temperatures, the possibility to power it with batteries, change of light intensity from 0 to 100%, magenta and green adjustment, internal gelatins, lighting effects and wireless control.

We have availability of  Celeb 200 | Celeb 400 DMX or Select 20 | Kino Flo Select 30 DMX with a 2700º to 6500º K range ideal for documentaries or fast shootings.

In the new Kino Flo Select 30 Freestyle has removable flags to hang up or to have an ease transportation when using a battery feeder.

Alquiler material iluminacion madrid

Skypanes S60-C and S120 with a temperature range up to 10000º K are ideal for soft lighting configurations. They have high performance and the possibility to power it with batteries. Also, they are perfect for studio lighting and they include lighting effects which is a very well option when some Skypanel are connected in line.

Alquiler material iluminacion cine

Daylight, Compact and M Series HMI Arri lighting Hire

Alquiler Material Iluminacion madrid

Daylight, Compact and M Series HMI Arri devices. Arri Max 18/12 Kw, Arri M90, Arri M40, Arri M18, Arri M8, Arri Compact 4/2,5 Kw etc. We also offer other brands HMI devices: Joker Bug 400 and high performance and lightweight Joker bug 800.

Lighting transportation Hire

Furthermore, we offer experienced crew and transportation or on set delivery. Production vans, trucks and genny trucks. Shooting equipped vehicles. We operate in all the nation with base in Madrid, Malaga, Seville and Balearic Islands.

Film lighting equipment Rental Spain



  • Arri HMI M90
  • Arri HMI M40
  • Arri HMI M18
  • Arri HMI M8


  • Arri HMI Compact 12kw
  • Arri HMI Compact 6kw
  • Arri HMI Compact 4kw


  • ARRIMAX 18 Kw
  • Arri HMI Par 12kw.
  • Arri HMI Par 6kw.
  • Arri HMI Par 4/2.5Kw
  • Arri HMI Par 1.2Kw
  • Arri HMI Par 575 Par
  • Arri HMI Par 200w
  • Arri HMI pocket Par 200w
  • Arri HMI pocket Par 125w


  • Arri HMI Daylight 18 Kw
  • Arri HMI Daylight 12kw.
  • Arri HMI Daylight  6kw.
  • Arri HMI Daylight  4/2.5Kw
  • Arri HMI Daylight 1.2Kw
  • Arri HMI Daylight  575 Par
  • Arri HMI Daylight 200w


  • Arri Fresnel 20kw 
  • Arri Fresnel 10kw
  • Arri Fresnel 5kw
  • Arri Fresnel 2kw
  • Arri Fresnel 1kw
  • Arri Fresnel 650w
  • Arri hmi ceramics 250w (tungsten)


  • Skypanel S30-C,
  • Skypanel S60-C
  • Skypanel S120-C
  • Skypanel S360-C
  • Arri Fresnel LED L5
  • Arri Fresnel LED L7


  • Joker Bug 800 
  • Joker Bug 400 
  • Bug a Beam 800



  • Kino 1.2m 4 Tubes
  • Kino 1.2m 2 Tubes
  • Kino .060m 4 Tubes
  • Kino 0.60m 2 Tubes
  • BarFly 200
  • BarFly 400
  • Vista Single.
  • Kit Kamio
  • Microflo Set
  • Blanket Kinoflo


  • Celeb 201 DMX
  • Celeb 401Q DMX
  • Celeb 401 DMX
  • Select 20 DMX
  • Select 30 DMX


  • Kit Dedolight (4x)
  • Kit DedoLED
  • Panaura 5'' with Octaplus


  • Open Face REINOR 5kw tungsten
  • Astera Titan kit 8 Tubes Wireless LED
  • Led panels ASTRA LEDs
  • Led panels SL1 SMARTMOTION
  • Led panels Litepanel kit
  • AURASOFT 800 set
  • Cañones de Recorte ENI.ZOOM
  • Cañones de Recorte EMIL NISTHAMMER
  • CHIMERA Lightbank Quartz Plus Large - Medium - Smal
  • CHIMERA Octaplus
  • DOPCHOICE Softbox - 'Chimera'
  • Globos de Helio (HMI and Tungsten)
  • Minibrutos BETEL 6KW
  • Minibrutos JUPITE 9KW
  • Maxibrutos 24kw 24x 64 PAR 1000W
  • Maxibrutos 16kw 16x 64 PAR 1000W
  • Maxibruto 9kw 9x 64 PAR 1000W
  • Space Light 5 y 6kw
  • Quartz EINABEAM 2KW & 1KW
  • Control ETC Expres 24-48 C
  • Control TITAN 48-72-96 C
  • Rack 24 x 3 - 72kw
  • Rack 12 x 6 - 72kw
  • Rack 3 x 12 - 72kw
  • Rack 3 x 10 - 30kw
  • Rack 3 x 5 - 15kw
  • Distribution racks with different connexions
  • Genny power unit Honda EU30
  • Genny power unit Honda EU55
  • Genny power unit 5,5kw Honda P2000
  • Matthews survival kits ( Flags and Hollywoods)
  • Avenger Floppys
  • Avenger frame 20x20
  • Avenger frame 12x12
  • Avenger frame 8x8
  • Stand Chart
  • Accessories Chart



  • LED


    Led Lighting Equipment 

    The evolution in the last years of the Illumination grows rapidly. There are a variety of brands that offer innovative solutions compared to other light sources such as fluorescence. The latest advances include a wider range of fully regulated color temperatures, possibility of battery power, intensity variation from 0-100% and correction of magenta and greens among others.



    ARRI is the largest manufacturer of professional film equipment in the world. LED devices manufactured by ARRI occupy the first level of the market. The L Fresnel series and Skypanel S60-C, are some of the outstanding products that you have available in Camaleón Rental.

    ARRI Lighting Rental:

    • L7-C LE2 FRESNEL rental
    • L5-C FRESNEL rental
    • L10-C FRESNEL rental

    LED lighting KINO FLO rental

    Kino Flo LEDs far exceed their capabilities. They are more agile and battery powered and can be with a ballast that can be measured from 1-100%, Green-Magenta Correction and Temperature of 2700º-6500º with 4 memories.

    KINO FLO Lighting Rental:

    • SELECT 30 DMX rental
    • SELECT 20 DMX rental
    • CELEB LED 401Q DMX rental
    • CELEB 201 DMX rental

    ASTERA lighting:

    Astera is a German company specialized in hardware, software and manufacturing. Since mid-2000, Astera has designed and produced LED lighting tubes with remote control and batteries.

    ASTERA Lighting Rental:

    • HELIOS TUBE 0,5m rental
    • TITAN TUBE 1m rental

    ALADDIN lighting:


    It is the perfect choice for cinematographers, a small, light and powerful lighting tool for many applications such as: portable interview light or to hide in narrow spaces such as elevators, cars or even within objects for product photography.

    ALADDIN Lighting Rental:

    • BI-FLEX1 rental

    DMG LUMIÉRE lighting

    DMG Lumiere is the union of several audiovisual media professionals and lighting specialist. They design LED lighting devices perfectly to adapt to all shooting conditions due to the contribution of their knowledge and experiences. LED lighting devices are efficient in size, weight, control and light output. The construction covers the needs of shooting. DMG Lumiere has incorporated pioneer features in the power of LED panels. Including V-Mount mounts in their mounts.

    DMG LUMIERE  LED Lighting Rental:

    • SL1 SWITCH Rental
    • MINI SWITCH Rental


    BBS lighting develops a high range of LED cinema lighting. Its lighting products stand out for their high productivity, low weight and the possibility of battery power. These LED lighting devices can reach maximum powers of 1200w.

    BBS LIGHTING Lighting Rental:

    • AREA 48 SOFT rental

    Cineo Lighting


    CINEO Lighting LLC designs high quality LED lighting systems. They have developed a series of lighting fixtures that have called interest worldwide due to LED technologies . The company began with the TruColor LED lighting line in 2012, and continues to create innovations that transform the limits of LED lighting technology.

    LIGHTING CINEMA Lighting Rental:

    • QUANTUM 120 Rental
    • TRUCOLOR HS Rental


    Rent Arri hmi Lighting. ARRI's versatile Daylight Products meet the diverse needs of the Lighting Profession for projects of any size and in situations where the highest light output is required. Proven by Decades of use on location and in the studio to perform Reliably in all weather and climate conditions, ARRI lights are designed and built by professionals for professionals.


    Arri Fresnel lights have been, since their very introduction on the market, reliable, versatile and capable of satisfy the needs of most demanding directors of photography. The quality of their light, of their lenses and the color temperature they give is simply second to none. At Camaleon Rental we can provide a wide catalog of these lighting instruments. Check it out!

    5kw, 2kw, 1w & 650kw Tunsgten ARRI Fresnel Availables.


    From their appearance on the market, fluorescent lights have been the ace in the sleeve of all kind of productions for the characteristic softness of the light they deliver, their reduced weight and power consumption, not to mention the exact color calibration. From blockbuster features to small budget documentaries, lighting instruments such as those by Kinoflo are an essential tool and at Cámaleon Rental we have a wide range of solutions for you.

    Available full Fluorescent Kino Flo Catalog: Blanket light, Vistabeam 600, Parabeam,Bar Fly 200 y 400, Kamio, Kino 1.2 4T, Kino 1.2 2T, Kino 0.60 4T y Kino 0.602T.

    flo light views 4bank specials kino lights lights kino flo lighting flo kits shipping ballasts kino kino flo light dmx



    Rent Dedolight. The Dedolight and its unique system was conceived and designed by Director of Photography Dedo Weigert of Munich, Germany. The project was initially meant to fill his own requirement for a powerful yet highly controllable light source which would occupy a minimum amount of space, use a minimum amount of electricity and produce unprecedented light quality. 

  • K5600

    RENT K5600 HMI

    Rent K5600 HMI Lighting. Specially from the appearance of the new large format 35mm and super35mm sensors, which are usually calibrated to kelvin temperatures around 5000 degrees, lighting sources with this color temperature have got more and more popular. The brand K5600 brings us the legendary Joker Bug, available in the 400 and 800 watts version. Those lighting instruments mix perfectly light weight, simple use, versatility and very reasonable power consumption for a smooth and fast shooting. Needs some daylight? Call Camaleon Rental!

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Showing 1 - 52 of 52 items